67 Dogs Removed from Dobe/Min Rescue in Ohio-Graphic content


67 dogs removed from shelter; owner denies allegations
By RENEE BROWN, T-R Staff Writer

A total of 67 canines , 54 dogs and 13 puppies , have been removed
from the Safe Harbor Doberman and Min Pin Rescue shelter at

Initial estimates suggested about 30 dogs were living in deplorable
conditions at the shelter owned by Carol Powell at 22061⁄2 Herbert
St., New Philadelphia. But there were more than double that number,
according to Tuscarawas County Prosecutor Amanda K. Spies.

While most of the dogs were removed Thursday, an additional 12 ?
seven adults and five puppies ? were taken Friday, said Tuscarawas
County Sheriff Walt Wilson.

They are being kept at an undisclosed location, he said.

Spies estimated that about 20 dogs were in an outside pen and the
remaining dogs were inside a nearby mobile home converted into a
large dog house. The puppies appear to be from three different
litters, Spies said Friday. Some were kept inside the mobile home,
while others were in the outside pen.

Sheriff deputies have concluded the two dogs Powell reported had
been brutally tortured and slain actually had been killed by other
dogs in the overcrowded shelter as they fought for an insufficient
amount of food. They think Powell manufactured the story about
someone breaking into the pens and killing the two dogs to hide the
actual manner of death.

A veterinarian who examined the exhumed bodies of the dogs found no
signs that the dogs were beaten or cut open. Instead, the
examination revealed large attack wounds ? which caused the dog's
insides to fall out ? and symmetrical puncture wounds, Spies said.

Powell continued to deny the allegations Friday in an e-mail sent to
The Times-Reporter.

"Sunny was cut open or his insides wouldn't have been falling out,"
Powell wrote. "Ruphert's side of his head was beat in and I had all
dogs kenneled every night for their protection. They had enough food
and water and shelter. The trailer smelled like dogs because they
hadn't given us time to clean up their mess before taking the dogs.

"I will fight back because myself and other people know what has
been going on here. I know why this was done and who is behind it."

Deputies, armed with a court order signed by county Common Pleas
Court Judge Edward O'Farrell, seized the dogs Thursday. The adult
dogs have been taken to three safe places and are being cared for,
authorities said.

Spies said it took several people several hours to remove all of the
dogs from the property and the process lasted into Thursday night.
She took seven very small puppies home with her and has been feeding
them with small syringes. Despite her efforts, one died overnight.
She retrieved two more puppies Friday.

All of the puppies and dogs will be examined by a veterinarian
today. She said she expects some of the dogs will have to be
euthanized based on their poor physical condition. The others will
be held until they are adopted.

"This is a bittersweet moment," she said. "We know we don't have a
psychotic person on the loose, but what we found was heart-

"These dogs were so hungry. I fed 47 of the dogs last night
(Thursday) and this morning (Friday). They gulped the food down
without chewing it. They were trying to get through the cages to get
to the bowls of food I had for the other dogs and they were showing
their teeth."

Spies said some of the dogs looked OK but others were emaciated. She
said some have skin diseases and others have open wounds. She
doesn't remember seeing any dog food as she and others searched the
darkened mobile home for dogs Thursday night.

Spies said the conditions inside the mobile home were sickening. She
said the floor was covered with urine and feces and it was
practically impossible to breathe.

No dead dogs were found in either the pen or the mobile home. Spies
said sharpened sticks that Powell claimed were used on one dog were
not found. Powell had claimed she threw the sticks away on the

Any criminal charges filed in connection with the investigation will
be misdemeanors, Spies said, and will come from the New Philadelphia
city prosecutor's office.

Although the dogs are not being housed as the county dog pound,
Spies directed all inquiries regarding adoption to County Dog Warden
Karen Slough and her staff. Slough can be reached by calling (330)
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This is rescue? :twisted: :twisted:
Poor doggies. Simply dreadful.
That is horrible. Poor dogs.
:evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted:

OMG This was a resque

poor puppy's and other dogs


wendy and gismo
:cry: Poor dogs. How can such things happen. It is horrible. :cry: :cry: :cry:
Most rescues are legit. Everyone needs to be careful, just because someone represents themself as a rescue does not make it so. Anyone can make up a webpage, have a ebay account , non profit status and list dogs!!! Some even breed dogs and then say they are rescue puppies. PLEASE make sure you know your rescue group. At least know someone personally that has been to the rescue, seen the kennels and has been directly involved. again most groups are on the up and up but people are evil!!!! Sometimes people have good intentions and get in over their head. This case was just cruelty :evil:
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