8 week old female available in Georgia

I was suppose to pick up Maggie Mae at 8 weeks next week. Unfortunately my daughter just gave birth May 15th...baby is doing wonderful but my daughter is having a difficult time. She had a horrible reaction to either medications, the delivery process??? but after 3 ER visits and being put back in the hospital she is needing my help and we don't know for how long as they aren't sure what is causing it. Maggie is adorable but I can't board or crate a new puppy in the next month so I can travel to my daughters home and help her...it just wouldn't be good. I can't add a puppy to her home with all this and the baby to care for. If interested contact:
Name: Nancy Biedrzycki
Address: 511 Crestbend Lane, Powder Springs, Georgia 30127
Phone: 678-567-0955
Email: tnkobiedrzycki@juno.com
URL: www.freewebs.com/northcresthills
Club Affiliations and Registries: AKC

She says of the 8 puppies Maggie is the most gentle, personable and just so sweet. I feel awful as I had been so looking forward to her. However, daughter and grandaughter most important right now and I can wait to add a OES puppy when the time is right.
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And why can't the breeder hold on to the puppy for the next month or two for you? I am guessing you paid for the pup already. I am sure the breeder will board the dog for a few months due to this emergency.
I understand why the poster would think it might be in the best interests of the puppy to have a different home. It is obvious that she is concerned about how well her daughter is doing and how much help she might need in the coming months.

But I agree that the breeder should be willing to take back the puppy. In such cases as this: the intended owner is unable to take the puppy, does the breeder usually refund the purchase price, considering the breeder has always the puppy on premises? I have no idea.
Please don't misunderstand, the breeder is taking Maggie and is looking for another good home. I am the one that feels bad, I have already fell in love with her just getting weekly reports and pictures...she is so sweet. I was just trying to help Nancy find a good home and I know everyone of this forum loves their OES's. I only lost my deposit which was more than reasonable. Nancy is a great person and has been really understanding. I had to choose helping my daughter/grandaughter or raising a new puppy..not much of a choice at this point. Being a first time grandmother I had no idea we would go through this and she is doing better this week but still needs my help and we don't know how long she will need help. Hopefully, she will have a fast recovery as the baby is doing great and is beautiful. I love my animals with all my heart but daughter is one notch up and needs me. Nancy is even willing to work with me later if she has another litter.
Please accept my sincere wishes for your daughter and new grandchild. I don't have grandchildren yet, but am longing for the day.

It sounds as though you are trying to do your best for everybody. I do think that you can safely concentrate on your daughter and grandchild and let Nancy find the puppy a good home. Your time for a new puppy will come. I am sure I'd drop everything to help out the new mom if I were in your shoes.
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