Your Dog Eats Dirt?

What does it mean when your dog eats dirt?

London loves to eat dirt. Why?
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Because she is a puppy and will eat anything if given the chance :lol: :lol:
Because she likes to get dirty! The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out...
If she's anything like Yuki, she probably is mistaking it for little turds. :lol:
It means your dog is trying to piss off their humans in their life... when Chip tries to eat dirt (I always try to stop him), his beard gets so dirty, then he wants to give these big, sloppy, muddy kisses, and then dunks his beard in the water bowl and makes the water icky. He thinks it is fun, I however, think it is icky. If I want a mud treatment, rather get at the Spa!!! :)
Cuz they have moments of stupidity? Keira chewed on a can of tomato paste the other day. A can. A metal can. Contedina. Closed. Never opened. Never had a good food scent. Just a closed can of Contedina tomato paste.

Stupid :roll:
Least someone say because they are trying to get a special mineral from the soil.........I think this is unlikely. Our dogs eat better than we do, nutritionally.

Dogs are oral oriented. Perhaps he is just examining the world through his nose, eyes, AND mouth. There are some pretty nasty things living in the microscopic soil, to say nothing of chemicals from lawn/garden/etc. If possible try to get the goof weaned off.......rotsa ruck. :wink:

That is exactly what London does. she will go outside do her business and if you don't catch her in dirt and then come and jump up on you and want to lick your face when her face is covered in dirt (And this is the good dirt - top soil that I finished putting in all of the flower beds.)
I think ours eats dirt when she wishes it were water. She only does it when they are out playing and getting really tired. Then she'll stop and have a few bites of dirt and continue on. Of course I always bring water and give her enough, but she seems to like the dirt in conjunction with excercise. Stupid dog
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