You'll never guess

You all will never guess what Chopin decided to have for a glasses. He is big enough to reach everything on the bedside table and he decided he wanted to reach the glasses---ohhh I was so mad, I guess he likes me better in contacts, lol, the hard thing is that my guy is so very easy to love and very difficult to be mad at--so he was back in my lap after two mintues of a very steamed mommy
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Oh No! :twisted: You will find puppy proofing your home to be quite a challenge. :lol: They'll chew on things you never dreamed they'd be interested in chewing. Good thing they're so darn cute. :wink:
We know the feeling!!

Yuki has broke at least 2 of my husband's glasses WHILE he is wearing them. He just wants to love on his daddy and my husband doesn't stop him KNOWING that these hard nudges and wrestling will break his glasses. :lol:
That is so funny. We had the same thing happen here, but while being worn.
It was when Dino (min pin) was a puppy and he and my son fell asleep together on the couch. Travis woke up and couldn't see out of his glasses on one side. Here Dino had been chewing on the frame and lenses of his glasses while they were on his face! Travis always has been a real sound sleeper!!

I hadn't thought about that one in awhile. Travis was 12 when he got Dino as his puppy to train for 4-H. Now they are 8 and 20 yrs old respectively, and still best friends. :hearts:
I lost my glasses last week...couldn't find them anywhere....

5 days later, Heart :hearts: was outside "chewing" something..I went up to her and there were my glass in them ( I found them in another part of the yard) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Have their eyes examined; maybe the need glasses.
Our last sheepie ate 2 of my son's retainers. The one time he actually went into his backpack in the closet and took it out of the side zipper part! I was told they sense your scent on them and that's what attracts them. In our case, it couldn't POSSIBLY have been because the retainers tasted good!! :roll: :roll:
Finn ate my glasses a few months ago, I must have dozed off watching TV on the couch and I woke up to the stinker crunching away........he left the lenses, but loved the frames!
Glad to "see" we aren't the only ones :lol:
sheepieshake wrote:
I lost my glasses last week...couldn't find them anywhere....

5 days later, Heart :hearts: was outside "chewing" something..I went up to her and there were my glass in them ( I found them in another part of the yard) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Val, this is so funny! :lol: :lol:

Happened to us too, chewed on hubby's glasses - I was smarter and put them very high up! 8)

We also had an expensive phone bill, when hubby lost his self phone and we found it in Boni's crate a couple of days later. He also called some people - sister-in-law for some reason - while chewing on it. We called her to ask about it and she said she thought we were messing with her so she kept hanging up. It seems Boni REALLY wanted to talk to her! :lol:
wow, I'll keep the cell phone thing in mind, that would be a really expensive chew toy, he did get a hold of the ear peice out of my purse the other day, that was fun, lol...for him maybe
When China was a pup she got ahold of my reading glasses, may they RIP. You learn very quickly you can't leave ANYTHING down even for a second...they are little tinkers.
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