$15?! Fifteen dollar adoption fee? That's low!

wow. low adoption fee for this cutie

http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/dis ... id=7298336
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The shelter site says te fee is $15. I will be checking on her on Monday. I am a county over.
Oh my gosh!! She's soooo cute!!!
Wow, that is low, wonder if they meant $150.00, which would still be very reasonable, especially for such good lookin pup!
This same animal shelter has an adult OES named Isabelle. According to their home page the adoption fee is $15.00 for the dogs or cats. Thay have been spayed.
Hi everyone,

Here's the link to the adult OES at the same shelter.

http://search.petfinder.com/petnote/dis ... id=7283382

She looks very sad and young as well.

I have spoken with Belinda Lamm,president of TOES I told her I will go Monday and get Isabelle and find out more about Annabelle who I plan to adopt. Hopefully, Isabelle will be fostered and adopted through TOES.
I will keep you posted
I talked to the animal shelter this morning. Anabell won't be ready until Thursday and I don't know that I can get back for her on Thursday. Good news is they have been getting calls from all over the country about her, so I feel like she will be adopted. I picked up Isabelle the mother. It turns out she is my Hannah Rose's mom. She is a sweetheart. She is smaller than Hannah. I wonder if they started breeding her too early, before she was full grown.

We've had a bath and she did really well. So far she is getting along with all the other furkids. she is a bit klingy and tried to help me drive home and wants to use the computer to say hello to everyone and thanks them for their concern.
What are the chances that she ended up being your Hanna Rose's mother!?!? That's amazing!
Wow, what a story. Best wishes to you!
An update on Isabelle. She is doing well. She is very loving, but seldom kisses. Craves attention. Is very energetic, but hasn't figured out how to play with the other dogs yet, but is trying to. I have taken pictures of Isabelle but haven't had a chance to post them. Her coat isn't very pretty at all. I guess all her energy went to making babies. I think she will be pretty now that she can just be a pet.
Her daughter and my Hannah's sister (from previous litter) is having to have surgery again. From what I understand she had a large hernia repaired with her spay and it isn't doing well. I tried calling but got the answering machine. I also sent an e-mail hopeing to get updates.
Best wishes to both Isabelle and Anabell. They have been through so much, poor girls.
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