A complete turn around

Some of you may remember my post several months ago titled "Isn't that a Pitty? Regarding how I looked on in dismay at the arrival of my newest foster a small Pit Bull/Mastiff cross. There were many reasons why I didn't want to keep him.

Then I posted "about the puppy I wasn't going to keep". I kept insisting I wasn't going to keep him, although you smart members kept telling me I was. LOL! I kept thinking Uh Uh..nope....

I did however, worry greatly about whose hands he would fall into and in the meantime did all the right things so he'd have a chance at a good life. He had all his innoculations, neutered, and microchipped. I also had him enrolled in an extensive training program at the federal penetentiary. The program under the direct supervision of a dog trainer and prisoners place the dogs under vigorous training to become good canine citizens. I also joined Hug a Bull which is dedicated to promoting good ambassadors and responsible pet ownership for the Bully Breeds.

This Saturday I enrolled him and participated in Pit Ed classes. The classes only had Pit Bulls and their owners. I was suprised that all those that showed up were just like me! No heavily muscled big guys - nope just ordinary looking people who loved their dogs. Old ladies, nerdy looking guys and a knowledable trainer/behavioralist who was the founder of Hug a Bull. Some of the dogs enrolled were dog reactive (Terriers in general are dog reactive) This includes Yorkies, Rat Terriers, ect - People reactive is totally a different thing in the dog world. In the dog fighting world all dogs that were people reactive were culled. It's why Michael Vicks dogs for example ,were able to be rehabilitated as they were still unbelievably people pleasers. The classes were excellent - no raging pit bulls attacking other dogs, no barking, snarling, ect..everyone had their dogs under control.

They had names like Harvey, Chilli, Bubba, ect...no Spikes, or Killer. They loved belly rubs and their owners spoke affectionately of their antics. They were just like us.

My whole mindset has now changed. I love my Snoop and will continue to work with him. He's also enrolled in Rally O classes starting next week - a combo of obedience and agility.

I am still thinking of having a sweater made out of sheepie wool so that people will think he's just like his hairy brothers. Will keep you all posted!

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Marianne wrote:

I am still thinking of having a sweater made out of sheepie wool so that people will think he's just like his hairy brothers. Will keep you all posted!


Hee, hee, a sheepie only shorter! No one will notice. :wink:
Sounds like a permanent "foster" to me :)
:D Glad to hear all is well! Also that Snoop is a solid citizen! :lol:
Marianne, that is great. :D

I just spent a weekend surrounded by bully breeds - we were at a weight pull. I agree, most are so incredibly sweet and their owners love them to bits.
You should check out the WP sport option up by you, weight pulls are great for any fit dog, but those pits and other bully breeds do very well!! Great people and a wonderful energy outlet for the young dogs.
Dawn, how ironic you mentioned weight pull as there was a huge event held here this weekend which I had wanted to check out. I was too busy and didn't get the chance, but perhaps next time.

Snoop is still a pup so too young to participate as his muscles are still growing and despite his mixed breed he's on the smaller side. He will continue to become chestier as he matures. Sigh too bad that didn't happen to me... :wink:

I love hearing about your weight pull experiences Dawn. You must get a lot of attention at the events with your furkid.

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