5 year old sheep dog having accidents in the house

My dog Molly started urinating in the house about a year ago. Not every day but at least a couple of times a week. She is walked regularly and spends adequate time outside before bed. I have had her to the doctor and there doesn't appear to be any physical problems. I had my carpets all cleaned and disinfected yesterday only to find that she had urinated in two different places during the night. I really am at my wits end with her, I need to find some solutions fast. Please help, the relationship between my dog and I is really really suffering
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Are you at home when she does this? or away?

I used to have the same problem with one of mine, she was marking when we were gone. Never when we were home.

I say she was being spiteful, but really, I honestly believe (now) it was anxiety of being alone. She stopped marking once I got Benjamin. She has a friend and she is happy, happy, happy! :D

Have you tried crating her? Or confining her to an area that is easy to clean up? We had to crate "Ki". (Tried to confine her to the kitchen with a large baby gate, also tried stacking two gates, she cleared them.....she can clear a F-250 window... 8O ...that's another story :roll:)
Usually we are away or asleep. I haven't tried to crate her, I think I will do that tonight. I haven't wanted to isolate her from us at night. I know that another dog would be good company, but right now I feel like I can't even handle her. Sometimes I think she is just being spiteful, but maybe it is just anxiety. Thanks for your response.
If you bring the crate into your bedroom you won't be isolating her from you guys, and that may help.
Did anything change (not to get too personal) in your living situation last year when the accidents started?
We crated Kiara, in our room (we had a really large walk-in closet that we put it in) at night, that way she was close but, still confined. We gradually let her out and got to the point of gating her in our room.

She did the same thing as your girl, if she was allowed to roam at night, she would go to her spot.......and mark :twisted: .

I am sure it is not spite, she is just lacking something that she thinks she needs...........the hard part is finding out what that "something" is!


Maybe she just needs "Structure"! Who knows?.......Glad I was able to give you a few ideas......

Could you tell us what tests your vet did to rule out any physical problems? Is she spayed? If so it could be spay incontinence which is common in this breed. It is a hormonal issue which does not allow the bladder muscles to hold it in as well. We were having puddles too which only ocurred while our girl was sleeping. There are meds for it and they aren't too expensive.
We're having a little trouble with Blue going to the bathroom inside as well. Only he never does it when we're away, only when we're home. It's not terribly often, but he's done it maybe five or six times in the last four months, then last week he pooped inside. It was the first time he'd ever done that and he'd just gone out not that long before. He didn't even let me know he needed to go. It was very odd.
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