? regarding adding puppy and other dogs in house.

I currently have 2 dogs. 1 female lily who was 1st in the house, then came bear who was dumped on our front porch. Lily is very dominant female and rules the roost. We are adding out 3rd and final sheepie to the herd but I am having a hard time deciding. I have always leaned more towards getting females and so that is what I am tending to do now. I am afraid though that lily will dominate the girl and we will have trouble. It seems to me that males are more laid back and would take it more. Lily is almost 3 years and bear is 2 1/2 years. the puppy would be the lowest on the totem pole anyway but I dont want there to be confrontation or lily to feel she has to guard her home more than she already does. She is the princess and knows it and rules over bear. Bear takes it because he is a submissive dog. How would this work with a pup and what would be your advice to me. Male or female?
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I have three females...Violet (OES) China (Aussie Shepherd) and about two months ago added Asia (Aussie Shepherd) We have not had any problems with the three getting along. China used to be afraid of Violet. Asia was not smart enough to be afraid of Violet so China saw Asia interact with Violet and so now China has lost her fear of Violet. China and Asia play together all of the time now....which is a nice thing to see in China since Violet never wanted to play with her. The two Aussies love to sleep together also. I think the reason they do this has more to do with personality then anything. China has such a gentle spirit about her and so I think that Asia has attached a "mommy" feeling to her. They do seem to "kiss" each other a lot. Violet does interact, but she is more like a big sister keeping everyone in place.

I would look at the dog's personality first before I made a decision male or female, if you don't have your heart set on either.

Good luck!
Everyone has their own expereinces, and so much depends on the individauls dogs ...and when they arrived and what their own past experiences were, and if they are altered or not...

Also, a puppy GENERALLY has a puppy licence for a few months, so cannot really be viewed as "in charge" or not.....Most adults tolerate them and try to teach them the ropes....Then they are annoying adolence dogs, who GENERALLY get beat up a lot....Then thigns get sorted out into who can boss who around...It is very fluid and in most cases can vary inside, outside, with different resources it can change..

That being said, as far as male or female....again, in very general terms, a male and female tend to get along better, and then 2 males. Last of all, two females...Again, there are many varying factors, so I would really not spend a great deal of time over this.

Again, for the canien-human relationship, depending on what you are looking for, males tend to be more clingy, needy and easy-going...Females tend to be more independant, tougher, and can be real "bitches" at times...

If you are the trusted, predictable, and confident handler in the household, then the dogs listen to you...and that is really all that matters, right?
Thanks for all the advice. I am not worried really about my male getting along with the puppy, bear loves little dogs and is such a pushover he gets along with everyone. It is lily that is in charge and I dont want her to feel like she has to challenege anyone especially another female for attention. I think I am going to go wiht a boy although I like girls better. I decided this because then lily can boss the boys around and keep them in check but the boys can have fun amongst themselves and be typical boys. At least that is what I am going with until I change my mind again.
I started out with only 1 female OES back in1985. When she passed on I was so heartsick until I found my next one that I swore I would always have multiples from there on in. My next female was a VERY dominant girl. Not agressive, just dominant. My husband & I were still the alphas but as far as dogs went, she ruled the roost. We added a male next & all worked out just great. My next one was a girl because I fell in love with her the minute I saw her at the age of 23 hours old. So now I was up to 3 OES. Nothing neutered or spayed as I was showing them in conformation & my mentor had plans on using at least 2 of them in breeding in the future. My second girl is a singleton & she is absolutely the most laid back female I have ever encountered. 1st female taught her who was in charge when she moved in & there was never a question. I can put 2nd female with any dog, new or old, visiting or pemanent, & I know I can trust her not to make any issues. As a matter of fact, sometimes I wish she would stand up for herself! I think most of it has to do with her pedigree but some of it is the singleton factor too. I eventually had 1st female spayed when I decided not to use her in breeding. She always remained the TOP DOG & in charge of the pack & any visitors that showed up. Along came my 2nd boy (son of my 1st boy). So at that time I had 4 OES. He's more laid back than his father if that is possible! Both males are intact for showing & breeding (continuation of our lines). I will say that boy #1 does let boy#2 know he's been around longer but in subtle ways. Boy #2 came & went on & off as a puppy as he was my pick of the litter & I placed him with with my son. At one point he ended up staying here permanently. It has been my experience that if a male is added as a puppy, the adult male has no problem with it. If added as an "older" dog sometimes there can be issues, especially if kept intact. Usually no problems unless a girl comes into season somewhere within a 5 mile radius <grin>. I have seen neutered males that are best buddies become adversaries when this happens & you'd think this wouldn't be an issue if they are neutered. Eventually my 1st girl passed on & I think perhaps the strangest thing was watching the remaining 3 trying to adjust to NOBODY being in charge or WANTING to be in charge! Finally my girl stepped up & decided somebody had to be in charge & obviously the boys didn't want the job so she had better do it before everything fell apart! In adding a 3rd dog you REALLY need the expertise of the breeder. You are going to want a very laid back personality if you already have a dominant girl. Doesn't mean you have to rule out another girl....just really look at their personality around the other puppies & adults at the breeder's home to see which one you feel & the breeder feels will make the best fit with your family.
well i just got a pup 4 days ago. he is a male he has bonded with my 2 yr male derby i do have 2 females and let me tell you no bonding there.. they are old 12- 13 and they need to be watched sat. my old female when over to his food bowl in another room just like that my pup had got bite right in the face, happened so quick ,, they have to all be watched 24/7 like right now need to go they are all laying in the living room good luck
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