*eyes roll into the back of her head* GLEEE!

I can't believe this! YAAAAAAAY! :D I'm getting Momo a whole 8 days before I was going to!

Brad told me the other day that he was going to ask the breeder to wait another week because the airport would charge around 60 dollars less if it was more in advance.

She said that if she grew too much in that week she might be put over the limit and it would cost $100 dollars than we would now! Thank goodness that changed his mind! :lol:

Now I am getting her a whole 8 days early... (If there was a boogie emoticon... it would be right here!)

So excited... *sigh* :D
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Another bit of good news - I needed a new carrier for my cats - and it looks like I'm getting one now. :lol: It's like getting one for free (kinda)! :P

Oh yes! Here she is! Momoko!

Ron - I'm not sure how the photo system works (probably should check for stickies - better go there after this) - but if you want you can upload it onto the site.
Congrads on getting your puppy early! She is absolutely adorable! :D
So if it's 8 days earlier, when's the big day? :)
Oh yeah! I forgot to say! April 1st! April fools day!

The breeder says she already knows her name and loves to be held and loved on... my perfect pet...
That's great! I get my puppy next wednesday, but not sure of a name quite yet. There are a few I like but I'll wait til he gets here and name him one that suits his personality the best. :)
You are going to have so much fun with her, she's gorgeous :D Wonder if she'll chase the cats :lol:
bestdogsx4 wrote:
You are going to have so much fun with her, she's gorgeous :D Wonder if she'll chase the cats :lol:

I hope not - but probably. :lol: I'll have to try and fix that pretty quick though - she is going to get big - but they have claws. :lol:
She is adorable, how old will she be when you bring her home then?
what a sweetie! She's just adorable! I bet you can't wait till 4/1!

Karen :)
I remember that wait! like it was...well...last friday lol
get plenty of sleep now, trust me :wink:
and congrats on your new sheepie!
It's soooo exciting!! She's a pretty girl, too! :D
How exciting. She's a pretty girl :)
OH my gosh :o

She's gorgeous! Congrats!!! Enjoy her and love her to pieces!

Deborah, Pirate and Keira
Two weeks from today... 8O Can't wait! :lol: But it's probably good she's not here yet - still puppy-proofing my room. :P
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