1st time shaving at home - please help

hi...first time poster...i have a very fiesty OES who hates to be groomed. he is almost 2 years old. due to his tempermant he has had to been completely shaved twice already because of matting. since his last shaving six months ago i have been combing him at least 1 hour/day...still, he has developed some matted areas (maybe 5% of his body). i have been spending at least $70/month to take him to a professional groomer, but she now says that she won't groom him anymore because his coat is too long...she only wants to keep him in a puppy coat. i refuse to do that...why have a sheepdog?

so...i have the dilema of trying to clip my own dog who hates to be groomed. in addition to saving at least $1,000 a year, i will be able to keep him the desired length. only problem...i have no idea what i am doing. i have watched some videos and tried to get some formal training, but i am a beginner. here are my questions:

1) what type of clippers should i buy...andis, osterizer ??
2) with only 5% matting can i use a 1 inch clipper and go around the rest of his body only and then try to deal with the mats separately...or will that look too funny?
3) am i damaging harm to him if i don't know what i am doing with clippers? (i know not to cut into the folds, when the clippers are too hot, etc)

basically, my groomer wants to keep him shaved year round and i am trying to find an alternative...both to save money and keep my sheepdog and i happy. there are thousands of oes's out there...i'm sure not all of them are shaved all the time. thanks

andy in pittsburgh
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sorry i meant oster not osterizer...i'm not trying to blend my dog :)
Welcome to the forum :)
If you want your OES to have coat, why not just remove the mats instead of shaving?
If he has temperment issues I would definitely suggest some intense training. Grooming can be trained as well. Start with just one area of the dog a day, make him lie still and brush one leg at a time if you have to. Removing mats is not difficult if there are to too many. There are some excellent posts throughout the forum on mat removal if you use the search tool. If you want to keep him clipped down but want t keep an inch of coat, you will still need to remove the mats before clipping since the clippers won't go through mats unless you shave to the skin. It does grow fast, shaving to the skin with no attachment on the clippers is a lot faster an easier, and he will have an inch of healthy new coat in 4 weeks.
As far as the brand of clippers it is said that Oster is best, I have both Oster and Andis and prefer the Andis. They are quieter. The andis probably won't last as long as the Oster though, it was only a 100 dollar set of clippers and you get what you pay for.'
Good luck! And please, take a few minutes (or hours, days, weeks, years:)) to browse through the forum and I'm sure you will find many helpful tips and advice on just about everything you need to know about your OES. I would not let him get away with bad behaviors, it will only get worse unless you put your foot down, show him who's boss, and try to learn why he is the way he is so you can attempt to correct the problems and help create a happier, more peaceful life for you and your dog.:)
My Luke hates grooming also. I find if the sessions are kept fairly short and include kisses, hugs ,small bites of treats and lots of praise he is better. The sad fact is he does much better with anyone other than me(groomers and my husband) I regret to say he got my number a long time ago. Try some light brushing with the dog lying on the floor while you watch tv. Willowsprite is right about the mats, don't let them get to bad because then it becomes a battle.
great, thanks so much for your help. i will definitely search the forum. i have found that when i give him a rawhide to chew on, he will let me easily comb his back, neck, shoulders, head...which are now not matted at all. the problem areas are legs and belly...i almost always have to put him on a table for that and that is when he gets very upset.

i'll check out some of the dematting posts...i really do love how he looks with a long coat...and would just be ecstatic if i can learn how to keep it around an inch or 2 year round. my groomer just has it in her mind that if you own an OES, the easiest way to keep them is shaved. sure it's probably the easiest, but definitely not the prettiest. and she is probably thinking from a time/business perspective. i am willing to spend as much time as it takes, so now i just need some information and a cooperating dog. :)

i'll try to get a picture of him posted...thanks again!
Geeze I'm new here and I'm like a postaholic!

I use Andis AGC's. The osters have a fan in the top of the clippers and it tends to blow the hair into your eyes when doing up sidedown work. Andis is quieter. Oster blades are compatable with the Andis clippers...but try the AGS' they have a few different kinds....they last the longest for me. I like Oster blades better than Andis blades...go figure?!

I'd buy 2 of every blade that you think that you'll use. One to cool, one to use. Don't forget to use blade wash and oil your new blades before use.

Good luck, relax and enjoy yourself.
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