18 year Ole Blue Had Surgery Yesterday

It was unexpected but something that he needed. Poor old Blue at 18 had surgery to remove an abscess tooth that had swelled up overnight. He was moaning and groaning - any of us that have had dental pain can relate.

I took him to the vets the previous day when I noticed a slight swell on his face as in all his 18 years the only time he's ever been sick is many years ago - ironically a tooth on the opposite side. Yup that nasty tooth and of course due to his advanced age he needed the extra fluids and monitoring while under and might as well get his teeth cleaned while at it. Dental caries can carry bacteria to the brain and heart so I was willing to have it done which may give me a bit more time with Blue as a result.

Luckily I had all his senior blood panel work done in April and so that didn't need to be done again. It showed all his organs are still very healthy and he he could withstand surgery.

Merlin cried and cried all day, :( moped around the house searching for his favorite rough housing buddy. I suspected he thought Blue had passed as nothing could shake Merlin from his depression. He's been a terror with Panda when we returned home...not allowing him to come near his buddy who was unable to stand and also was crying. While I felt sorry for Panda I was touched that Merlin thought to be Protector of his old pal and had stood guard over him ever since.

Blue is now still recouperating and wow his teeth look good!

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Im glad that Blue did great!! I bet his choppers look fantastic....Merlin and Panda....boys, boys, boys...just like brothers!
I hope everyone feels better soon! Although it is sad how traumatized Merlin is, it is also very sweet. :hearts:

Hugs to all.
Glad he's doing well after his surgery.
Big hugs and kisses and belly rubs to Blue.

Merlin must have been very relieved when Blue came home.
I'm glad to hear old Blue is doing well after his dental. That is great that he is so old and doing so well. He got some great genes, and a great mom to keep him healthy! :D
Aww Merlin- what a sweetie

Give Blue a big hug for me!
So glad Blue did great with getting his dental problems taken care of. Aweeeee Merlin is such a sweetie taking care of his big bro like that. But poor Panda LOL
Awww, that's so sweet. Good to know Blue is still so healthy at 18. Is he an OES, too?
Amazing what a wonderful elderly gentleman he is, 18 and still going strong. Luv ya Blue. :kiss:
Wow, Blue, what an amazing friend!
AWWWwwww, poor Blue. Tasker and Ty send puppy hugs!!!!
Thanks everyone for the comments regarding Blue. It's taking him a bit longer than usual to recover from the surgery as he's been whining and crying a lot. His hips are really bothering him since and I'm wondering if it was due to laying on a hard steel table for the surgery as he's used to his comfy couch and mats. Poor ole guy!

Merlin is happy his buddy is back!!! I couldn't believe it, as we all know what velcro boys these guys are. Nope he laid in the middle of the yard..head down, morose looking and wouldn't budge when Blue was away for the day. Poor Merlin!

Panda was thrilled his nemesis was away for the day, meant no "trash talking" bark bark as to who was going to get the comfy couch and mats . There's lots of them but they always "argue" over the same one. Poor Panda!

To answer the question regarding Blue. He's a Blueheeler/Lab and previous to living with Merlin and Panda , he lived with Shaggy. Makes Blue an honorary sheepie as he's lived with them all his life. :D
Glad to hear Blue is recovering, although I suspect it will take a bit longer with his advanced age. He seems in remarkable health overall, which will be so helpful in his recouperation.

Poor Merlin. It's so sweet how he missed his buddy and is taking care of him.
Way to go Blue! So glad things went well. :)
Glad things went well! :ghug: & :hearts:
I am so glad everything went ok :lol:
I hope dear Blue feels better soon. . . It is adorable how connected Merlin is to his buddy.
Marianne. We are so pleased to hear that Blue is back home with his friends and recovering from his ordeal. We all wish him well for the future.
London Uk.
I'm glad everything is ok.
Again thanks everyone with your kind words regarding Ole Blue. It took him a while to "bounce" back to his previous self. Now he's back to his twice daily rough housing with his favorite buddy Merlin.

Your thoughts and comments were appreciated.

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