1 tall, wobbly bookshelf+4kids+1sheepdog=

x+y+z=? okay, so it's more physics than algebra, and not a mathmatical equation that is very hard to deduce, but i shall supply the scientific answer nonetheless.
after several hours, the kids came home from a friends house and crowded around to show me the crocuses they had picked on the way. unfortunately, i was at my desk which is within inches of a 7ft bookshelf that is at best unsteady. peeps, very glad to see the kids home, likewise was in the mix. i saw that my seven year old daughter was bumping the bookself as peeps was bumping her. i no sooner said "get away!!! the bookself..." when from the top self (ofcourse) came falling a musical snowglobe, and it landed directly on my daughter's head. glass, liquid, sparkles, and alas blood everywhere! as it stands, the two (darla and peeps) have lots of shiny sparkles throughout their hair (even after darla's shampoo), but peeps may benifit from the sparkle covered coat at the celctic classic in york tomorrow!
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Ouch! I hope your daughter is okay.
Pepsi's Mommy wrote:
Ouch! I hope your daughter is okay.

Yikes, she's a very lucky girl!
Oh No! Who woulda thought? One of those freak accidents that happen. The long time members here chuckle at my gold fish bowl story. Kinda the same thing..it fell from a top shelf and knocked me unconscious. (Still made for great story telling after the fact :wink: )

Did your daughter need stitches? Hope she's feeling okay! Now a snow globe is more special than a gold fish bowl!

poor little darla was taken completely by surprise--i'm sure. all of a sudden, thunk! dripping wet. and then the blood mix had her pretty upset. but you know--heads bleed like crazy. no need for stitches, though.
I hope she's OK, lots of blood and tears do doubt. As for Peeps.....he'll be the most sparkling participant, no doubt.
Oh no! I'm glad she's okay. But yeah, seeing blood pouring down would be scary!
thats kinda the hard way to ask mom for body glitter....... 8O

glad she is okay!
Glad that Darla was not badly hurt. Would love to see Peeps with the glitter. (Glitter would be more fun that dying their hair.)
Gosh - she's lucky there was no concussion! Poor kid. 8O

Sparkles are much easier to come by in a spray bottle. :wink:

Scary! But, it'll make for a funny story later. :lol:

I know it's not really funny but I have this vision in my head of it all happening and you have to admit that had it been a sitcom we would have all laughed. What did your oes do when it all happened? I know Mona would have took off - she's a big baby!! I hope everyone is fine and thanks for a good story.
MonaLisa wrote:
:lol: I know it's not really funny but I have this vision in my head of it all happening and you have to admit that had it been a sitcom we would have all laughed.

that is one of the third things that crossed my mind (the first was is darla's head split open?!) but i had never seen anything like it other than in the marx brothers or looney tunes. and growing up on these types of slap stick, i can't help but chuckle.
as far as peeps goes, if a child is crying--nothing else concerns her until they stop. i had a hard time checking darla's head with nurse peeps' lousy assistance!
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