2009 OESCA National Specialty

Mark you calendars: the 2009 specialty schedule is up!

It's being held Oct 18-22 in Dixon, California. Note that there will be two herding trials (!!!)

Oct. 18th: 2 Herding Trials (Ducks & Sheep)

Oct. 19th: Obedience, Rally, Match & Welcome Reception

Oct. 20th: Agility, General Meeting, Health Seminar/Baer Testing & Top 20

Oct. 21th: Judges Seminar, Sweepstakes, Junior Showmanship, Heroes
Honored, Dogs & Bitches

Oct. 22nd: Best of Breed, Inter Sex Judging, & Awards Banquet

See http://www.syix.com/oesrus/webpageoescs.html and
http://www.oldenglishsheepdogclubofamer ... index.html for
more information.

As soon as I heard (with great relief) that they are going to go ahead and offer agility, I promised them I'd pass the hat for donations for that event specifically at a couple of upcoming midwestern OES agility events this spring (you know who you are <g>). Agility has some pretty high fixed costs, yet even with an anticipated not overwhelming entry they have elected to go ahead and offer it anyway (thank you performance chair Margie Trebino & show chair Karen Stetler!)

In addition, there is the following information from the showchair (note the non-regular herding titled conformation class and corresponding group at one of the allbreed shows following the specialty - this has created a bit of a stir on the performance list :D ):

Herding group Show following the 2009 National Specialty Oct. 23, 1009

There's a great line up of judges for all the days following the 2009
National Specialty. Friday's judge is coming from Europe, Saturday is a
breeder judge and Sunday is an all rounder. Also, there will be a Sweeps,
with a breeder judge, for the OESCA Supported entry.

For the Herding folks...something a little extra special.
For those that have actual herding OES and have a herding title, you should
enter Friday, 10/23, in the the Herding Titled Competition. This will follow
the regular BOB competition. Each herding breed will compete separately and
then the winner of each herding breed will go into the Herding Titled Group.
This is a separate group from the regular one.
More info will be posted later or contact NCHGA at: doghouse16@saber.net

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Wow - that sounds so cool. They're putting together a terrific Speciality.
Is anyone from the east or midwest planning on flying over and going - without their dogs?
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