3 and 4 year old uprights! HELP!

My husband's family is coming from St. Louis for Thanksgiving. I'm really excited about seeing all of them. Its been many, many years since my kids were the age of our niece and nephew (she's 4, he's 3), and I don't know what I should have for them to play with and to amuze them. They will not be staying at our house, but will be there quite a bit, so I want to make them feel comfortable and have things they will enjoy doing.

Can y'all give me some suggestions? I have already picked up come coloring books and crayons. What videos would you suggest, and any other ideas?

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any walt disney movie will work...and if you have a nintendo or some other type of video games for kids too.....
Playdoh is always good. Not too messy either. How about going to the library and getting some kid books for them to look at. Of course they might just want to play with Pirate and Keira :lol:
My niece and nephew are the same age, and they're all about the Disney channel (esp. Dora the Explorer, the copy cat show where it's a boy doing the same thing). We can get some peace and quiet for at least ....well, long enough to eat. The girl can play with princesses all day (dress up, dolls, etc).
But keep them away from the dogs.
My nephew seems to play with balls at my house or plops in front of the tv with his dad :D
Do you have a Dollar Tree store near by? Sometimes you can get lucky, usually there are Disney things, Dora plastic figures, Pokemon figures and not to mention tons of coloring books and craft supplies. I always take my child there when we are going on a trip and let him pick out a few things. You could even go to a childrens consignment shop (or even thrift store) and pick up a few age appropriate toys. Good luck!
Disney dvd's, colour in Books, Sticker books all easy things to amuse the kids & keep them occupied. Packet of crayons and maybe even some Play doh :D

Treasure hunt outside with lollies planted around the yard, that keeps them busy for ages so the adults can catch up. :wink:
No matter what you get them, they will want to be next to their parents and be the center of attention. Pop some pills, drink some wine.....
SheepieBoss wrote:
........Pop some pills, drink some wine.....

:lol: Don't get anything that they can smush in your carpets or color your walls with. They'll have a blast with it, but you won't enjoy yourself if you're constantly watching a possible demolition crew. :lol:

I favor movies (Dora and Barney are both great), a couple decks of cards, old pictures, old pots and pans with wooden spoons make a great set of drums. I remind mom to bring toys. Old remote controls, cell phones, etc.....

I put up the dog toys, seems they want them more than their own. :roll:
Playing ball with the dogs is fun in "controlled" situations. :lol:

If they are a true demolition crew, I pack it up and go to the "other" persons house. Oh, well........ have a wonderful time!!! :oops: :lol:
My son just turned 3 and his big loves are:
any movie he can sing along with (Holiday movies might
be appropriate)
You could set aside a small table just for them, cover it with
several pieces of large blank paper (blank newsprint is really
cheap, tape the corners in place) and give them washable
markers or crayons to draw with. Colored paper and safe scissors
are always fun. You can make some great ornaments with
old puzzle pieces or old clothes pins and some felt dots and a
little washable glue, add some string and voila, ornament.
(If you all celebrate Christmas - otherwise you can modify it
for just about any holiday.)

Sounds like it could be a great time at your house!

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