4months and still having accidents

My little girl is just over 4 months and she is still having accidents, I have her sectioned off in our exstention which is wherethe back door is, I let her out about every hour, when I do let her out she does go usually straight away and I reward her, but she still has accidents inddorss too, sometimes seconds after I let her in, I've noticed beel training alot, it is something I haven't heard of before, is this mostly used in the states? Where can I get a bell from, how do I teach her to use it and do you think it will help?
She can already give paw, lay down, sit and leave on command, she seems to pick every thing else up quickly.
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I think you have better results if you walk them so they knwo what they are doing outside - I always have used the leash during potty training. I had no luck with the bell - but others can give you information on how it worked for them. I don't think 4 months is too old to be having incidents.
She's still a bit confused as to why you are letting her outside. Take her out......leash is a good idea at first.........and reward out there. Make it a quick reward, no play time, and come back in. Other times are playtime outside.

When you take her out, stay out until the job gets done. Always annouce as you go thru the door, "Peepee time" or whatever term you wish to use. If you have a bell, also swat it as you go.

4 months might be a bit early for your girl. Everyone is different. Boys are especially late, different plumbing.

Of course when she does make a mess inside your reaction will depend on how quickly you catch it. If it is just starting, yell NO, then get her to the door, "Peepee outside" in a controlled voice (ignore the river behind you) and go outside with her. Prise when job is done (if anything is left).

If you find a puddle after the fact, "growl" to yourself as your clean so she knows you are unhappy. Don't play with her, look at her, touch her. She's to learn that the puddle or poop is disgusting to you.

Don't stress, she will sense that. Just deal with this matter of factly. If she's still having accidents 4 months from now, then vet time. Not only are UTIs a possibility, but also some malformation.......but that is EXTREMELY rare.
my two girls are 4 and 1/2 months, and we are just now having multiple days at a time with no accidents. All the books say that still having the occasional accident up to 6 months of age is normal.

We had a major break through recently. I re-arragned the house; puppy proofed, to give the girls more access. They went from the Kitchen and the dining room to having access to about 2/3rds of the house. We blocked off the areas we didn't want them in with baby gates.

Well now they can see the front door we go out of for potty time from one of the gates; when they need to go, they rattle the gate!

I think it helps that I did alot of what people here are saying; I take them to potty on a leash; so they know that the trip outside has a purpose. I taught them to "be a good girl". Every time they'd potty I'd praise them with "good girl"; as a result, if I ask them to "be a good girl" they sort of know what I am asking for. Its works about 75% of the time. If you just put Flossie out every hour, she might have no idea WHY she is going out.

Also at 4 months of age, every hour shouldn't be necessary. Our trainer says to take the dogs age, and add 1. Thats the number of hours that your dog can hold thier bladder if necessary. And all the books say that they should need to potty after a meal, after playtime, after training, after a nap... if there's an activity; take them to potty right after. I found that seemed to work really well for us.
Thanks for all the advice.
I recently increased the amount I was taking her due to her still having accidents, but I think I will go back to going out with a lead, maybe I stopped that too soon and start having separate play time as suggested so she knows she has a job to do.
Thank you everyone for the advice.
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