2 ?'s re: puppy coloring and using a treadmill for exercise

Nellie (12 weeks) has some brown coloring in-between the white and black fur on her back legs. Normal?

Also, I have very little time to take her for a walk in the morning, and saw on the dog whisperer that a treadmill could be used---never heard of that. Anyone tried it? We are just busy getting kids off to school, but after noonish, I take her to the bus stop etc. She is needing more excersize I think. She gets outisde with our lab in the a.m. but ruffles around in the grass (pulling up the sod) and gets SO dirty! Our yard is fenced in, but I know as she hits those 'teen age' years, she is going to require a lot more running around (I asked about herding classes earlier post--love the idea).
TIA For any input! :D
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After watching Cesar Milan I tried making our Cocker Spaniel run on the treatmill and he did really well. If you tie the leash to the front, I think they just get it naturally.

Now he doesn't even go near one becuase he'd rather go outside. LOL
If you're think of showing the dog, the breed description frowns on any brown. However not having any experience in showing I have no idea how bad it's considered. Barney and Maggie each have a bit of brown on their hocks - so what! :D

I defer to someone with more show experience.
Actually, if it's reddish brown, it's probably just the beginnings of her puppy fur making its way out. That's normal.
If you do the treadmill I wouldn't tie the dog. That sounds like asking
for trouble. You would absolutely have to be right there watching,
cause just like small children the second you turn you back they are
bound to fall or have something go horribly wrong. As long as you are
very careful it might help, but at only 12 weeks I'd only be doing a
few minutes to start.
Let us know if you do this and how it worked out!

As for the brown color, don't worry. Maybe saliva burn from Mom's licking, her own licking, sunlight. Then there's the off chance the pup isn't pure OES........but that's probably a very, very low chance.

As for a 12 week old pup on a tredmill.........be careful. Too much exercise can damage the pup. Puppies play full speed and stop suddenly and collapse into a heap for a rest. Also play is as much stimulation for the brain as it is for the body. Not much brain enhancing on a tredmill. Still, if used with many other exercise options, the tredmill might be a good tool.

The next months will be tiring for you mentally and physically as your pup goes thru the various growth phases. If you want that "perfect pup" you need to put in the time to help the dog mature (gosh, do they ever really mature??) properly. The breed standard talks about the happy nature of the breed, I think it's the owners' who must develop a good sense of humor while raising the pup.
Foz hopped on our treadmill twice while I was on it. He walked a few steps and then slid off the end and hit the wall. I was panic stricken.
CM seems to be a pretty big fan of the tread mill. One of the things that you have to watch out for is that putting dogs on tread mill is actually illigal in many counties across the US. It is one of the tools that dog fighters us to train there dogs which is why it is banned in alot of places. Just thought you might want to know that to be careful.

Good luck with your puppy!

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