6 week old German Shepherd Please help!

Hello there just bought two German Shepherds, 6 weeks old. I work from 8am-5pm. I bought a crate however they made a huge mess..Poo everywhere. Right now they are in the Garage... I went home at 12 to see them and play .. there was only one Poo is this normal? How can I home break the kids when I am rarely home and will not be able to take them to the bathroom every 3 hrs? Any suggestions? Please Help!
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Hi German Sheperd fan- Your babies are too little to be in the crate that long of a time with no potty breaks. Their bladders and sphincter control aren't developed enough to go for that far an extended period. The normal age to bring home a puppy is 8 weeks- I'm hoping some of the more knowledgeable members can give you tips on proper acclimitization, so you don't run into the behavioral problems that taking home an "early baby" can bring- I had this happen with my 1st kitten, I didn't know any better, and ended up with an ill tempered grouch- I still loved him though!

As for potty breaks- do you have any friends, neighbors, etc that are at home parents who can stop by and potty break your puppies? Also- doggy day care or dog sitters can also be an option- although until they have their full immunizations, you probably don't want them going to doggy day care.

Good luck with your new babies!

Karen :)
We also have a German Shepherd, he'll be 12 in May. I remember when he was a puppy, he had one of the worms and it was really hard, especially for me cause I was 10 and wasn't quite ready for that responsibility yet. But at 22 I'm ready now for my new pup. I agree that you should have friends come over to help if you can. Puppies can only go in a crate for a few hours and you wouldn't want them thinking it's ok to do their business in there. Good luck. :D
I agree with getting a friend to take your pup out - make sure everytime they go to the bathroom outside where they are supposed to that you praise the heck out of them. Also - try using commands like "Go potty!" When they start. When they are finished you say something along the lines of "Good boy to go potty!" Or whatever you feel comfortable with.

Later you can get them to go potty on command!

You are lucked out though - German Shepherds are soooo good with potty training (for the most part and when they get older lol) and are very obedient dogs. ^_^
Here is my set up do you guys think they will be happy there for a few hours?

Congratulations! So cute. I grew up with German Shepards and they're great dogs. I agree with what others have said-- your pups are very young and they just can't hold it yet. Even after their bodies mature, even with training, every dog is different. You might find that one catches on much faster than the other.

The one thing that I would definitely suggest, particularly if you plan to crate train, is to make the cage much, much smaller. Just large enough for the puppy to get up and turn around. They do not like to lie in their own waste. If the crate is too big, they will go on one side and hang out in the other. You don't want them to think it's ok to go in the crate. Even at 6 months, I can't open up the crate all the way for my pup or he will do just that. Also, putting stuff in the crate may not be helping. I know many dogs, including mine, that do fine in the crate--until you put something in it and then they just pee on it immediately!

It can be frustrating-- and believe me, I understand completely with my 6 month old "I refuse to be housetrained" dog, but with patience and consistency, they'll get it. Clyde is sooooo much better now. I love that I can actually leave him full run of the house while I'm showering and I don't have to worry about any surprises!
For housebreaking I would recommend bringing the pups out every two hours not three. Three is too long. Just make sure you do it every two hrs when you are home. They will get the idea. Of course bring them out if they look like they are going to go...walking in circles...sniffing.
I have a 4 yr old German Shepherd that had to be rehousebroken when I got him at a year and a half. With all the dogs I have when the would go potty outside they would get major praise as soon as I saw them go..."Good Pottys". They love the praise...especially my OES. He was housebroken in a few days. Of course no need to follow them outside anymore. They know what to do.

Good Luck!
I only take them out when I get home... I am at work from 8a-5pm. but they have manage to learn to only poo in the pads!!!! also when I take them oyt to play I also have a pad there and they also have learn to only go in the pads!!!!!
Hi Karen
Go to "Leerburg Kennels", Ed Frawley. Sorry to say that you made two mistakes: to get two puppies at the same time, and getting a dog in the first place when you literally NO TIME to spend with it. I would call that cruelty and selfishness.

Phoenix from Canada
Guest, the original post was 3 years old.

:?: I guess it is an inside joke/insult? :?:
:x hi there, sorry to have to say this but i think that you have been barking mad to get two gsd puppies when there is no one there for them.
Dogs/puppies are a huge responsibility and shouldn't be purchased without seriously considering if you can give them the time and devotion that they need.
I really do hope that you have managed to get the help that you desperately need for these little ones. Other wise my advice is let them go to someone who has the time for them. they are not like hamsters or rabbits and kept caged up and brought out to look at and play with from time to time. I am sorry for being straight forward but I am thinking of the puppies and not you.
I understand that this post is three years old but am writing for the people who may be researching potty trainging and ended up at this forum.
This person is an idiot. Plain and simple. How such an idiot managed to become financially secure enough to be able to afford those two expensive puppies is beyond me.
Read how she has been handling her puppies and then do the exact opposite. She should never have gotten those dogs and she is probably going to end up dumping them on someone after she realizes that she has instilled such bad habits that she can no longer manage them.
First of all what whack-job breeder let her take home those puppies two weeks early?
Secondly, how could she possibly think that leaving 6 week old puppies in a cage for 8 hours a day with one bathroom break was acceptable or even remotley going to work towards potty training? There isnt any training going on there.
All she is doing is wasting the most valuable time she has to establish good habits with those dogs. I'm not saying she's ruining them, but it's going to take a long time to undo what she was doing when she posted this.This would be the equivelant of not teaching a baby anything for the first three years of it's life-are you TRYING to screw them up? you payed to do this???? Get a hobby, go find a rich husband, do whatever it is will make you feel like you aren't a complete loser, but for the love of God don't buy any more puppies. You suck at life. And get on birth control.
For people who are actually trying to learn something about house breaking puppies ...
You are welcome to place on germanshepherds.cc No charge.

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