12 year old sheep dog in Maine

Hi, I don't post very often, but there is a 12 year old sheep dog at the Animal Wlefare Society in Kennebunk, Maine. :cry:


His name is Chester and it says he is not good with cats or small children, but otherwise sounds like a normal velcro sheepdog. I hate to see an older guy like this in a shelter and I would love to bring him home but I have 2 cats and a 2 year old. I am hoping someone here could help get him out. I would be happy to help in any way I can as well.

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Here's the link for Chester. Poor guy. How can folks give this guy up at this point in his life? I'll never understand it. He is a cutie!

http://www.animalwelfaresociety.org/ado ... er508.html

Gosh he's a nice looking boy!
I hope he'll find a good home with someone is home most of the day.
oh that photo just killed me!!! :cry:
Has anyone notified NEOESR?

EDIT: I'll drop a note to NEOESR.

EDIT2: Done. I'll let you know about the reply.
Thank you. I am new to this, I have never seen an OES in a shelter here in Maine. It was a shock to say the least.
I hope someone can get this boy out and either give him a loving home or help find him one. Keep us posted please :)
OMG, he is so cute!!
Grannie Annie wrote:
Hi Ron,

Thanks very much for getting in touch.

Yes, we are working on finding Chester a home. The problem is his age and the fact that the person I was hoping would take him just decided, "NO"...Today. Back to the drawing board.

This Chester is an ancient and he doesn't like cats and he has separation anxiety. I had a volunteer from ME visit him. She likes him but, my luck, she only does Beardie rescue.

I don't want to being Chester into MA because he would not do well in the required Quarantine to MA from ME.

Any ideas are welcome...Let's work on this together... Please post any of this message to the Org, if you can.

To answer your question in advance, Yes. Believe it or not Massachusetts has a quarrantine for dogs from out of state.
say what???? quarantine in MA??? I lived in Hillsdale NY and we were always in MA. dogs in tow, how is this quarantine enforced?
It's about dog ownership transfer.

The supposed reason is health, but clearly since any dog can come in with it's family, the real reason must have been something else.

The law affects shelters and rescues from bringing dogs into MA and transferring ownership... or something like that.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it really about our friend "Buddy Dog Humane Society" who has imported 1500 dogs from Puerto Rico to <strike>sell</strike> -er- save because there aren't enough dogs in trouble around here.

Here's the details of the law:
http://www.mass.gov/legis/bills/senate/ ... t01197.htm
AWWW...CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! LOVE that picture!!! He needs lots of hugs and kisses!!
I'm sitting here looking at Chester with 11 y/o Luke sleeping at my feet, tears in my eyes, wondering if Chester can survive the trauma of being in a shelter. I know Luke couldn't. he would literally die. I hope someone saves this old guy.
Is nobody interested in sweet old Chester? :( :(
:cry: :cry: :cry:
he seems so sweet! I wish I could help; but I have puppies and cats!!!
I am willing to help in any way I can. I am not too terribly far from the shelter. I just cannot keep him. I have two OES and 2 cats as well as a toddler that they say he does not do well with. I would not want to stress him out any more than he probably is. :(
I wish I could help but we have a cat as well.... and Donny the Cat was here before Baloo was..

I hope someone helps! :cry:

Are they SURE he doesn't do well with cats?? (I am sure they're sure... but I wanted to be SURE!)
Any word from annie lately regarding Chester?
Yes, Chester still needs Help! That's why he's in the corner.

He looks like such a sweetie, I can't imagine why he's in there at 12 years of age... :(
Okay.... I have been thinking non stop about Chester and his being in that shelter.

I have no clue what to do, but I wanted to get that off my chest because I am feeling sooo bad for this guy. He sounds like such a sweetie. Is there anyone who doean't have cats to help him out?????

Makes me want to cry... :cry:
If only he were closer. This makes me soooo sad. :cry:
I wish there was a logical way to help. Poor guy, he looks so adorable.
i have cats. what's it mean he's not good with cats -- chases?
That's so sad....
Is there just no foster home for him is that why he is in the shelter still? Is he in danger of being euthanized?
(duck and cover head)........Do we really have to "officially" tell anyone in MA that Chester will be transported from Maine?

Couldn't he have an adoption address in Maine and then sorta travel to MA to visit?

I wish I still lived in New England. I'd spring that boy.
I lived next door practically to MA for over 20 years, I never knew abut the quarantine. how does that work with the picnic? or is it a selective quarantine?
Poor guy, he is a cutie.

I hope someone can find a home for him.
TerriS wrote:
His name is Chester and it says he is not good with cats or small children, but otherwise sounds like a normal velcro sheepdog.Terri

When I picked up Jo-Jo her description said "not good with cats". The only reason that was on there was the shelter didn't know whether she was or wasn't.
Any news, Ron?

:cry: :cry: :(
okay...so who's gonna get him? he looks like a sweety.
I have a friend in NH that has been dog-less for about 3 years now. I'm going to send him the link; maybe he and his wife are ready for a new furry companion....
I can help foster. I'm in Rochester, NY and probably will need help with transport. My only concern is that I have a wedding and honeymoon at then end of July.

PM me if anyone could use my help.
i just spoke w/ bobbi at the shelter. she said chester is not in danger LOVES other dogs cats are a problem, he shows prey instinct towards them.
bobbi would LOVE for chester to be cross posted. pls everyone do so.

Annie is also in touch about chester.

bobbi said chester would do fine i MA quarantine if he had a foster waiting.

bobbi is very nice & easy to talk to. So everyone thinking caps on!

hope this helps.

i am sending bobbi oes-link so she can add anything else or answer questions.

kerry wrote:
I lived next door practically to MA for over 20 years, I never knew abut the quarantine. how does that work with the picnic? or is it a selective quarantine?

It's pretty new, I think, and it shouldn't affect picnic travelers, just rescues and shelters who import dogs. Are you going to the picnic?

I hadn't heard of it either until G/A mentioned it to me earlier this year. I don't know all the details but it appears to be directed at the rescue/shelter dogs that were being brought into the state by the thousands, from abroad as well as the deep south, many with very little to no vetting, so people were concerned about the spread of diseases.

We have the same problem in Wisconsin, but don't typically import dogs for our shelters from abroad, rather stay within the US. Knock on wood, I don't believe we've imported any rabid dogs yet. Maybe MA was one of the states that brought in an infected dog. NY is another high risk state, as is California. But none of these states have similar laws that I know of.

Why this would apply, if it does, to a dog who presumably has decent vet records is beyond me, but I'm not sure how the law was written. I seem to recall that NEOESR was able to bring a litter of puppies in from Michigan not too long ago, but maybe that was because they were too young to be vaccinated for rabies.

I especially hate seeing the old guys in a shelter. If Annie's hands are tied, has anyone spoken to Madeline?

london wrote:
I can help foster. I'm in Rochester, NY and probably will need help with transport. My only concern is that I have a wedding and honeymoon at then end of July.

PM me if anyone could use my help.
Fostering in NY for 90 days would removed the quarrantine restriction.... maybe if someone could <strike>foster</strike> babysit your foster while you're away! :D

Hmmm, on second thought, maybe it would be very hectic for a 12 year old...

The quarrantine is only 48 hours, probably not much of a problem for Chester since he's already in a shelter!!! It's just that it would be an expense and an inconvenience for all concerned.

(PS I moved the get together chatter to its own thread: http://forum.oes.org/viewtopic.php?t=20326
Just for this if we could try to keep on topic, Chester will appreciate it! :D)
Ron - did i read the legislation right? It looks like the quarantine to bring the dog into MA is only 48 hours at an approved facility. Surely not that big a deal even for a 12 year old, as opposed to 90 days in foster care just to be able to bring the dog in to MA?

What am I missing?

Mad Dog wrote:
What am I missing?
Not much. There's the expense.
Oh, my emotional part wants him so much! :cry: But unfortunately, I know we can't afford another dog right now...

I hope he finds his family soon! :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
Unfortunately, we are up to FIVE...four of them rescue. I wish it were possible to take in this guy. I have to stop visiting these sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am pretty far away, but could help with fuel costs for transfer or quarantine.
i know this will appear to be a dumb question but im curious .... what is the average time length of a senior dog being adopted (while fostering)?

I know puppies go fast- but curious, has anyone ever had a foster dog for more than several months?
london wrote:
i know this will appear to be a dumb question but im curious .... what is the average time length of a senior dog being adopted (while fostering)?

I know puppies go fast- but curious, has anyone ever had a foster dog for more than several months?

I've had two young(er) ones stay with me for 3-4 months, but that was due to behavioral issues. I think Vicki Beppler (WI OES breeder) held the record for us here in Wisconsin - she worked with a two year old male with a rather unfortunate past for more than six months until she was sure he could be adopted out. Another local breeder fostered one boy she felt was really iffy in the temperament department for almost that long before she decided we couldn't in good conscience adopt him out. So young isn't always an indicator of how long they stay. We've often had homes wanting them, but it has to be the right match, so that makes it trickier.

After fostering some of these peel-em off the ceiling youngsters, I sometimes wonder why more people don't appreciate the advantages of maturity... :roll: The last dog I added to my own pack is 7. She's family and I've known her since birth. After surviving multiple puppyhoods she is such a relief... :kiss:

I suspect a very senior dog who ended up with me to be fostered would go no further...I'm really good about not failing fostering, but I have a huge weak spot for the old guys. But no, we don't need to import one from Maine...I have enough dogs. Belle tells me that daily :wink: So we need to come up with something else. :lmt:

I've been thinking about Chester ever since I saw this post on Tuesday. I would have taken him in a heartbeat if he was kitty friendly (we have 2 kitties that were here before Maddie). It just makes me incredibly sad. Sorry we can't take him ;(
I have been thinking about chester....I am coming to the NEOESR picnic....Is anyone out there a lawyer in case I need one :D I really have to think on this It will be so hot in the shelter.....It really would have to be a foster for a rescue. I have to think some more :? I am going out of town so I won't be back till fri and then we leave again. sigh
Grannie Annie has just specifically asked that Chester not come to the picnic due to concerns about NEOESR involvement and the MA quarrantine laws.

However I would be happy to assist you with a transfer outside of Massachusetts, perhaps in Connecticut. This is assuming someone can get the society to release the dog... and I'd love for another "official" rescue organization to bring their expertise into the transaction(s).

FYI, the picnic park is located just about 10 miles from Connecticut.
me toooo:( i can still help if someone is wlling to watch him for 2 weeks in july. Im taking London and Tony with me to California since they're part of the wedding (we'll see how this will go!) but anyway -we have room for a foster if still needed.

he looks like a sweetie. aaw.
So you'd be able to foster for a while, but would need

1) Help in transportation (can you define help?)
2) Someone else to foster for 2 weeks in July (approximate dates?)

I am soooo bad at this....
So, who's rescuing him?

Pull together guys! I'll help cover gas/vet.
I may be mistaken, but isn't Maine part of NE Rescue. There must be fosters out there that are not in the State of Mass. and quarentine should not even be an issue if that is the case. If he is fostered and adopted out of New Englands Rescue and goes to a foster and forever family not in Mass., it should not be that complicated.
Please correct me if I am mistaken but this seems rather easy to resolve.
July 21st to Aug 4th.

as for driving - well, i'm willing to meet somewhere on the border of Conn/Mass- halfway is ideal.

should I email Grannie about this? I know she's a busy lady but is she in charge of this?
I will contact Annie.....
I have a dog going to NJ next week...they are coming to pick him up,
maybe they could bring the boy here!
Can we work on a transport from Maine to NJ??
Just wondering?
Sorry Laural
I missed the post of you were willing to
take the boy!
Poor guy, I hope he gets rescued soon. I hate seeing that picture on the corner of the screen.

Ron, can you put "rescued" on the corner when he is safe? Or maybe "thanks", or something of that sort?
There are two new pictures of Chester-
http://photocache.petfinder.com/fotos/M ... 02-1-x.jpg
http://photocache.petfinder.com/fotos/M ... 02-2-x.jpg
What a doll! He has a tail??
OMG, is that boy a cutie.
If he was closer, I might be willing to risk the cat issue. :?

I have the extremes - almost 15, two 9 yr olds and and 8 yr old. Then the 3 two year olds! :roll:

And the 2 yr old cat.
Hi all,

sorry forgetting to log in..
anyway I spoke with Grannie and it looks like I wouldnt be a good foster mum for this boy. He has severe seperation anxiety and im leaving in July for two weeks. Shooot.. but whoever needs help with transport from NY to whereever, i'd be glad to help!
oh he's beyond cute! this is killing me!
Hi All.

I see Annie has posted this Fella as a courtesy listing.

Grannie Is Still Rockin' the Sheepie World! :rimshot:
I emailed Annie about this boy..
Seems they want to place him from there.
Annie said it was a nice shelter so....
I guess he is safe!
Is there any word on this baby? I live in California and I am currently owned and herded by 3 sheepies... I just hope this lovely lad finds a home and soon.... :?
Still no home for this guy?
I am wondering if there is any word on this guy as of late???? :?: :?:
I have not received any news on any front lately. :(
That just breaks my heart. I have 5 cats, so we're out of the running. :(

WHY is a 12 year old in a shelter? What happened?
Is there any word YET???? 8O
I keep thinking about Chester as well. Is there anything we can do (keep in mind the distance factor).
This is sad :cry:
I keep my fingers crossed for Chester, and hope somebody can help him :hearts:

Norway is a bit far, otherwise ....... :ghug:
I haven't been on in awhile, but we saw Chester's story and low and behold my hubby said we could try to get him. 8O

I called the ME shelter today and they said that Chester was adopted out last week. They had an adoption day in Portland and the woman there said she thought that a gentleman from Planet Dog adopted him. So that is great news. She said the guy was wonderful.

Maybe this was posted elsewhere, but if not, thought you'd all like to know.

Yeah Chester!!! :yay: Nobody could turn down such a cute face!

OH WONDERFUL!!!! :cheer:

I hope it all works out for such a sweet sounding boy!
Thank you for letting me know. :oops:
Well that is great news! I hope this placement turns out to be a good one for him and he doesn't get returned.
That is great! Thanks so much for letting us know.
:yay: YAY!!!
Thanks for letting us know!
The best news !!!!!
That's just cool!!! 8)
Great News :D :D
Great news.
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