2 Sheepie Sisters For Sale in Lake Milton, Ohio

Do we know anyone in this area who can check out this situation and see if we can help?

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Lake Milton, Ohio

2 Old English Sheepdog sisters 2 yrs (loving)

I have 2 Old English Sheepdogs they are sisters and have never been apart they are very loving and excellant in the car they need roomm to run and a lovhng family that will keep them together. They were AKC regestered but we was never given the papers from the lady we bought them from so they come without papers. They have been groomed down so their coat isn't real long they are up to date on shots. We are asking 150.00 for the pair. Please call [phone number removed]
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This guy makes me sick to my stomach. These dogs are part of his breeding stock. Click on his name and see how many dogs he's selling. I only clicked on his named because his username was "pittman" so I wondered if he was getting rid of them b/c his pits didn't get along with them. Come to find out, he's probably getting rid of them because he decided not to breed them. Hope these dogs get a good home :(
well at the prices of his other "stock" it doesn't look like he is going to get rich doing whatever it is he is doing. I don't support puppy mills or backyard breeders, but please let's not forget that the way of life most of us know in the US is not the way of life for many others and there are bigger issues at play here.
I have been contacted by a rescue volunteer who says that the dogs will be taken into a rescue program in a few days and vetted.

However -- They will certainly need help in placing these girls!

I am being vague because I don't know if this rescue wants the info published yet, but I wanted to end calls and speculation I may have caused.
Ron wrote:
I have been contacted by a rescue volunteer who says that the dogs will be taken into a rescue program in a few days and vetted.

I am in Kentucky, about 5 hrs from Lake Milton if help is needed in the fostering department.

I am at another computer so am not logged on -

These sheepies have been picked up and are being fostered!!!!

The rescue person hasn't had much time to evaluate the girls but says:

They are on the small side and could use some weight on their bones. They are dirty but not too smelly, and their butts cam wiggle with the best of them.

While we were at the rest area on the way home they saw a Golden Retierver and the bowing and the butt wiggle was unbelieveable. They were ready to play.

Tomorrow I will start spending more time with them

I am led to believe that more info and pictures should follow soon. :D

These girls are now in my home with all my other Sheepies
They evidently have not been taken care of for a long time.
However, they are absolutely wonderfull, loving and funny sheepie.
They want to meet anyone they see and it is ALWAYS playtime.
They have had little training, if any, They do walk well on a leash.
They will go to the Vets on Friday for complete medical treatment as
well as a good grooming. Of course they will be fixed, (Chrissy says she
is not broken) It still amazes me that after being with this terrible breeder they can still be as loving as they are. NOW all they need
is a forever home. ANYONE INTERESTED. Follow up after vets and
pictures will follow.
Can't wait!!!!
Thank you for fostering these babies and opening your home to them.
An update on the girls.
Back to the vets today and not good news. Cloe has had
a broken leg which was not cared for. Her front right elbow
is swollen and x-rays show a break that eveidently was not
cared for in the past. As of right now she is on pain med and will
be examined each month. Chrissy still has extremely swollen
and infected ears . New medicine and cleaning twice daily.
As for adoptions of these two girls Some lady was to come
this past weekend to adopt, but never showed and did not
even call. This is about it. Anyone knowing some one who wants
a loving sheepie would love to have either girl. Our expenses
are getting very high.
What state are they located in? Would help to know to be able to send people your way. Maybe I missed that. Are they still in Ohio?


These girls are in N. Ky Just across the Ohio River from
Cincinnati, Ohio I am trying to figure out how to post
pictures of them now that they have been groomer.
harry and I will be very happy to help with the girls bills I will contact you .
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