a bad day

It's just one of those days...

My boyfriend and I are having problems, and of course his ex girlfriend has to be in town today and wants to have lunch with him.

My "friend" who I am working with on a case for summer school has been nothing but rude and disrespectful to me the past week. We got in a huge argument last week over how to structure something and it has been really tense since then. It is so frustrating to me because he asked me to work with him and now he is being a pain!

The rescue feels like its collapsing. I feel like I have to put in more work than I can manage to keep everything running smoothly, Chip is still missing, a female pitbull (first one we adopted out that we were so happy about) got returned yesterday, and I just got word that we need to re-place another female pitbull because she whines in her crate (DUH!).

I know it could be a lot worse, but I just feel a lot overwhelmed and with boyfriend/friend problems I'm starting to feel pretty sad too :(
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Hang in there Heather. Things will get better! Just keep a positive attitude (I know that is hard with so much going on). We are all sending you a :ghug: . Pud, Titus and Berney send sheepie sugar, what else could you possibly need?
So sorry about your bad day. When it gets like this
be sure to nuture yourself. A Day at the Spa :wink: ,
or anything you enjoy to regroup and relax.

By its nature, the law career scene can be very demanding
and difficult. Learning to stay in balance is important for
your health.

Keeping you in our thoughts that things get better soon!

:ghug: :ghug:
Aweee... I'm so sorry to hear about the relationship problems. As a very emotional gal (in relationships)... I totally hear ya. Hopefully you can find a way to let "whatever is... is" so you don't worry and stress so much and let fate just happen. ....whatever way it goes. Big hugs to you!!!

You two should go on a short trip!
Poor Heather!!!

You always have our forum to chat with... we've been with you for years and will be for more. Sometime we even have something interesting to share.


Sometimes when one area gets into some difficulty in life, other areas don't get the attention they need, or sometimes we can transmit problems from one area to another even subconciously, so things can feel like they are coming in groups. Take a deep breath and literally count your blessings. Then go on.

I hope things start to work out for you quickly!
:ghug: :ghug:
:ghug: Aussie & Sheepie hugs, hope things get better soon.
:ghug: I am sure everything will work out. Hang in there.
I'm sorry you're having a bad day :cry:
Thanks everyone- I'm still moping around, but hopefully I'll cheer up soon. It's a shame I won't get to see Wally until Thursday :( (thanks for the pud, berney, and titus love!)

A spa day sounds like a great idea, maybe I'll throw in some online shopping?
Clyde and Bear send their love, too. They say the only boy you can depend on all the time is a boy dog! :)

I agree though, shopping will get you through any bad situation. I had a long weekend myself ( not bad, just busy) so I took the day off and went to Ikea. It was very therapeutic. Now I just have to do some building!
Hang in there and keep up the spirit. :D :D

Take a breather when you need to - even half an hour just for YOU is important!

Sorry to hear that you are bumming. Things will turn around for you really soon. You have a lot going for you.
Hang in there....sending some hugs, and Abby and Bert send lots of soggy sheepie kisses!
I'm really sorry that things are bad for you right now. You need to take some time for something that YOU really enjoy whatever that may be. Eventually things will start to improve, although it may seem like forever before it does. Oh I bet that last sentence really made you feel better. What I meant is that the crappy parts seem to drag and the happy parts fly by in no time. When I'm feeling down what helps me is spending some time with my pups and talking on the phone with someone you love, MOM. She has a great ear and understands completely LOL
ButtersStotch wrote:
They say the only boy you can depend on all the time is a boy dog! :)

Ain't that the truth!
Oh poor Heather! I had a day like that a couple weeks ago. Its so frustrating!!!

Just remember...this too will pass, and we all love you!
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