Yucky ears!

Hey all, need some advice.

Pooh's right ear is always full of wax and fairly nasty. I clean his ears with tea tree oil and cotton swaps every other day and notice that he tries to scratch his ear if I miss a cleaning. The other ear does not have this problem, yet every time I clean, there is nastly guky stuff. Some dried blood, but mostly wax. His ear is usually warm/hot and smelly...originally, when we noticed this the first time, the vet said it was a yeast infection so it was treated...could this just be reacurring?
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Yup, Remy gets this too. In just one ear as well, I haven't had a problem in a long time. The vet flushed the ear right out, and we went on antibiotics. Now to keep up, I pluck her ears more often, and use ear wash/dry. She still scratches once in a while, but no more smells.

You may want to add Yogurt to Pooh's diet. Yogurt is a natural remedy to help control yeast in human bodies and works for dogs too.

Good Luck!

It's the curse of having floppy eared and hairy eared dogs. The moisture held in by the flap and hair plus the wax and the dirt from just being a doggie combine in that wonderful brewing chamber, the ear canal. You can have several organisms living down there...yuck. Clean dry ears are happy ears.

Hopefully with better sanitation, the problem will be corrected; however, they may be secondary to other sideas such as allergies, low thyroid and various skin diseases........but let's not jump to conclusions right away.

Now, repeated antibiotics tend to kill off the minor league players leaving the major leaguers behind. It would be better if the vet were to take a sample and have it diagnosed in the lab.......problem, that's $$$$$$.

Hopefully the vet has shown you had to properly clean the ear. It takes time!!! I read one account where the ear was flushed 20-30 times after the initial treatment with pHisohex and warm water. I can't imagine hanging onto a dog for 30 rinses. Plus this had to be done 2-3 times a day. Yipes! Afterward, the ear was cleaned with cotton balls (yes, that's been discussed recently) and towels and then the dog was allowed to shake it's head. Then the medicine is applied.

Here's hoping your cutie is cured quickly and it never returns!
Benny took a trip to the vet yesterday for a "yucky" ear. As it turns out, he has a bacterial infection in his right ear. He was put on antibiotics for 2 weeks, he has to have his ears cleaned and ear drops twice a day.

The vet also recommended having the hair below his ear canal shaved. It would be covered by the floppy part of ear (so no one would know, unless they lift his ear up). He said that this will allow more air to circulate, thus causing less moisture getting trapped.

Just thought I'd share this little tip!
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