A big note of thanks!

I just wanted to give all of you a big thank you--everyone that posts, as well as the site administrator.

I've been reading the forum a lot over the last week in preparation for my new arrival (Saturday--and I got to tell you I've become as impatient as a child is for christmas morning!)

I've learned so much, and feel so much more prepared for the big event. There are so many things that I've learned here, that I never could have learned reading books, or talking to people about their singular experiences. I enjoy the forum, the discussions, and the feedback and I am amazed at the politeness and civility and helpful sense of community shown here (not all public forums can make such boasts!)

So thanks again for all the really good information--and hopefully I won't go too crazy before Satuday! The following is a dialog between my daughter and granddaughter when she showed her a pictures of the dog:

Aisling--I want to draw a red circle around the doggie!
Devon--Why do you want to do that?
Aisling--Because that is an excellent dog!

6 year olds have such great instincts!

But not so good at naming. She wants to call the new sheepie--Brocolli--I think she's trying to say Barkley, but just can't get the words to come out right. :)
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So exciting, can't wait to hear how the new little family addition settles in.
You will have to keep us all posted and when you decide the name of your new little addition post that too. I think brocolli is pretty cute 8)
Thanks for the questions!

Think about registering. There are a few benefits to registering here, including that the forum will keep track of the last time you visited and what has been posted since. That is becoming more and moer important as the number of posts is increasing.

There are other reasons, too, but you'll just have to register to find out!

(I'm SUCH a tease!)
I'm highly trainable--I don't think its gonna be quite that easy with my new friend :)
Yay! Welcome! :D
Welcome, officially :)
I like the name Brocoli! Broc for short, cool!
welcome to the forum, You will love it here, there is so much help and the members are great.!!!

will be waiting for pictures :D
Welcome to the forum! So exciting for you. Join the forum. It's great and we're addictive!
Welcome aboard!!

WooHoo another convert!
I like Brocoli, and Broc for short. I mean, how funny will it be when your granddaughter is 16 and her friends ask her what the dog's name is, and she says brocoli--definitely named from a young child!
Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your soon-to-be addition! So you're going to change her name from Hannah? Can't wait to see pictures of her!
Welcome to the forum! :D

I'm excited to have another forum member so close by - Shuffles & I are in Hickory & we love play dates! :D
Welcome! Can't wait to see pictures of your new puppy!

Sue and Bailey
Thanks everyone for such a warm welcome. I hope to have some pictures to post saturday evening. Tammy--its awesome you live close by--we will definately need to get together for play dates!
Actually I like the name Brocoli...Elissa, Pepsi's Mom let her little boy Ryan pick out the dogs name ..Pepsi...I think its very endearing, that way the child will always feel part of the process...and it will always be a great story to tell as your child gets older.. 8O
Thats a good point. Ais usually wins anyway--something about grandkids! So do you live in Phoenix? I grew up there. Moved away when I was about 20. My sister is still there though.
Yes, Im here....in Chilly Phoenix....but its nice not to have snow!!! Where does your sister live...I live in central phx.....
She lives on east Pierson. I was in there this time last year working on an IT project for APS. It's much much bigger now and the freeways are prettier! I grew up in Paradise Valley.
Oh wow!!! Brocoli...Barkley..or ? is adorable!!! I love that big nose and the expressive face!!
I can't wait until you tell us about his adventures in your household. Best wishes to you and your new bouncing girl. :D

Marianne and the boys

<< my vote is for Brocoli!
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