Young purebred in Philly

I know I'm not supposed to be looking at Petfinder but I found this sweet girl in PA. Maybe for Uncle Pete...?[url=]

Link to Maisy Wiggles[/url]

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Good heads up! I sent an email asking whether they would consider an inexperienced owner. I know with rescue, they are probably reluctant to place the dog with someone who may not know exactly what they are getting themselves into. But I've done alot of research and she looks very sweet! In any event, I hope she finds a great home.
Oh, she's adorable!! Miss Drez wouldn't like another dog in the house, especially now with her advanced age and disabilities, but if I could, I'd take her in a heartbeat! I hope she finds her furever home soon.
I just put in a request for her, we have had 4 OES and I think she would be a great fit, I wish there was a phone number instead of email, does anyone know how long it takes to hear from them? Thanks.


We've already been taking, keep your fingers crossed, it's looking very good, especially, since we already have OES's. I'm so excited, I can't wait to show her to my hubster, wish he would get home!

:D :D :D

She looks lovely!
Hope you hear positive news from the Rescue soon!!

Good Luck ! :D
Hi All
Please go to Heart to Heart OES Rescue's web page ... iggles.htm
We are doing a courtesy listing...there's more info on Maisy Wiggles & more pix :D
Just love her new name...'s all for the love of a sheepie
Thank you, how adorable, I already love her to bits and pray this works out for us, I believe it will.

:D :)
Good luck, shoregulls!! She's really a beauty, and since Drez also has one blue/one brown eye, I'm partial to that!

Keep us posted! How many OES's do you currently have? Ages?


We had 3 we are down to 1, they passed on, however, they lived a long time 14, can you believe that. We now have a 5 year old and a 2 year old Golden. They are the love of my life, heck, they are our kids!

I'll keep you posted, my husband also fell in love with her last night, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Our 2 guys have such wonderful dispositions, I actually, prefer them to people. LMAO. I think she will fit right in and they tend to teach each other. Thanks. Heck, what's another one, I'm use to having 4 and I think the time is right for another addition!

Shoregulls :)
Drezzie and I will keep our fingers, legs, paws crossed for you! Looking forward to hearing some great news soon! :lol:
All paws crossed here :D Hope you hear soon.
I don't know if this is going to work out, I talked with Dianna all day on Wednesday and have had no response since, so I guess, it's probably off. Things happen in life we have no control of, however, I will continue to look for a pup that needs a good home, especialy, since Uncle Pete, is such a gent to keep posting when something comes up. Thanks, for all your support. If things change, I'll update you all again.

Shoregulls :(
Hi Shoregulls :D .

Sorry it's not working out :( . You would think that people would be more considerate and communicate with people willing to help out.

Where are you located? Include this in your profile, you never know, there might be someone close to you that might be able to help out.

Here's the link to Petfinder, they alwayshave around 40 or so dogs available for adoption. Good luck. ... &preview=1

Uncle Pete :D
Shoregulls, don't be disheartened. Maybe Dianna had an emergency come up yesterday and couldn't talk to you. Things will work out like they are supposed to.
Thanks, guys, I really do believe things are suppose to work out in a certain way, I thought I would do a rescue because the thought of someone throwing away their dog breaks my heart. I will keep looking and we are also still considering another puppy, nothing like a fuzzy warm lil sheepie.


Just heard from her, she's going out of town until Tuesday but we are moving along and she has contacted Maisy's forster mom to keep in touch with us, I can't thank you all enough for all your support!

Yay! :clappurple: So glad to hear things are still on track! Can't wait to hear more good news!
I, too, put in responded to the link for Maisie Wiggles. I got an email back that Dianna is on retreat and won't be back until Tuesday, so that's why you haven't gotten a response. Although I would really like to have her, I'm certainly not going to get in a bidding war. LOL I just hope she gets a really good home. Good Luck. She would be lucky to end up in a home like yours that really, really wants her.
Maisie is a lucky girl now :D Two new families that want her, I think that's wonderful!
I gather the new parents of Maisy will not be us it is their loss and not ours, we already have 2 wonderful dogs and instead of trying to resuce maybe, we should just count our blessings, we already have 2 wonderful puppies and will just add a new pup. The way I look at it as it is their loss not ours, our dogs are adored and maybe a puppy would be he better answer. Maybe, this is a blessing disguise. Good luck to the new owners. I have learned a lesson here, if you love a breeed, get our own pup from a breeder and love it with whole heart. Adotion, is worse than tyring to adopt a child. I will never make this attempt again.

Thanks to you all.
Yes Shoregulls, trying to adopt a sheepdog can be a very difficult thing to do.

Just as in everything in life, sometimes it's the right thing for someone, other times it isn't. Maybe it's just bad timing. Who knows. You tried your best (which is what really counts), and your effort was appreciated by many others, including me.

Good luck, in whatever you decide!
Hopefully the pupper has found a wonderful home, and if you are still looking, maybe the one that is meant to be yours isn't ready yet. :wink:
As I have stated I will never try a recuse again, I will invest in a new puppy agin from a breeder. Thank you. I have always had new puppies and never tried a recue again but thought after our last love passed away after 14 years this might be the way to Rainbrow Bridige this might be right be the answer. NEVER AGAIN, it's too hert breaking.


Bless all Sheepie lovers!
Did I miss something? What happened?
I really don't know what happened, it could all possibly be a misunderstanding, I read an email last night from Dianna, that stated Maisy had 25 applications and maybe I would try another recuse organization, this after speaking with her last week and thinking everything was proceeding fine.

I wrote back to her last night what will be will be it's not our loss, it would be Maisy since she would have gotten much love and wished the new owners luck. That's about the size of it, I found her email to be rather abrupt and rude. Hey, something will work out somewhere, Maisy is the most important one here, not us! I do believe all works out for the best in the end but I do want to thank you all and I would have loved to have had her as part of our family, but as I've said before, we already have 2 wonderful doggies! Thank you all for everything!
Evidently, I never sent her back the application, however, since she was going away and not back until Tuesday, I thought she would tell me to send it then, I actually did fill it out and it's in my Word Processing documents, live and learn, I guess!

Shoregulls..please go to Heart 2 Heart OES Webpage....several wonderful sheepies up for adoption :!: is all for the love of a sheepie :D
Thanks, Cassie'smom! Also, just an additional note, Dianna and I are fine, and shre realized I was totally new to this all and I forgot to forward the application. So, it's all cool!

Good to hear you and Diane are on good terms now. Never say never to rescuing a sheepie. It truly is a worthwhile experience. You said you have always gotten your dogs as puppies. Well, we've never gotten a puppy - we rescued 3 times and would do it again in a heartbeat!
UDATE: We are not doing any recuse, we have just purchased a new lil boy and will be picking him up on 7/10!



Once again, thank you for all your kindness!
Wow -- that was fast! Where did you find him or her? How did you decide?
Just dealt with our regular breeder.
Well congratulations. I hope you will post pictures. That's very exciting.
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