10 Year Old Sheepie-Girl- Neglect Case: Oromocto, NB

Here's a new listing for a sheepie in Canada that's been at the shelter since December... just in case anyone in Canada is looking for an older sheepie to share their life with.

http://www.petfinder.com/pet.cgi?action ... mpl=&stat=

Hi....my name is Zoey and I am a 10 year old spayed female old english sheepdog. I have been with the shelter since December 2/05 when I was brought in by the cruelty inspectors. I came from a very neglectful place so I am hoping that my next home will be filled with love and understanding. I am good with other dogs and cats and even though I am good with kids, I would prefer to find a home where there are no small babies. I hope that someone will vist and see how incredibly sweet and gentle I am. I love to give kisses. I know that I am older, but I have so many great years ahead of me..so much love to give.
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Many more where she is. A rather large number of dogs (over 20?) have been recently taken in from one place. Their care and adoption coordination is being handled by both Canadian and New England OES Rescue.
Yeah! Is this one from that group too? Annie told me about them but didn't go into the details. What's the story on them? A few have found homes from what I've gathered.
Around 20 or so OES's, and some spaniels, and some mixes...Arpund 60 in total were seized. Some are being adopted by the SPCA, the rest are going to rescue. Annie would have the details.
I can foster some, but am a day's drive away.
Jeez... hope they're all safe. Thanks for the info. I didn't want to bother her with questions. I bother her enough as it is :wink:
This is where my Murphy came from back in March of 04.

I knew that they went in took the rest of the dogs in early December. I was in contact with the Oromocto SPCA but they told me it would be awhile before any would be available for adoption.

This breaks my heart.. I have experienced this place first hand.. and it was not pleasant at all.. not pleasant.
That's so sad... so this is the same place Murphy came from? I just read your Dogster info on him and Dudley. I didn't know he was a rescue. Good for you so not turning away despite his smell! :D Under the filth you described was a true gem of a sheepie. He's sooo adorable you just want to squeeze him!

I hope someone will see Zoey's value as a companion and adopt her. She could have some wonderful years of lovin' to share with a new family.
Zoey is no longer listed, I hope she found a wondeful home to live out her remaining years.

I hope that's good news too.
Thanks for the update!
Anyone know what happened to Zoey? The pet finder thingie didn't appear and I'm curious as to what happened to her.

Hello There,
many of you probably won't read this,
but for the people who were posting about how Zoey was, She's doing great and is very happy now.
With my family :D
We adopted Zoey in January 06'.
She was a dream.
They did not exzagerate one bit on the description of Zoey, but rather i say "unexzagerated" Zoey loves giving kisses. She would pin me down and drown me with her saliva. I would have to call my mom, and ask her to get Zoey off of me..
A couple months after we got Zoey I was diganosed with Crohns disease. I was in the hospital for about a month.. and for a 12 year old down to 55 pounds, well ... it sucked. Lets just say I wasn't allowed to eat solid foods for a month. I went threw hell. But all threw that. My parents told me that Zoey was sent from God to look after me. I Barely saw Zoey from the time I was in the hospital till the time I got out, and everytime they would say that I would roll my eyes.. But maybe they were right.
I am 14.
Zoey will be turing 12 soon
Zoey is winding down, but when she leaves us, she will leaves us with this thought in our heads
"Boy, did that dog ever love to give love"
Thank you so much for the great up date. You and your family sound so loving and she will always give you all the love she can. To rescue is great. We are on our 3rd rescue OES. They are so greatfull. Hope your health is going good!
Wow... it must have been very difficult for you to go through that...
I hope you're in good health now and that you're feeling well.

I am SO happy that you took time to share your story... it's nice to know
Zoey has become a treasured family member. She sounds like a marvelous
girl! A great BIG thank you to you and your family for seeing this girl's
value as a companion and for adopting an older sheepie-girl. It's amazing
how these furry creatures often help us as much as we help them.

Best wishes to you both!
it is very nice of you to post this, I also have a 12 and 15 year old kids and our sheepies love them to bits. I am glad she has found a great home. :D
You both needed each other, what a great story. Thank you for adopting your sweet sheepie girl.
I'm glad you and Zoey found each other. I also suffer from Crohn's and spent 9 months in a two year period in the hospital. In my case it was my cat "Bonkers" who was my salvation. If you ever need to unload about your Crohn's, "I"ve been there and done that" with many of the issues of the disease, including surgery. PM me and I will be more than happy to talk. I'm sure Zoey knows those days when things aren't so great and is a terrific sympathetic listener with no negative comments!! Enjoy each other!!
kajochen wrote:
If you ever need to unload about your Crohn's
Hi there! I'm so glad you posted about your mutual love for Zoey. I had sheepdogs growing up and they sure helped me go through many tough times...as an adult, they help me as well!

I hope you are feeling stronger now. I don' thave Chron's, but I do have irritable bowel syndrome (if you've heard of that). Not a good time! Best to you!
Welcome to the forum from Dartmouth Nova Scotia. I am glad that you rescued Zoey and gave her another chance at life. There are a few us that belong to this forum that were lucky enough to have been able get a sheepie from that place. My Murphy has brought tons of laughter to our lives.. and he's quiet the kisser as well.

I hope you are feeling better!!!

Please share more stories about your girl and we all love pictures (hint hint)

Murphy (I got a bath today... Mom says I stink!!!)
Dudley (My brother's a stinky sheepie.. heehehe)
That is great that you rescued Zowie! And she is helping you through a difficult time....

My grey gal, Dixie is almost 3 years old, and also from the same place.... She gives very nice, gentle kisses....Maybe they are related!
Hello everyone.
If you don't remember me, my family and I were the fortunate enough to adopt Zoey.
Zoey had to be put down today due to a failing heart, she was 12, and would've turned 13 next month.
My mom says the reason she lived so long is because she knew she was loved very much.
Im extremely sad, and have been crying for the past hour!
I knew it was the only thing to do though, she just wasn't Zoey anymore.
After becoming ill she was oblivious to the things that once made her pounce with love and joy. Zoey didn't give her strong heart felt kisses, she gave weak little dry licks.. Zoey even turned up treats! The twinkle in her eye was gone and she didn't smile anymore.
I will miss her kisses, and her love.
I hope none of you forget Zoey!
I just want people to know how speical she is! Even though she was a dog Zoey taught me kindess and to love everyone no matter who they are or what they look like or how they dress... it's who they are as a person inside.
Zoey taught me to enjoy every moment and cherish it.
Zoey always knew how to bring people together, to make people laugh, to accept!
I know Zoey found a place in my heart and I have a place in hers.
Absence in spirit but never in heart

Thank you.

January 96' - November 14 08'
I am so happy that you got to share some time with Zoey.

It sounds like you understand life at a level far above most people of your age, and I know you are hurting deep down inside. Many of us here have gone through what you are feeling now and you should know that the pain gets a little easier each day.

Thank you for sharing your memories and successes with Zoey with us. It is always great to hear from people who have touched our lives as you have.
I am very sad to hear of Zoey's passing, but overjoyed at the love that she brought to you and your family and in turn the Love that your family showed her.

Rest in peace Zoey, my Murphy will recognize you when the time comes and they will both have stories of the families that loved them.

Hugs to you and your family from a Saltbox survivor.

Brenda and Murphy
You have my greatest condolences. You have come to a place where we understand your pain. I too lost my Zoe five years ago and it still is a tender spot.

Please know that you did the very kindest thing for your Zoey. You took her in and loved her when no one else would. And when it was time, then, you helped her crossover to avoid any suffering. I wish we could be as kind to our 2 footed loved ones.

Zoey will live on, through you - and with you.

Thanks for sharing her with us.

I am so very very sorry for your loss :cry: I am sure you and Zoe found each other for a reason, you needed her love through a very diffacult time in your life, and she needed you to love her so, so, much. I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better right now, but I think when you lose one of these wonderful sheepies we all adore , we truly need to mourn, they give us so much unconditional love it just amazes me. Time truly does heal, and although you will never forget Zoe, in time when you think of her your heart will smile instead of ache. You will be able in time to remember her with all her wet sheepie kisses, and how much you both loved each other and smile :hearts: Again I am so very sorry for your loss.
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