4th Of July Parade

My dh is crazy about his PT Cruiser. He is the WI directer for the PT Cruiser Club. My thoughts about this are woopdedoo.

Every year we are in a parade in a local community with the PT cruisers. Just for fun we have taken the dogs along for the past few years. Line up is an hour before the parade starts and we are always toward the back so its a long wait. Instead of just sitting around and being bored I take the dogs and walk up along the parade route to see what we are missing.

It takes awhile to make any headway not because the dogs are busy sniffing everything but because I'm stopped so often with people asking what kind of dogs they are or "Hey I used to have a sheepdog" or "Can I pet your dogs".

Once we finally get going its not "Hey that a neat car", its "Ohhh look at the dogs"(who have their heads out the windows). People are smiling and waving...at the dogs.

We get to about a half of a mile from the end of the parade and its hot in the car and the dogs are suffering from the heat so I decide to get out with them and walk the rest of the way. The car is stopped and I hop out and grab the dogs leashes and we are mobbed. People are coming from all directions just to see and pet the dogs. Randy is yelling at me to get to the side of the road and I'm trying but there is no room for me to move because my dogs are such a hit.

We finally get to start walking and I'm trying to keep up with the cars but its a losing battle. I'm being stopped constantly for petting and questions.

Through this whole thing both the boys are being GREAT. They behaved so well that I was surprised. Usually greetings are overly rambunctious with me holding tight and yelling "No, off". There was none of that, they were both gentleman with no scolding from me.

AREN'T THESE DOGS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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LOL - yep, that is what happens with Chewie too!
Most of our parade last week we were 1-3 units behind our float 'cuz everyone wanted to pet him. 8)

That was good that they were so well behaved too. :D

So, how did Randy like having his Cruiser upstaged by the boys?
I giggled at the cars & parade being upstaged by the Sheepies!!

Way to go guys for being so good!!
:lol: Yup, leave it to the Sheepies to steal the show.
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