Ziggy and I are new here

Hi, everyone - I've enjoyed all of your posts immensely. My husband and I rescued Ziggy from the SPCA two months ago. She is two years old and I don't know much about her previous life. Someone took the time to housebreak her but she doesn't know how to play with a ball or a tuggy toy or anything. We play with her on the floor, and she bats at us with her paws, and is a very happy, gentle dog - but I've never had a dog who doesn't like toys! Any ideas? Also - when we first got a harness for her (the Sensible harness, I think it's called) - it worked great. No pulling, I could control her easily. Now, though, if she sees a squirrel, I stand a good chance of landing on my face before I know it. Can anyone recommend a good harness for a very willful toddler of a sheepie? THANKS!!!!

Ziggy's Mom (Chris)
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Welcome to the community!

Our first guy never played with toys except for tug but our second guy is a big toy player. I guess it all just depnds on their personality.

I look forward to reading your posts!
Welcome from Tennessee. Ziggy is a pretty girl! I have two sheepies--one adores his toys and the other could care less. They both had toys as puppies-- so go figure!! I think it just depends on the individual personality. :D
Welcome! Bally's actually the first dog I've owned who is interested in toys... well obsessed actually and he plays like a cat :lol:
Congratulations! Ziggy looks like a doll! My Maggie is a squirrel hunter and the only collar that restrains her is the Gentle Leader. With it on, she stops herself from lunging towards a squirrel. I think it feels annoying to her to do so. She walks great with it on.

As for toys, maybe try something soft and cuddly to see if that appeals to her. Mine love toys but they don't like the tough tug toys. They really love the kind that has the plastic bottle crinkling inside of it. And they also love all manner of squeaky toys too.
congrats and welcome to the forum. You will love it here!!!!
Welcome to you and Ziggy.
Welcome!! Ziggy looks adorable! On the harness thing, I think a harness actually harnesses a dog's power. I would think about using a collar instead. You have more control with a collar and are less likely to get pulled over.
Welcome to you and Ziggy!!!! :D :D
Hint of Mischief wrote:
Welcome!! Ziggy looks adorable! On the harness thing, I think a harness actually harnesses a dog's power. I would think about using a collar instead. You have more control with a collar and are less likely to get pulled over.

I agree. I have used a prong collar at time in training some dogs. It only needed used a few times in training on walks & at class. The dog corrects itself by having a slight pressure distributed evenly around it's neck when it pulls too hard. It has always done the trick for us. It needs to be fitted properly so it works correctly. You can buy extra links if you need to. A reminder tho....it should not be left on continually. Use it only when you walk the dog or for training. As a matter of fact, I never leave any collar on my dogs. they only get collars on when they are leaving the house.

I'll also give thumbs up (there's an avatar for us, Ron) to the prong collar. It, like the other "pinch" type collars must be place way up high, under chin and up to just behind the ears. This is not doggie jewelry where they usually wear their collars and tags, this is a training device and needs to go up high. If allowed to slip down to normal collar position, its effectiveness is diminished greatly.

The pressure is even around the neck with points (not sharp points) and is released immediately. One good strong jerk and release.

Also watch your dog. A slight ear twitch usually comes before the jerk. You give the "ain't no way in hell you are going to do that command." I use Cesear's "szeet" and and snap the collar. It breaks their fixation on the object and you can continue the way you were going. Don't stop. In fact, turn away from the distraction.

As far as toys...........Mo played with her's for a while then quit. Crumpet lasted about 2 years. None of the others have had the slightest interest in toys. Here I blame too much going on outside to have to self stimulate with toys. Your girl is satisified with herself. Keep up the play, she needs to find more joy in life. (though a good squirrel chance is her idea of play)
Hi from MN and welcome. :D

Your girl looks adorable.

I would recommend a good training class as well as working with a pinch if you need it. Mine all work on plain collars, but after 2 years of ??? training/behaviors allowed, you have a bit more work to do. :D
Welcome from Texas. Sounds like Ziggy has found a new great home :D
congratulations Chris for giving Ziggy a furever home and I hope you enjoy your time on the forum, learn lots and share lots of photos too :D
Aww how adorable! Welcome!

We have been using a Martingale style collar for Katie for the time being, and like a PP use Caesar's "szzt" to get her attention and get her back in line if she strays while walking. I'm not sure what the Martingale is truly meant for, but it works for Katie.

Have you tried a Kong to get her into chewing/etc? Katie does not care about it unless there is peanut butter inside, but it keeps her busy for a while. She isn't too fond of any of the other toys we have, but found a stuffed dog I'd slept with for AGES the other day and decided she liked that. Of course. Just give her a variety, and I'm sure she'll find something she likes and tries.
As a note, she may just not be into catch etc. Our two dogs could not care less about fetching. Frizbee, ball, anything. You throw it, they stare at you like "ok, you going to get it now so we can watch you dance around with it, or what?"

Good luck! I'm sure she'll find something she enjoys. Maybe she is just waiting for the perfect thing :P Definitely try stuffed animals though.
Welcome to the forum! :D

I also have a non-toy dog (Abby)...she's just bewildered by most toys, but Ive found she does like the flavored nylabones for chewing. 8)

Ditto on all the other advise on collars/vs/harnesses...the prong collar worked great as a training method for my hard-pulling young boy, Eggbert. Harnesses just give more leverage for pulling!
Welcome to you and Ziggy. :D
what a cutie and welcome have you tryed a gentle leader works for my boys .. thanks for saving her she looks so happy
WOW! What a welcome from all of you! Ziggy and I are looking forward to getting to know all of you and your sheepies!!

Welcome from up side down land :D
Welcome to you and Ziggy. My first two sheepie girls could have cared less about toys, but my Jenny girl loves her toys.
Welcome Ziggy and Chris! Patch is not a toy-playing dog either. She used to take the new stuffed toy, lick and slime it, lay it down, and never touch it again. She has quite a few stuffed sheep toys rec'd as gifts, but could care less. BUT, she loves plastic leftover containers. If I leave the pantry door open she will go in, grab a container and take it to her bed; doesn't chew it, just takes it.

Again, welcome to the wonderful world of sheepies.

ps. I have friends in WNY - Orchard Park, Hamburg, Medina.
Welcome, Ziggy is SOO cute.
How wonderful she found you!.

Lu Ann
Welcome from PA, from Chris and Sammie!! :lol: :lol: Sorry, I missed your first posting last week - doh!

Is Ziggy your first sheepie? She's adorable!

Sammie's not a toy dog, either. Will take a stuffie from you, hold on to it for about a nano-second, then drops it. Tried throwing stuff in the yard to her, and all I get is a look that says, "What?? You want ME to go get that!" :roll:
Welcome! and thanks for rescuing her. :yay:

I know what you mean about the leash. When I first got Loki he had never been walked on a leash - He was a puppy mill 'breeder and had never left his kennel. He weighed 90 pounds and when he wanted to go...........wow. No matter what collar I used, he'd pull so hard that I was scared to take him out for fear he'd strangle himself. I finally got a 'control harness' and that did the trick. I did a lot of walking with him, and after about a week he realized that he wasn't going to get anywhere by pulling me face first down the sidewalk. Once he stopped pulling, I switched back to a regular collar and he walks like an angel right next to me.

As far as toys, he really doesn't care one way or the other. Once in a while he gets a yen to chew on one of his stuffies, but gets bored after a couple of minutes and leaves them for the other dogs, who are happy to pick up where he left off.
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