2 kids sharing a room...boy and girl?

I don't know why but all of a sudden, about 6 mths ago, the kids didn;t like sleeping alone. It started with Madelyn wanting to sleep in Parkers room, since he has a bunk bed.

Then she felt comfortable and went back to her room after 1 week.

But Parker got use to her there and once she was gone he couldn;t sleep. So he went to her room, we made a bed on the floor with the futon mattress from his bunk. He didn't want to leave.

Finally he did.

Then all seemed good again, then we went camping. All four of us together. After two weeks, he and she was again used to having the company of another person.

Now it's been hit and miss, but Parker has slept in her room again for a week straight before moving back to his room. The past few nights of sleeping he has been making excuse after excuse to not sleep.

I suggested to hubby to combine their rooms into one, and make the second room a playroom for now. Then if/when we have that baby...one of them will have to share eventually. Or they keep sharing and baby gets his/her room.

My kids are turning 7 and 6...is this to old to make opposite genders start sharing? Should we keep them in separate rooms, and let whatever stress/nervousness just ride itself out?

What have you done?

You can see pictures of their rooms in photo gallery. He would be sleeping in a pink room...he wants me to paint it half pink for sister, but a boy color for his half. LOL. his room is the green, and multi colored with a chalkboard, and carpet for playing on.

I told them we are not changing paint colors, because if they switch back quickly. However if we make this long term then I might paint it a neutral color.
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one of my girlfriends has a boy 6 and a girl 4, up until 6 months ago, they shared a room....on occassion they will do the same thing...go back and forth to each others rooms....Jen is fine with it because she says, they are going to bed on time AND they dont end up in their room!
They do go to sleep quickly when together. I think it is a problem Parker is having, he is the younger one.

However when he does go to sleep, it is a deep sleep, and wakes at 7 am almost everyday, awake and refreshed.

Madelyn is a bit lighter of a sleeper, and will sleep until 9:30 am if we let her. And walks out groggy and lays on the couch until she really wakes up.

School morning we all have to be up by 7:30 am and out the door by 8:15 am.

We've been waking her up earlier every morning so it's natural to be up at that time.

Right from the beginning they have had their own rooms, and both are good about staying put. Unless they are sick, we never had them getting up to come into our bed.
When my kids were little the two oldest (a girl and a boy) shared a room, and the youngest ( a boy) had his own room. When my daughter was 6, first son was 4, and youngest was 2, we changed the arrangement so that the two boys shared a room and my daughter had her own room. Since then my daughter has always had her own room, and the boys have not shared a room for almost 5 years now. I found the two boys just played all night and didn't sleep when they shared a room so I thought each having their own rooms would solve that. It didn't. The boys are 13 and 11 now and they still sneak into each others rooms to play. :roll: Drives me nuts.
I would love it if they could have their rooms on separate floors! LOL
My older brother and I shared a room for a while. My half brother (who was 16 or 17 at the time) moved in with us, meaning we had one less bedroom. I don't know how it ended up being me and my older brother (rather than younger brother and older brother). I think we were 8 or 9 (me, girl) and 10 or 11 (brother) and shared for about a school year.

It had its ups and downs, of course. We spent WAY too much time giggling and not sleeping. I was more tomboy-ish than girly girl, so that might have been easier than if I had been a girly girl (and my brother was pretty quiet and respectful, not a crazy boy) so it was okay.

Then my half brother went back to Texas and we all got our own rooms again. When we moved again my two brothers shared a room that time and I had my own...which I preferred! And the boys were like, How come SHE gets her own room and we have to share? 8)

I don't think your kids are too old to be sharing, but it could get tricky since Madelyn seems to be about the age that girls start having sleepovers...How would she feel if Parker was there while she had a room full of friends trying to do girly sleepover things. And they grow up pretty fast, so when she's 9 she might REALLY not want a boy around...
Well the sleepover thing, Parker would be out on the pull-out sofa.

I too was thinking this would last for 1 yr max. Once we have the next baby, then it will be settled as to who shares and who doesn't.

Right now they both chose to play in Parker's room. It's more cheery, and has the toys and nintendo.

Her room has the computer which they both use.

She is not a girly girl, and has recently requested a new color, purple with black stripes.

My concern was their current ages, and inappropiateness of genders...they are aware now of differences. If I had let them share from birth, now would be the time I'd separate them...LOL not put them together.

I will try a trial run, I mean we have the space, but I always wanted them to have a "play" room.
purple with black stripes.

No black paint....it's a Bugger to redo later. I have no trouble with purple, I've got a lighter form in several of my rooms (look behind several of my doggie pixs), but NOT EVERY WALL! (OK I also have red rugs on the floor... :roll: ) Use that neato Behr website for coming up with alternative to black.......maybe black matted pictures?
LOL I would never do black, she can ask all she wants.

I told her if we stick this out for awhile, I will repaint a neutral color. One that is for boys and girls. Maybe buy a divider screen.
All I know is I hate bunkbeds. We have a black metal one, you cannot make a twin by itself. I can't change sheets without injuring myself, nothing more frustrating than trying to get one corner in. Plus it has to stay in one location, anyways it's out.

I will have to buy a new frame for his top mattress, as I gave his other one away (box spring, and metal frame on wheels), we kept the headboard.

I was thinking of a box frame from Ikea, and it looks like it will match in color, and I can screw the headboard to it.
I dont see a problem until the older ones hits puberty and they will probably decide they dont want to be sharing long before then anyway.I personally wouldnt do too much rearranging and no painting,it probably wont be worth the effort.Especially as they already went back to seperate rooms a couple of times already.Probably just a phase,this wanting to share bit.My daughter is 11 and has signs galore about who may enter her room,so I think at about 11,the girls want privacy.Good luck.
Thanks, we are constantly reminding them about privacy. Going to the bathroom, keeping clothes on, changing their clothes. They are aware that they are "different", and we use proper terms.

I am a worry wart when it comes to this stuff, I'm new to all the boundary things that we have to teach them.

So this sharing a room had me concerned they are too old already. But we went ahead and decided as a temporary thing we'll see how it goes.

They are currentlt LOVING the playroom now, all the toys are able to be out. They are having alot of fun, and maybe I will let them have playdates after school.
Daisie wrote:
.........My concern was their current ages, and inappropiateness of genders...they are aware now of differences.....

When I was a kid, the biggest majority of us grew up in 2 or 3 bedroom homes with 4+ kids. There was mom and dad's room and the kid's room. :lol: Toy rooms were closets and outside. Get it out, play with it, put it up. Just an old wooden, or cardboard box for us, and we were'nt even poor. :lol:

We had 2 bedrooms with 4 kids. We had double beds for awhile, then when us girls started to mature the boys (younger than us) hit the couch. Later, after dad died, mom moved to the couch and gave the boys her room.

WOW! A room of your own? I never had one of those until I was married, and I still had share it with my husband. :wink: :lol:

Neighbors had 6 kids and 2 bedrooms. Boys and girls. You guessed it, they slept in bunk beds, on the floor and on the couch. They didn't even have a bathroom, and that was in the late 60's.

Kids grow up and sometimes experiment, but having their own room doesn't stop that. As with everything else, when they act sneaky, look out, they're up to something. :roll: :lol:

They'll be fine. Let em' enjoy one another's company until they get to that "age" where they can't stand one another for a few years. :lol:
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