2 periods in 3 weeks and tender breasts....

i had my tubes singed and tied in 1997, my periods have been regular, until last month..i had it on october 9th and than again november 1st ....a few days ago i woke up with extrememly tender breast and i hve been feeling nauseas....i took a pregnanct test today but it was negative..im wondering if i could be pregnant, and if so how long should i wait from the last period to take the test.......
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Pregnancy tests should be taken up to 5 days before your next period or when you miss a period.

If you're not pregnant but aren't feeling right, you need to go to the doctor.

I wouldn't have guessed you were pregnant from what you wrote. Is it something you are wanting to be?

BTW, I'm very regular, and for the first time in my life... I had two periods in a 2.5 week period.
Were you looking for an old english sheepdog website? Just checking.

Try a home preg test, or make a visit to your dr...might be something deeper going on. Like a cyst?

On another note, I got pregnant 4 years after having my tubes cut and burned...it is very important to catch it early. We miscarried...but at least it wasn't ectopic. If you are scared something is wrong go see your dr.
Is Google (or another search engine) somehow directing people to oes.org when they are looking for an ob/gyn site? It seems to me this is the second or third time in recent memeory we've had a "guest" question r/t pregnancy issues.

Or maybe Google just know how incredible intelligent sheepie owners are :wink:

Sorry I can't help you with your question, perhaps others can but I do think you may have stumbled into the wrong venue.
You could always make an appointment to a doctor, have a blood test ran, and talk to him about your symptoms. If nothing else, they may could do an ultrasound to ease your mind a bit. Good luck!
Actually google is picking up on Daisie's old post about getting her tubes untied I think.

Anyway, guest, I would get to a doc. It doesn't sound like pregnancy to me, but it does sound like a trip to the doc is a good idea.
It's a good idea to visit your gynocologist.
I know when this was happening to me, it was very difficult to find any help. I felt so alone and it felt like no one went through this...I googled everything about it. I did find some websites about reversals, but still to have a failed tubal...it is rare.

I wondered if people were coming here because of me.... :oops:

At least they are coming to a helpful group :wink:
Best to go see doc asap to be sure your health could be in danger
Anonymous wrote:
Best to go see doc asap to be sure your health could be in danger
Excellent advice, even if 2 years after the original post!

Do you drag these posts up to make me CRAZY???????????????????
NOT THIS ONE AGAIN!!!! Can't we lock these totally unrelated threads so they don't keep showing up? 8O
i do wonder why people want to ask dog owners for advice abut possible pregnancies.... how many years has this been going on for?!?
LOL, I don't remember this one!! 8O
How come nobody asked how old she was? 8) 8) Not that I'd know anything about this....BUT is she menopausal :?: :idea:
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