12 week old Puppy Growling/Biting

It's been less than 24 hrs bringing Maggie home, she a Tibetan Terrier puppy and Rosie is 8 yrs old TT. Rosie has quite following and hovering over her and whimpering everytime puppy does but several times when I had the puppy on my lap and Rosie approaches she growls and trys to bite Rosie. Is this common or unusual. She doesn't do it when on the ground, only if she is sitting next to me or on my lap? How do I stop her? I of course said No in that tone and hope this is just adjustment period? Never seen a puppy growl and try and bite before but haven't had a great deal of experience with a puppy, just my OES and we didn't have another dog at the time. She is adorable! She is crying some but does it a little and then lays down and sleeps.
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she may be resource guarding; and the object she is guarding is your affection.
She's probably just afraid of Rosie... it can take a little time to settle in. She's had a lot of changes in just a short period of time... being uprooted from her littermates and mom... placed with new humans, a new dog and a new home.

I was wondering if puppy is feeling forced to face Rosie when she's on your lap or sitting next to you. She doesn't have the option of "flight" so she's growling and trying to bite ("fight"). She can't escape so she's forced to face this new dog so she' telling Rosie to keep her distance. Puppy has to learn she can trust Rosie and this takes time.

Darby did a "snap-snap-snap" at Maggie when she first met her... I was holding Darby and Maggie came up to greet her. She was telling Maggie she wasn't ready to interact yet.
:lol: I see new pictures of your puppy have been uploaded.
WHAT a cutie pie!

Are things getting a little better?
I also have a TT, Boo who is 2, and when I brought home Sam, my new OES, he (Sam) j,ust wanted to play, play, in his face and Boo was like, "Back off little man....I'm in charge here". So I kinda of had the opposite experience. Basically everyone has to figure out where they are at in the pecking order.....

an unrelated question, how do i get a pic up of my OES under my name?
Much Better!!! Rosie has calmed down and isn't hovering over her all the time. Maggie is something...so cute. So glad I bought a 6 panel pen for the livingroom and vinyl flooring to go over my hardwood floors. So far no accidents inside but I take her out alot. Put her crate on floor beside my side of the bed last night and when she woke up twice just put my hand down and she went right back asleep without crying...no accidents in her crate! It was great sleeping more last night. Rosie thought so as well. Just took them to the vet...fun with two! Maggie Mae checked out great and SCREAMED when she got her rabies shot. Didn't know a puppy could be so loud. Really funny when a kitten tried to swat her at the vet...she did such a dance and that little curly tail waggled away! Got the halter to walk her..she chews everything, the leash, her name tag, my rings on my fingers etc...12 wks. must be crazy chew time. My last young puppy was 18 yrs. ago with my OES Daisy and I guess I forgot the chewing stage. Rosie was 6 mths. when I got her and had high anxiety...swore the next would be younger! Rosie is much improved at 8 yrs but still gets high anxiety attack in new place, new dogs, the vet etc.. Can't wait to start puppy class Sept. 24th! It great being retired and having time! It's like having two children at home again having Rosie and Maggie...I stay busy taking care of them!
Go to frequently asked questions. Basically you need to go the My Photos and upload pictures...once approved by admin you go to photos and click the thumbnail, properties, copy URL address...then go to profile and at bottom of page is Avatar...paste the address in the URL box and submit. Better instructions in FAQ section. A lot of OES owners seem to have tibetan terriers...that is why I first got Rosie as other OES people recommended the TT...both breeds are so unique and special...they live for love! The TT's if well bred have little health problems and can live to 20 yrs. easily. My two OES's died too young...8 and 12 and both from an intestinal problem that took them fast. I choose the second TT because with a back problem I can better walk the TT...80 lb. OES is hard with a bad back. But I come here for my OES fix and the advice and knowledge shared is great no matter what type of dog you have...this is the best forum! I have learned so much!
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