You'll never guess what came out of the puppies butt...

Did the topic get your attention?

It was quite a gross morning. Hendrix was outside doing his business and he came back in. I saw something on his rump and thought it was a leaf (quite a survivor of a leaf seeing as we have nothing but snow, but what else could it be). Then I got some toilet paper and pulled it off, but what I really did was pull it OUT. A 1 foot long rope!? That is not how a morning should start. Hendrix got an early Christmas present from his grandparents that came apart.

When will someone make SAFE QUALITY toys?

Hendrix is doing fine, he didn't even realize what was going on. He thought I was playing with him since I was trying to prevent him from sitting on the cream colored carpet.
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Ewwwww!!! 8O
Rope toys and simply any type of string can be very dangerous to dogs. ... icleid=285

I'm so glad that everything "came out" okay! :wink:
8O I'm glad he was okay!
thanks for the article, it was his first rope toy and OFFICIALLY his last!
Yikes...we have rope toys all over the place 8O
I better go do a check...
Anyone have any rope type toys they feel are safe/safer? more tug-o-war :cry:
Hi Diane!
I know... I'm supposed to be working :P

Not all dogs are destructive with rope toys... you know your poochies best. But all it takes is once so just be sure to supervise them if you allow them to have them. Note that you need to be very careful with yarn, string, fishing line, etc.

MINE will actually gnaw on the things :roll: so they went in the wastebasket. It was sad because the LOVED them. They do have one remaining rope toy that is attached to a supposedly indestructible toy (NOT!) but it's kept for an outdoor toy only. They chase whomever is "it" around the yard so they don't have time to get comfy and chew on it.
Ewwwwww.... LOL
My guys have two of the big rope bones an 1-1/2" rope with knots in each end. Maggie takes in her mouth and teases Barney with it. When he tries to grab it to play tug o war, she goes the other way. I think that's an old girl trick. :D
My best friend had a dog that died from eating rope/string...not sure, but I think it wrapped itself around the intestines and starved him to death.
EEEEWWWW! Look on the bright side - your day can only get better after starting like that LOL! Bailey has a few of those knotted rope toys but they've never come apart on him. I guess I'll need to keep an eye on them for signs of unravelling.
This sounds like an incident that James's sister had with her dog only it involved panty hose. Gross!
So sad... I'm so sorry for your friend and her dog. It can be an extremely serious problem. String, yarn, fishing line, rope fibers can cause an intestinal obstruction or end up cutting though the wall of the intestine resulting in a life threatening situation.

One additional thing to note and I'm sorry if it's not worded politely but I'm more than willing to look stupid for a dog...

I KNOW it's a common reflex to pull whatever is "hanging out" but you can do a lot of damage by doing that. Seek advice if it's string, yarn etc. (I don't mean if it's just a poop-dangler... you're vet would think you were nuts!)
I always heard you should never pull anything like string or rope out because you could damage internal organs. Could this be an old wives tale?
Nope, it's true. Once an animal eats anything like string or rope or pantyhose, it can become entangled in the intestines. The motion that the bowels uses to move the "stuff" through the intestines can cause it to get intertwined or stuck to the intestine walls and lining. When you pull you can damage the intestines or worse yet, actually pull them out of the body. (I know it's gross but what do you want? 8O )

If you use a gentle and consistent pull on the object and meet any resistance, you should seek medical assistance immediately. Also, if there is any blood or anything that looks like coffee grounds you should seek immediate help.

My best friend's cat ate some thread and had to have over half of it's intestines removed because it was entwined in it's intestines. That cat is now a thousand years old, or maybe it's 19 years old, so I guess they got their money's worth from that surgery.
I thought it was the intestines but since my husband told me about it I didn't believe it :roll:
lucky for me the rope was pretty much half out he didn't even realize I was pulling anything out. i'm sure the next time he went outside he would have completed the task of exiting the rope. yuck.
Hi Hendrix's mom,

Well I say good for you and shows you what mothers will do to save their babies. Yuppers it might be something that others may roll their eyes at but we "moms" know that we're doing it for the good of our boys/girls. Hats off to you for helping Hendrix!

Marianne and the boys
This posting made me laugh since both my sheepies I think were part goat...

The first ate my mother's entire cactus plant -- a nibble at a time

The next -- day while scouting for a fresh stool sample for the Vet I saw a wee little army man's face staring back at me..

Multi-colored crayola versions was a common occurance...
astarte00 wrote:
Multi-colored crayola versions was a common occurance...

This made me remember and my nephew were over for Passover this year. I bought some crayons for my nephew who was happy playing with them. Before they left for the night, my SIL said that she would be taking the crayons home but couldn't locate the red crayon (not related to my previous posting about humping :D ). She said Noah must have dropped it someone. I jokingly said, "no, Annie probably ate it". Well, 2 days later Steve came back from a walk and said that he found the red crayon in Annie poop! Wrapper and all! 8O
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