A Big Thank You

:lol: I'm just taking a moment to thank all of you for the thoughtful answers and amusing stories I'm finding on this site! I don't know what I would do if I hadn't found this place, the first week Max was home I found myself on the kitchen floor crying wondering if I'd be able to survive this puppy fiasco I'd gotten myself into!! (I have three kids, so you think this would be a piece of cake). I even thought about finding a new family to take Max! (I was temporarily insane) Anyway, reading all the stories and tips on this board have given me renewed energy and encouragement and my family and I are doing everything we can do help Max become a very happy dog. He starts puppy training in about a week, wish us luck,
Thanks, Sharon :P
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Glad you found the site helpful!

Good luck!!!


<goes back to feeding the puppies>
Good luck with your training! I need to find a training class too.

I know how you feel. I've been so sleep deprived in two weeks I've had Bailey. There are definitely moments where I wish I could turn back the clock and reconsider, typically at 3am or when he's uncontrollably nippy. But the "devil puppy" moments are getting fewer and farther between, and he's so great the rest of the time. I'm so glad to have this forum so I can read all the good advice and know that there's light at the end of the tunnel!
Lol. We're almost at 7 months and I'm still waiting for the devil puppy moments to stop. I don't think they do... :twisted:
Rosco is 6.5 and still has devil puppy moments :D
Don't worry; before you know it he'll have you trained and you'll laugh at how serious you took his antics. At 6 months I still get frustrated at Barney's bullheadedness, but I think he's learned it from me :D Stick with the basics of training and don't expect too much; he a puppy and wants to play and explore. Training is a great experience and will help you especially as you see other owners with other breeds that have the same problems. There's light at the end of the tunnel. Be patient with yourself, and positive with your training. If possible, get a copy of The Dog Listener: Learn How to Communicate with Your Dog for Willing Cooperation, by Jan Fennell
and RSPCA New Complete Dog Training Manual, by Bruce Fogle. I found them quite helpful.

Thank you for sharing with us.
I hope all members of your family get involved with the puppy's training, not just you. Training a puppy teaches responsibility to children and enhances their bond with the dog. It also teaches the child patience as they realize puppies learn differently.........they don't speak our same language so you can't reason with them.

Perhaps this training will be a big hit in your family and they will go on to obedience, junior handling, agility, flyball, pet therapy, etc. There are so many things to do with a dog now.......if family is willing. Sheepies are always willing.

Maybe one of the kids will go on to be a vet......it will come in handy when you have future dogs. Trust me........one sheepie leads to another......and another until you look back and realize you've been covered in sheepdog hair for decades. It's wonderful.
Was there life before sheepie hair? :D
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