40 Years Ago................

Yesterday was our 40th wedding anniversary! 8O Jeez! Hardly seems possible.

We didn't do anything exceptional. Just went out to dinner at Red Lobster (my husband's favorite place to eat....one of mine too.) That was a challenge enough since I still have to eat left handed due to recuperating from rotator cuff surgery. We did take a short 3 day vacation to the Lake Erie Islands a couple of weeks ago. Today is supposed to be 92 degrees & we are sitting here looking at our pool turn green as we wait on a new pump to be delivered & installed! What luck since we've not really had much summer until today! :roll:
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Happy anniversary! I wish you 40 more years of wedded bliss.

My sister's 40th is this September. How could 40 years have passed??????
:hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts::roses: :hearts:
Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!
:hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts::roses: :hearts:
40 for us end of September. A good year for marriage.

Congratulations!!!!!! :clappurple:
SheepieMommy wrote:
:hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts::roses: :hearts:
Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!
:hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts::roses: :hearts:

Hope it was a great day :P
:hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: Wow forty years! You are my hero :D Happy anniversary!!!:hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses:
Huge congratulations! Holy moley.
CONGRATULATIONS MARILYN :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:
Happy Anniversary!! Wow--40 years!
Congrats! And of course, happy anniversary!
:hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses:

WOW, forty years!!! congrats....and you must have been a child bride!!!

:hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses: :hearts: :roses:
40, wow!! That is awesome to hear!!!! Very happy for the both of you. :)
Congrats! That's a huge one!
:clappurple: :go: :yay: :hearts: :roses:Belated congrats on your 40th wedding anniversary! :clappurple: :go: :yay: :hearts: :roses:

Quite an accomplishment in this day and age!
WOW congratulations on 40 years just wonderfull and such a milestone.

(Pssst your were a child bride :wink: )

:clappurple: :roses: :roses: :roses: :clappurple:
WOW, forty years!!! congrats....and you must have been a child bride!!!

Naw............not really. I just don't look my age when I get around to putting my make-up on correctly! :lol: Now when you see me move...........that's another story! :lol: But thanks for the congrats.
Seems like 1969 was a special year....you, Paula's sister, Sheepieboss, and me (Aug. 30 ).

Congrats to all of us :cheer:
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