Young OES with Old OES

We've had an OES named Daisy for a few years now. We got her when she was 2. She is now 6 and she is the best dog ever. Yesterday, I got a 15 month old OES, also named Daisy, that's going to be my dog when I move out of my parents house. Little Daisy seems fine, but alittle hyper, but she is pooping on the carpet. I don't know if it's just because she's in a new home and she's not used to it. She goes outside and pees, it's just pooping that I'm havign trouble with. Big Daisy is also drooling like crazy and she's never done that before. She's not foaming at the mouth or anything, but I don't want to stress her out. She also wants nothing to do with the puppy. Little Daisy stays in the cellar for now while no one is home. Do you think Big Daisy will be ok and how can I stop Little Daisy from pooping in the house?
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1st issue - the pooping

Is Little D crate trained? I would consider crating her during the day - in the same vacinity as Big D - so they can get used to each other through the safety of a crate. Not knowing Little D's situation (is she a rescue?) - she may not have been properly housebroken to begin with and you'll be at square 1 with that. I would be diligent in taking her outside when she wakes up, after eating, after playing, before bed, etc. Make sure you praise her when she poops outside! Make a big deal of it - give her treats and praise! Don't punish her for going inside - especially if you don't catch her in the act - she won't understand why she's being punished.
Make sure you use one of the sprays that neutralizes smells to clean up any accidents - you can also use vinegar and water.

2nd issue - Big D adjusting

This will take some time - but I'm sure Big D will settle down. If she's not used to ANY other dogs - it will be a little while for her to become adjusted. Make sure they have time to socialize with each other (with SUPERVISION at all times) and make sure Big D gets alone time with you still. Let them work things out on their own - don't interfer too much - as long as they can't hurt each other. There may be some hurdles - some bickering (growling, etc.) - but let them talk to each other and work out the order of things. Sometimes dogs just don't get along with other dogs - and you may find that is the case with Big Daisy - let her tell you when she's had enough and take her cues (if she's still getting very agitated - seperate the two of them and assure Big Daisy that she is safe!).

Daisy (BIG) will drool because she's nervous - but that should as soon as she adjusts! You may want to consider calling them different names (if you don't already) because that may get confusing to them. By the way, make sure to praise Big D when she is good with Little D and give her lots of attention and treats as well!

Give it some time - and Best of Luck!

Kristen (Brittney 12yrs old, Presley 5 yo, and Sydney 2yo).
Thank you for the advice! They're getting along already!

Congrats on your new girl! Great advice given so far and I only wanted to add one thing. If big D diciplines little D, which may mean flipping her over on her back so she exposes her tummy...this is completely a normal thing to do. Big D is asserting her dominance..(after all it was her home first and she's the boss) Little D may whine and give little yelps if big D is diciplining her but as BritSyd said don't interfere unless it turns into a fight. Pay lots of attention to Big D and her jealousy should subside. Think of it this way...your parents bring you home a new sibling - cause they loved you so much they tell you and wanted another one just like you! Then give them your bedroom, your clothes, your car, your are not going to be so thrilled at first. You get my point, our furballs get just as jealous and feel out of sorts with a new family member as we would.

Good Luck with the two Daisies.
Thanks for the great advice! They seem to be getting along fine now. The only other problem I'm having is that we put Little D in the cellar still during the day because no one is home. We put newspaper in the cellar just in case and everyday she pees and poops on the newspaper. She was paper-trained by her previous owner, but how to I get her to stop going in the house completely? She does go outside, so I'm wondering if it's just because she's a baby and can't hold it all day. She does pee and poop in the yard before we put her in the cellar.

Here's another question. She's not cage trained, but I bought one for her and she sleeps in it at night. I have to put it in my bedroom though or she cries all night. If I put her in it during the day instead of putting her in the cellar, do you think she'd stop messing in the house completely? She only messes in the cellar now. My parents think that she'll end up peeing and/or pooping in the cage and then she'll be stepping in it during the day and we'll have to give her a bath all the time. Thanks!
bderby3 wrote:
Here's another question. She's not cage trained, but I bought one for her and she sleeps in it at night. I have to put it in my bedroom though or she cries all night. If I put her in it during the day instead of putting her in the cellar, do you think she'd stop messing in the house completely? She only messes in the cellar now. My parents think that she'll end up peeing and/or pooping in the cage and then she'll be stepping in it during the day and we'll have to give her a bath all the time. Thanks!

Yes, she'll stop having accidents if she's crate trained! She will NOT poop and pee where she has to sleep! I am against Paper Training (Just my opinion) - I think they don't understand that it's not okay to go on the papers - even when you try and transition them - I had a dog who went to the same spot he was paper trained and peed until the day he died! Now, maybe he wasn't the brightest bulb :lol: but I think crating her would be best!
Any updates for us?
Little D is doing wonderful. I'm married a little over a month now, so Little D no longer lives with Big D but they still visit each other frequently. They only live about a block away from each other! Actually, my new neighbor loved our Daisy so much that he contacted the same woman that we got ours from and they took Daisy's mate, Duke! Little D is fixed so she can't have puppies but she loves to run out in the yard with Duke. At what age are sheepdogs considered adult? Daisy seems so much more hyper than Duke. Also, Duke keeps peeing on our fence and I know he's marking his territory but will he ever stop doing it? I'm afraid Daisy is going to get too close one of these times!
Glad to hear she's doing well! Is Duke neutered? If not, he'll probably never stop "marking". If he's neutered - he'll do it until he is sure that he's marked everything at least once! :wink:

Sheepdogs can be perpetual toddlers - they usually slow down at 9 or 10 years old! :lol: Actually, Daisy will probably get calmer at around 3 or so - but even as an official "adult" - she may be hyper.

Duke is not neutered so I guess we'll just have to deal with it :( I can handle Daisy. She just seems to have more energy than Duke. Daisy also was diagnosed with Acid Reflux Disease! She was throwing up her water all the time. She keeps food down, but water is a problem. We have to give her Pepcid AC every day and she's doing much better but she still drinks much too fast. We can't give her too much at one time. She loves ice cubes too!
First off, congratulations on getting married! :D Next, I am glad to hear little Daisy is doing so well. and she has so many other sheepies to play with. That must be heaven, well except for the "overspray" that is. LOL
My Jack is not neutered, but he never has learned to raise his leg and sometimes urinates on the back of his front leg. He usually aims pretty well though. I have a 4 yo that misses target more that Jack does. Glad to hear everything is working out. Stormi and co.
I've noticed that Daisy is very aggressive. Lately she's been trying to jump over my fence to get to other dogs or people. She nearly climbed over last week when she heard another dog barking. She's fine around Duke (her former mate and the neighbor's dog). She actually ignores him sometimes. She's also fine around my mom's sheepdog. She is spayed. Any time she is around another dog, she freaks out. I can barely hold her back because she pulls so much. I'm not sure how to stop her from doing this. Any suggestions?
Obedience classes will help you to understand leash walking/leash aggression. Sounds like she is fine with dogs off leash, so it's probably the way your handling her. Sending a nervous message when you see another dog approaching, so she get's the message loud clear....DEFEND. Obedience classes will help tremendously, and it will help with increasing her socialization skills.

Good Luck.
Is this Little "D" you're talking about? I would say this is definately "dominance aggression" and/or "territorial aggression". I recommend reading the books
The Dog's Mind: Understanding Your Dog's Behavior, by Bruce Fogle, Anne B. Wilson and/or
The Dog Listener: Learn How to Communicate with Your Dog for Willing Cooperation, by Jan Fennell for some great information regarding aggression.

You need to help her gain confidence. It's a tough one to crack - and it requires alot of patience!

Some dogs just never get along with other dogs - it's in their temperment/personalities - which can be relative to their breeding program (temperment is so important when breeding - as is early socialization and being properly "raised" by the breeder and owner). It's amazing how much can be imbedded in their personalities due to things that happened within the first few weeks of life.

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