6 little boys...

in 5 short years! My sister-in-law is pregnant again and due in December. She had her ultrasound today, and another little boy for the family. *Sigh* I give up - there will never be a girl in the family to shop for. I might as well face a lifetime of superheroes, cars, sports, and video games....things I have ZERO interest in, lol

Oh well, at least they'll all have a blast playing together at family gatherings, and they really are sweet little guys (so far anyway). I didn't mean to start an all-boy trend with Jake, but I guess I did. :) My mother-in-law is disappointed, and I had to remind her that a healthy baby and mom is really all that matters in the end. I think she got upset at me, but it's the truth. I learned that through everything I went through with my three babies...never complain that you didn't get what you wanted, but be grateful for what you have.

Anyway, I can't wait to meet my new nephew later in the year/early next year (she's due Dec. 27th). :D
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Congrats on your new nephew! :)
Hooray for babies!!!! Sorry it isn't a niece, but I'm sure he'll be loved nonetheless! thanks for the good news, I needed some :D
Gail, you're absolutely right that a healthy baby and mom are what matters most. When I was pregnant with my daughter (we didn't know she was a girl), my in-laws already had 2 grandsons from my BIL and our firstborn was a boy. The odds were for a boy, as there were no girls in the family. When I mentioned something about possibly having another boy to my MIL, she would just frown and shake her head! Imagine! I made my husband talk to her because she made me feel like if I had another boy, she would disown us!!

Don't know how we had a girl, but when she was born (by C-section), my in-laws made a beeline for the hospital, rushing in to see me while I was still in ICU!! Then couldn't figure out why I wasn't very glad to see them! :roll: I didn't have my feeling back yet, and they wanted to stand there and chat about "their" new little angel! Geesh!

All lessons to keep in the back of my head for when my own grandchildren start!
Too funny that this is going on in your family too.

My first two female cousins (they are sisters) have boys. One has 2, the other has 1 with one on the way. They both will also be finished with having kids. I told Mom that she'll have to wait for another baby female sheepdog someday! :D

Having a healthy baby is all that should matter, but most women I know would like to have a girl and most men...a boy:D Must be something about reliving your youth. My Mom used to joke that if and when I had kids, I'd probably have twin boys. I'd have no clue! Although I'd have no clue either way.
With any luck, maybe he'll be interested in dollies and tea parties!
a client was just in, and one of her sons (she had three) kept telling me his favorite color was pink....lol.....but they all were true boys....I gave them some paper and washable markers to keep them quiet...well, they were LOUD and ended up with markers all themselves after their marker wars..... 8O
Congrats on the upcoming arrival of another boy!!!
I came from a family of all girls, now we have all boys KARMA 8) :lol:
Or they could have a girl that is nothing like you want them to be...Madelyn is a major tom-boy, nothing but video games, and sports for her.

I have better success with Parker doing girlie things with me, then her. But he is changing now too...getting interested in video games and being in sports.

Hubby has 2 boys kinda, and I have a room waiting for visiting girlie girls, 2 barbie houses, dollies, tea party stuff and 2 kitchens...
lisaoes wrote:
I came from a family of all girls, now we have all boys KARMA 8) :lol:

Me too. Our family has had nothing but boys for the last 10 yrs.
One of my cousin's had two girls. One 18 and one 16 and another cousin has the 10 yrs old. Then there are about 15 boys. Hayley is the first female in her generation!! Everyone in the family was sooo excited about finally getting another little girl!
So I kinda really lucked out when she was born. Everyone was so excited to pick out girly stuff.... They bought a lot of nice stuff.

Your SIL has her own little team of boys there!
I would have given up by the 3rd boy. I couldn't imagine having that much testosterone in my house 8O
Congrats on your little nephew!
Pepsi's Mommy wrote:
Your SIL has her own little team of boys there!
I would have given up by the 3rd boy. I couldn't imagine having that much testosterone in my house 8O
Congrats on your little nephew!

Oh...not all 6 are hers - that's just the grandkids my MIL has now. I have two, she'll have two soon, and my other SIL has 2 boys. Just from my experience with my two boys, I think anyone with 6 sons would be driven crazy way before their time! lol
Glad you cleared that up! I thought your SIL had all 6 herself, too! I was thinking, man, 6 kids in 5 years is crazy enough, but all of them boys...
Buy your MIL an American Girl Doll to play with and tell her to get a life!!!!

Then Thank God for healthy babies WHAT EVER the sex!!!

Hi Gail,

Congrats!!! You know I had to chuckle somewhat as I have two sons, and 9 nephews...bemoaned the fact that I too would never see sparkly princess dresses, barbies and other nifty girl toys I could purchase for birthdays and Christmas.

Then it happened...my eldest nephew and his g/f had a baby...a little girl. I became a great aunt! Okay I knew I'd be a great aunt..but I'm a Great Aunt..egads that makes me sound old.

Yes...I do buy the sparkly dresses now..she turned a year old in March. Don't give up hope..it may happen to you someday.

Marianne and the boys
My ex MIL and FIL have seven granchildren. They range in ages from 29 to 4. They first six, ages 29, 24, 22, 20, 11 and 8 were all boys. My ex SIL, who we thought would never, ever, ever have a child, has a little girl 4. I am glad it was her that had the girl and not me. Boy, is she ever spoiled! :lol: And her Aunt Betsy had absolutely, positively nothing to do with it. :wink: She is the biggest tomboy around too.

Here's hoping for a happy healthy baby and a safe pregnancy and delivery.
He may be ANOTHER boy but I bet when you are kissing his cute little cheeks you won't care.

It is definitely much more fun to shop for girls. :cheer: AND more expensive because EVERYTHING is cute. Soooo maybe it is a good thing. :D
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