Your favorite grooming tools

Ok- so what are your favorite grooming tools to use? Types, brands, why do you love them, how do you use them, etc? I thought it would be fun to compare notes. (and mooch off you guys for puppy purchase ideas!!!)

Karen :)
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I don't have any clippers - yet! But, I do like the Hindes pin brush(the one without the tips on the pins!). I use a wide tooth comb and sometimes a slicker. Most of the work goes to the pin brush, though. I also use a flea comb around their mouths to get food particles out and around their eyes for 'boogies'. I've got a rake that I use occassionally to thin out the undercoat. A good pair of scissors for trimming the bum and between the pads on their feet. Ear powder to help with plucking (which I do with my fingers). A spray on conditioner/de-tangler helps, too. I use Ice on Ice from Chris Christenson or a human product by Wella. Of course, nail trimmers, too. But, I'm not good at that so I usually let the groomer do it when they go. :D
The two "big" purchases I made that I think made the biggest difference are the grooming table and the hair dryer. Major helps!!
Soon I'll be needing hairbows! :D
I use a wide rake, a pin brush, a comb and my most favorite tool...good scissors 8O
Favourite grooming tools, ME LOL

A good pin brush (Heinz from England or #1 All Sytems), a wide tooth comb and a good pair of scissors. :wink:
My favorite grooming tool is my #1 AllSystems pin brush :) It's been a godsend!
Well, it's a toss up between that and my grooming table actually. I never realized how much difference a proper table would mean.
Yep definately have to agree with stacey, a good grooming table at the correct height makes a huge difference, especially for the old back and creaking bonesLOL.
Definately a toss up, but I think the table wins and so does my back. :wink:
I use the #1 All Systems pin brush (black handle). The girls do not mind it at all, plus different sizes (teeth) of metal combs, grooming table and of course everything else which may help keep them from getting matted!
Had some things still left over from when we showed. I knew there was a reason for keeping those things all these years! ha
The girls really needed a good grooming after being spayed...messy and smelly from their surgery. All cleaned up now.
we use hindes pin brush without the bits on the ends a mason and pearson nylon and bristle brush and a wide tooth comb. a grooming table and a double hair dryer. and a good pair of scissors.
My favorite grooming tool is my local groomer! ha ha ha

I'm not kidding! But, my favorite home tool is my pin brush.
barney1 wrote:
My favorite grooming tool is my local groomer! ha ha ha

I'm not kidding! But, my favorite home tool is my pin brush.

lol...I'm with you on this one! What I used at home is a wide comb that has a rubber handle so it's easy to hold. I've never gotten used to those pin brushes. Seems so hard to get through the fur.
Can anyone tell me where to find the all systems tools? I can find Safari brand, which is what my mom used, but that's as high quality as you get at my local pet shops... Do "we"( have an online grooming store that Ron gets credit at if we buy from them??? and how much does a grooming table cost? What kind of nail clippers does everybody use- the guillotine kind, or the scissor kind? I'm really trying not to go into puppy purchase overload here...

Karen :)
Kar, I use the scissor kind of nail clippers, but honestly, the best is my dremel..made for electric nail file....she likes it better than the clippers any day!
I vote for the Oster Golden A5 with the #4 Skip-tooth blade as my favorite.

It gets through the mats like a hot knife through soft butter. :D
Ron- Do you think you could use that type of clipper for maintaining a little longer coat? I want to keep mine at about 2", that's gonna probably take a once every 2 months shearing. I'm hoping to find a guard I can just automatically set at for that length...

Do "we" have a grooming store by the way?

Karen :)
Stacy, I'm 100% with you about the pin brush.

I swear by my Resco #80 comb and then use the pin brush to fluff him up if he'll let me. ... kie_test=1

I agree w/everyone on the pin brush but, letely, have found that I can't live w/o my thinning shears. they're great for shaping and you don't wind up w/ blunt cuts.
I definitely love my Chris Christiansen #40 Rectangular brush, no tips. It's smaller and fits in my hand better. I was working strictly with the #1 All Systems round head but find the shape and pins better on the Christiansen.
I DO NOT like the #1 All Systems rectangular brush. It's too weak and the pins are too long. Yuck
I also get a lot of use out of my Resco #80 comb. Definitely pick up one of those.
There's also a comb that has 2 different size teeth, one on each end and an ergonomic handle that is great. I actually picked that up at PetSmart!
The easiest thing to use to thin the coat is a rake with two layers of teeth. Just line brush and then go to town with the rake.
Definitely pick up a good pair of scissors! Both thinning and straight. If you buy cheap scissors it's going to cost you more, in both money and pain, in the long run. That being said, for the cheap/disposable pair, go to a drugstore and Conair is selling some great scissors for around 8 bucks. That's what I carry with me in case I lose them, it's no big deal. Only the straight blades though, their thinning sheers are like safety scissors. You can get a decent pair of thinning shears from any beauty supply store and spend about 20 bucks. They'll at least get you started.

If you're going to keep your pup in 2 inches of coat, you might as well just scissor. I hate guards on shavers! The easiest way to scissor is while you are line brushing. Brush out a line then just trim in the natural shape of the body and coat, do the next line and repeat. Once that's done, stand him up and see where you need to shape. (It really is easy!)
I don't know about that Maxxm... wanna come to MN and give me a tutoring session? I'll let you play with the puppy!!!! :D Can I get the scissors from a beauty shop? how do I tell between the good and bad kind? I always just go to Target to buy my scissors :lol: Somehow I'm thinking my orange handle fiskars are not gonna cut it!
I have to say I love the dremel for nails (Only $17 in Walmart for the portable) and both of my puppies came accustomed to the sound and feel - no chance of cutting a wiggling puppy too deeply. I got a grooming table for Christmas and it is amazing - still looking for the right brushes.....
Mandy -which is the #40 Chris Christansen? What mm? I only see 16mm, 27mm and 35mm on the website. :?
Sorry, it's the 27. Apparently the drugs kicked in just as I was typing.

And there is no way you are getting me to Minnesota! I hate cold. It's bad enough being here. We could just meet up in Hawaii and I'll show you how to do it! It really, really, really is not that hard! Have confidence grasshopper!
Iriskmj wrote:
Ron- Do you think you could use that type of clipper for maintaining a little longer coat? I want to keep mine at about 2", that's gonna probably take a once every 2 months shearing. I'm hoping to find a guard I can just automatically set at for that length...

Do "we" have a grooming store by the way?

Karen :)
I am not a grooming/clipping expert.. The longest comb attachment I have seen is about 1/2 or 1 inch, give or take. I would think that an experienced groomer would be able to comb up a couple of inches and then use the clippers (or a pair of scissors) to lop off the rest.

Do we have a grooming "store"? No, but I could probably put to gether a page of links to or, preferably

(Not one person has ever purchased anything at through, but about 15 - 25 people purchase something through )
I use the fine/medium combination metal comb and hinds pin brush; grooming table is definitely a must. I leave the bathing and nails and trimming to the groomer.

If you're adding to the Amazon link can you put these on it? Things I'll be buying anyway so can get something from it. Thanks :)

Food pets die for by Ann N. Martin

The Natural Vet's Guide to preventing and treating cancer in pets
Natural Health Bible for dogs and cats, both by Dr. Shawn Messonnier
and maybe
People training for dogs by Cesar Millan(dvd)

Food Pets Die for: Shocking Facts About Pet Food (Paperback), by Ann N. Martin Out of print, but maybe available used

Natural Health Bible for Dogs & Cats : Your A-Z Guide to Over 200 Conditions, Herbs, Vitamins, and Supplements (Paperback), by Shawn Messonnier

The Natural Vet's Guide to Preventing and Treating Cancer in Dogs (Paperback), by Shawn Messonnier

People Training for Dogs, DVD

Cesar's Way : The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding and Correcting Common Dog Problems (Hardcover), by Cesar Millan, Melissa Jo Peltier
In addition to the pin brush, I love my Les Pooch Brush-

it glides through the coat beautifully. For a sheepdog
who is a pet, its a great brush. I started with the
red (single) medium brush, but I will add the blue (double)
brush soon.

Here's the link:
how does that work zahra? it looks complicated!
That's what I thoguht, too, Jill. Does it have short bristles like a slicker, Zahra?
Not complicated at all! I advised the company its difficult to
see the product on the website. It has long thin wire type
brush with the edges of each straight wire bent down a few mm from the top.
That is one side of the brush. It glides right through the
coat including beginning mats beautifully.

The other side has slightly thicker wires that are straight for finishing
and fluffing.

I'm with you Jill, it looked confusing in the picture. Our groomer
uses them exclusively so I had a quick demo on Bogart-
and bought it on the spot 8) You would love it!

Tammy, for you and Jill- if you keep the dogs in a full coat,
you would want to go with the blue brush. To answer your
question Tammy, my sense is its the sportscar of slickers!

The brushes come in a single or wide brush. I started with the
single one to give it a try!!
does it strip a lot of the coat out at the same time? for me that would be great since i pull a lot of undercoat out to keep maintenance down. right now i use a MArs rake, which is awesome but i'd rather have one tool for eveything.

lame as it is, i love new dog brushes. i think i'll give it a try!
Ooh, I want to try one, too! But for $70, I think I'll wait till Jill has hers and then check it out the next time Bentley goes over to play with Clyde.

lol. good one!
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