Yuki Herding Sheep Video

While uploading this film, Yuki CRIED her eyes out.. wanting to know where all the sheep she kept hearing were... I can tell she misses them so much. I've never seen her turn down a treat, but there was NOTHING we could do to get her attn. while she did this. When it ends, she digs into the dirt trying to stay w/the sheep. My husband almost resorted to carrying her to the car!!!!

Next week, we will be going and another Sheepdog will be there. I will try to get a video of this OES doing it. She's been doing it for a long time, so she's excellent. She is also a beautiful show dog.

There was a belgium sheepdog there this past Saturday and I was so happy to see Yuki do better than her. Especially considering this other dog has gone several times. The other dog just kept looking for mommy and wasn't interested in the sheep at all. Still funny to watch.


Okay, this is all thanks to Ron! :) I've never messed with video stuff and I hated how big the file was so I spent ALL of yesterday trying to make the video smaller. It's 3 times smaller now, so that's why the quality stinks a bit. I don't even know if this works.

Yuki glancing at me. It was almost like she was trying to brag about what she was doing.


I thought this one was funny because the sheep are hiding behind my husband in fear of the yuksters! hahaha

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That was awsome!!!.. she looks like a natural at it...

That was great! It looks like Yuki kinda knows what to do. The sheep behind your husband is very funny! :D Thank you for sharing this video with us. Looks like fun!
Yuki looks like she's having a blast :!: :!:

The sheep hiding behind your husband are funny.

Yuki LOVES to show off. There's a part in the film where she glances up real quick at daddy to almost smile and say "LOOK AT MEE!!!" (this is what my husband told me b/c I never noticed it until he pointed it out).

I have another video too where she's herding and you could see my other dog in the rear-view mirrors watching what is going on. I was in the car after a little while because.. uhh.. it's cold in alaska. :lol:
OH HOW COOL!! :high5:

That's great video! She looks like she's so proud of herself! She's is doing a good job, too! :D

:go: Yuki :go:

Now that I've watched it several times, I see where Yuki looks up for approval - so sweet! Watch me, Dad! Look what I can do!! :D

The trainer seems so calm and re-assuring. Looks like a great place to learn herding.
I LOVED that video. Made me smile. She looks so good at herding the sheep. I want to find a place for Barney to go...that's awesome...
I loved the video - it sounds like she absolutely loves doing what she was bred for!! It's so funny that she looked for the sheep on the video - I bet you're really proud!!
That is very cool!!! She does a great job!!!
That was too cool! I had the sound on and Louie couldn't figure out what that noise was. Yuki does a great job. :D
That was awesome!!! Thanks for posting it, it is so cool to see her doing what they were bred to do... :)
^^ is that your dog willowsprite (avatar)? I don't know which one it is, but how beautiful!!!
That is wonderful. Both of the girls ran up to the laptop to see who was making that noise! LOL.
I think they would love it too.
Joahaeyo wrote:
^^ is that your dog willowsprite (avatar)? I don't know which one it is, but how beautiful!!!

Yes it is :) That story is coming soon, but I don't want to hijack your thread. :wink:
Wow that was great, Yuki is a natural, can't wait to hear how she goes next time you are able to get her there. :wink:
:high5: How cool!!!!!
That was great! :lol:
I have Jack beside me and played the video holding his head toward the screen, once glance and then it was big eye rolls, "Oh what a drag, not interested." Bummer. :cry:
That was so cute I had to watch it twice. Yuki is adorable. I have to say though that lady's big stick was frightening me. 8O
Leanne -I've been so inspired by Yuki's success that I found a place to take the wigglebums for a herding instinct test. We go on March 25th.

They also hold herding clinics there and regional trials - so if they're any good at it, I may enroll them.

I'm so excited! :D

Thanks!! :D
Is there a term for herding sheep so I can look it up online to see if there is something near me? I kept googling sheep and herding and all sorts of variations on that, but it mostly took me to sheep farms to go look at sheep, but no mention of allowing dogs to herd...
Steph - I googled sheep herding, dogs, and north carolina - all together. It was a couple of pages in - a link to a link to a link - kind of thing. I'll try Richmond area and see if I can help. :D
thanks Tammy!
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