After the success Chris has had with Zorro I took him to a show in Germany on Saturday, he was awarded the Excl. 1 CAC and is now a step nearer the German Champion :cheer: :yay:

There were some pictures taken at the show in Luttich (CAC/CACIB/BOB/BIG-3) where he is with Chris his breeder please follow the instructions below to view the photo's. Use the link below.


Click on the Menu button at the bottom left hand side, then click on Expositions_2009 which will be directly above the menu, then click on Liege_09 then Samedi then Part 2 and scroll to the end the last 11 foto's are from Zorro no's. 267 - 277.
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Wow he looks amazing those photos are great! I love number 275 :hearts:
Stewart, that's awesome!!!

What great pics! Zorro looks stunning!!! Thank you for sharing your "Star" with us! All of you must be so proud of this boy. Congrats on the winds.
Wow! Zorro is just stunning!! :lol: :lol: Congrats on the wins!!
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! He Looks WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Love the pictures....

Well done!!!!!!
old english wrote:
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! He Looks WONDERFUL!!!!!!! Love the pictures....

Well done!!!!!!

he looks great proud papa!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
What wonderfull pictures! He looks great! Congrats on his wins.
Congratulations! :clappurple: Zorro is gorgeous!!
Thanks all,

Zorro has a couple of weeks of now, his next show will be the Leipzig winners show on the 12 September, this will be followed the next day by a national at the same show ground, I will try and complete the German Championship at these shows.

A week later we will be in France over the weekend for two shows and hopefully gain CC's for the French champion, at the beginning of October we will be in Rostock this CC would make him a German Club Champion.

We have another three shows planned after that in October the German Winners in Dortmund, the Amsterdam Winners in Holland and the Brussels Winners in Belgium, all these shows are qualifications for Crufts.

Keep your fingers crossed for him.

Congrats to Zoro! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have Zorro compete at Crufts? Good luck with the upcoming shows, I'm sure he will do well.

I'm sure it is nice for you, Chris and Zorro to have a few weeks off. Crossing fingers and paws when Zorro joins the curcuit again in Sept.

ps. I love the brush, thank you!
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