"The Stolen Treat" Home Movie..lol

Matisse and Chelsea star in a cute lil' home video about a pink monkey that steals "Frosty Paws" from Chelsea. Make sure you don't miss the twist at the end....

This is our first video and it was OODLES of fun to make!!! :D


I also have a home video of Matisse showing off how he gets into the "forbidden room" - It's called "caught in the act"
We finally got him on video doing it!!

That's on his page at SheepieDreams.


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I just loved the part where Matisse is making the monkey talk... :lol:

Laurie and Oscar
Spitting coffee all over my computer, HILLARIOUS.

I love the "No animals were harmed in making this movie" :lol: Geez I think the monkey was. :lol: :lol:

Music is perfect, so funny. What a fun pair. Thanks for the laugh. :lol: :lol:
:twitch: Yikes, scarey stuff :excited: way to go Matisse :yay:
Verrry cool.

Gives me some ideas!
:lol: Brilliant! The monkey was so funny, more clips please!!!!
That was very funny. I was just waiting to see the monkey get got.!

The music is great too. :D
hahaha...that was great!!
Oh my gosh, that is way too funny. Best video! 5 stars all the way!!!
Exceptional work! Love the music choice, editing! Making that "banana brain" talk! Sheepies are just natural starts, aren't they?
That's awesome! Who came up with the idea to that? That's so original. Great job!
Thank you guys very much for the compliments!! :kiss:

We're in the process of making another one this afternoon.....
I took one look at Matisse going nuts with the monkey, and it just came to me I guess. That's his old/new favorite toy and he carries it around like a trophy (which I love when they do that).

And the pink panther music....it just sounds "sneaky"...lol

I'm glad you guys enjoyed it!!

There will definitely be more coming soon!!!
GRRRRRRRRRReat job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Matisse is growing up into a gorgeous boy. Remind me not to take any treats from him. I don't wanna suffer the monkey's fate!
Thanks for the laugh. That was greeeaaattt!!!
That is great!

Did I miss something? When did Matisse get so big? How old is he now?
Great video, so funny! :lol:
Oh My Gosh! That movie was great! My favorite part was making the monkey talk. I loved it.

more, more, more!!!
Matisse is 6 and a half months now.....

Definitely can't hold him in my lap anymore... :cry:
Those are the best and funniest videos. What hams!
That made my day lol
Hi I love those movies.... what is like to live with 2 sheepy stars?
Those are just lovely films! :clappurple: :clappurple: standing ovation from me n patches
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