3 legged sheep dog got a home!


I mentioned this dog last week to some members here and wanted to give an update. I didn't want to take away space in dogs in trouble or rescuing a sheepdog for those in immediate trouble.

First thing I did when I got a new/used computer was log into the spca website and saw a sheepie! They are still extremely rare in my area and I can actually name all those that have come into the spca in the last 20 years. There has only been 6 that I know of, and I ended up with 2 of them.

Next day I went to view Pawsy. I spoke to spca manager who is new to the job but not to the shelter as she spent 20 years behind the front desk. I tell her why I'm there and say I'm willing to foster Pawsy or try to get her adopted out. She knows about this forum from previous conversations with her.

I go into the dog holding area and I can't even describe the feeling I had when viewing this girl. She was the spitting image of my beloved Shaggy, right down to her tail and size. Pawsy immediately stands and although the website had featured a :hearts: which means special needs, it hadn't mentioned she only had 3 legs. Her leg is deformed as it seems to have stopped growing where he knee would be and I do see a claw or two. This tells me it couldn't have been amputation but probably a birth defect.

I could not leave and spent time on the floor outside her kennel and we definately made a conncection. Leaving her was so difficult. I go back to the front and say forget about fostering...I want her!

They dig up her file and turns out owner knew she had been there 12 days and refused to get her. There are two others in line wanting to adopt her. I know if I begged and pleaded the manager would have probably allowed me to have her, since I do so much fostering for the shelter and she knows about Panda's story.

Instead, I think this dog is lucky she has someone wanting her, while there are others who may slip through the cracks. It's one of the hardest things to watch them make the call and tell the woman on the other end she was chosen and to come down and adopt her. I realize timing is bad as I have my hands full with my 3 but would have taken her if there was no other choice.

I drive away..happy for Pawsy, but feel sad as in some ways it felt like I was saying good bye to Shaggy. It wasn't her and I knew that logically but emotionally she was so much like her in personality and physical appearance.

Anyhow Pawsy's story ended happily and in the words of Martha Stewart..that's a good thing! :D
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Hooray for pawsy!! She sounds like a special girl and I am sure only a special person would adopt her. . .
I'm glad she has a home waiting. :)
Though it must have been very emotional for you. :(
I'm glad she found a new home. She is one of the lucky ones!
I hope she lives by you Marianne, and you can see her! :D
That's great, Marianne. You're so right-she's lucky, she had people standing in line to adopt her. I hope her new home is as special as she is.
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