"Meet Generation Arff!" in Life Magazine

Many of the US papers have a Life weekend magazine in their Friday paper. I just read a very cute short article called, Meet Generation Arff! but I can't find it online for all of you.

One the stats indicates that 31% of female pet owners spend more time with their pet than with their spouse. I definitely fall into this category!

There's what looks like a good recipe for doggie Lasagna!
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Well, now that you mention it I fall into that category too. I would also fall into the category of doing more research of the dog breed than the "man" breed. :oops: Spend more time on oes.org than at home, I think the list might be endless. :o
I gave up on men years ago. My dog has not disapointed me :lol:
ROFL Deograine!
My hubby thinks I have deserted him since I began my quest for a new family member. I am reading everything I can get my hands on about sheepies and I just finished The Dog Listener -it made me cry to think of the dogs that could be saved with her techniques.

DH has made me promise not to show him any more pictures of your adorable puppies until I have one to show him for keeps :wink:
Being that I am a stay at home Mom, I am with the dogs all day.
When Hayley naps, Rags, Pepsi and Peanut all lie down for a nap with me in my bed.
Yep can relate to this, my hubby is away for the weekend and I am home with the dogs as was too hot to go away to the holiday farm. In a few weeks time I am off for a weekend with one of the girls and hubby is home doggie sitting the other.

Occassionally we cross paths on a weekend :lol: 8) He can't say anything about it as he was the one that introduced me to OES, married the man with the dog :lol:
I am chuckling at his post. We all know our boys/girls love us unconditionally and never complain about the way we look, how much weight we've gained, what we serve for dinner, how the house is kept, how much money we've spent...blah blah..LOL!

My ex once made the mistake of saying "let the stupid mutt die", when Shaggy was ill. Yikes! Pawned my engagement ring to pay for her care, Took on numerous jobs to buy his half of the house and said goodbye. Then filled it up with more dogs and everyday I am still smiling.

My only criteria if I get married...Must love dogs. :hearts:

Marianne and the boys
Since the yard isnt done, Panda is sleeping in the house still.....I HAD to move to the front bedroom last night because Brian was snoring SO loud..and he couldnt be woken...sigh...any way, Panda moved to the front bedroom with me....even at 2 am, she is a mommas girl...and follows me around...I dont think she like Brians snoring either... 8O
:lol: Yes I can relate to this :!:
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