A bit of a problem in the poopie department

I was lazy two nights ago and added a can of natures gift Lamb and Pasta to bries dry food instead of the usual cooking I do for her.

Well yesterday she had one of those loose jelly poops and today the same. 8O Kelsey is OK and showing no signs of loose poopies at the moment.

I am thinking dietry upset for her as she has never had canned dog food in her diet before. I gave both of them an all wormer today as they were due for worming, just to be on the safe side.

I am feeding brie just rice with a bit of poached chicken fillet tonight and was wondering if I should add a probiotic capsule to her dinner, I have some here. How many should I use? Would it help to firm things up ? I tried to get some peptosyl today but can't find it in a pet shop close by. . So light diet tonight and see how we go and wondering if the probiotic capsules will help there.

I don't want to rush off to the vets, it is the weekend here, she is fine in her nature, still bubbly and interested in food, no accidents inside & no temperature, so I don't think it is a bug of some sort at the moment.

If no improvement well monday for the vets. :roll:

Gawd I hate hairy butts and sloppy poops :evil: , it's been awhile since I have had this happen. :roll:
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I hope Brie is feeling better really quickly. :(
Hopefully it was just a reaction to the canned food and she'll be okay tomorrow.
We might have some poop problems here tomorrow.
I gave the dogs that Dog Ice Cream, Frosty Paws and Pepsi has a VERY sensitive tummy. Crossing my fingers that he'll be okay. He really enjoyed it.
i can not feed my poodle any can stuff for that reason
lisaoes wrote:
Well yesterday she had one of those loose jelly poops and today the same.

LOL - Jelly Poops! :D

We give our dogs probiotics (acidophilus) everyday. The human dosage is 1-2 pills everyday, which the vet said to give them the human dose, but we only give them 1 each. They way 87 lbs and 77 lbs. So hopefully this would give you an idea how much they should get.

It won't upset their tummies anymore than it already is. Probably just the change in the food is the culprit.
lisa, i know about poopie problems, too too well :? the rice and chicken are good...what verve said is right too...as i learn that from the vet.....if she is acting the same, just keep that up till monday...if her poops still look jelly-like, off to the vet you go...

what i learned with panda is that a more than a couple of days with diarreah can lead to an overgrowth of bad rectal bacteria...then its 10 days of antibiotics......

thank goodness panda has a puppy cut....i truely feel for you!
Awww poor Brie!! Hope she feels better soon!
Hi hope she feels better soon..poor thing :roll:
Well just about right now, half and half, so looks like we are settling down in the Tum Tum. Still a little bit messy, but not as bad as what it was. :D

So no vet visit today, just keeping her on a lighter diet for a few more days till we have a nice hard gum nut. :lol:

Never feeding can food again, lesson learnt there. :roll:
Glad to hear Brie is doing better. Hopefully she'll be completely back to herself by tomorrow and you will no longer have a stinky situation. :wink:
I'm glad to hear that Brie is feeling better. :D It's no fun having "jelly poops" and long hair, I'm sure.
Poor Brie and the "jelly poops". I have never heard them called that, but I know what you mean!!
Thank goodness it was Tazz, the little minpin - not much hair!~
I use cottage cheese added to the food for loose stools. It works very well most of the time.
OK so I am so thrilled now :yay: All solid :cheer: :sidestep: Gotta love Boiled rice. :wink:

Geez life is funny, getting over excited when they drop a firmy. 8) :lol:

Dawn what else do you add to the cottage cheese, do you also include the dry? How much of the cottage cheese? Be nice to know for any events in the future.
I add 1-2 heaping tablespoons to the dry. Could use by itself if it's real bad poop.

I love it to take with to shows, on long car trips, or anything that may stress the dogs and cause diarrhea. We had a 7 hr car trip for a 3 day show this past weekend - I started the cottage cheese a couple days before we left and things went well!

They also love the taste and eat their food better - a problem for them when we are not at home.
Well we are off to the vets in about an hour, Brie has gone back to Jelly and NOW Kelsey. Oh joy Oh Joy. :evil:

So to the vets we all go this morning to get it cleared up.

Then a wash tomorrow for the stinkers. :roll:
I hope the girls get happy tummies soon. Not good that Brie and now Kelsey got it. That's a lot of upset tummies and messy poop. You have my sympathy!
On poor girls and poor you! :(
Hope they are feeling better soon!!
Just got back and have tablets, tablets and more tablets. Nice and expensive morning. :evil:

Anti-biotics for both, twice a day for 10 days and another lot of tablets to help firm things up 2 of them each twice a day. Fun getting them down the girls, Kelsey is lock jaw when it comes to tablets.

Also kels eye was weepy, so he checked that and you guessed it, more medication. Eye drops twice a day and I have to take her back next thursday to check the drops are working. Inflammed eye and sore and he suspects a glucoma problem there and wants to see if these drops will help settle it down if not well probably something else to try there, yep probably more medication next week!! :roll: .

And if the poopie problem does not settle in the next few days, well both girls have to go back on Monday. :roll:

As soon as I got home, both went BIG TIME, EEEEEWWWWWW, thank goodness it was not at the vets, that would of been great to put them back in the car for the drive home, jelly poops spread/squished all over the car :? At least they held on till we got home. :lol:

Now with the drug factory I have now, let's hope it works. No food for 36 hours only water, gawd Kelsey is going to be sooking big time by tomorrow night till she is allowed to eat, food is her life and she lets me know it too. :wink: Then have to start back with a small serve of rice and chicken for the next few days. Should of invested in a chook farm to feed the kids. :roll:

Can't wait to bath the pong bombs. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow, scented candles are burning in this house tonight, lavendar smells better then eau de la poop :lol:
I hope the meds ummmm doo their job quickly. :roll:

You didn't have much better to do over the winter anyway. ;)
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