10 month male needs home

Hello yes another pup needs home very cute male Ottawa IL up to date on shots good with kids and other animals. Brice needs to be shaved or dematted urinated to the skin. Free to good home has his testicals anyone intrested call 1-815-993-0283 or me debbie 708-519-0543 thank you lets find him a home all black nose and good markings white head and paws and chest. Very small and thin for his age but cute.
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Is this dog with a rescue group? :? He really needs to be neutered before being placed.
Beaureguard's Mom wrote:
Is this dog with a rescue group? :? He really needs to be neutered before being placed.

First and foremost the dog should be neutered!!!! If you cannot or the owner (whom I doubt cares) cannot do this then get him to an OES rescue. Just get him to an OES rescue period. Let them place the dog. It would be best for all parties involved.
shon wrote:
Beaureguard's Mom wrote:
Is this dog with a rescue group? :? He really needs to be neutered before being placed.

First and foremost the dog should be neutered!!!! If you cannot or the owner (whom I doubt cares) cannot do this then get him to an OES rescue. Just get him to an OES rescue period. Let them place the dog. It would be best for all parties involved.

Guys...I know you mean well, but please don't "yell" at her. She's only trying to help. Or assume the owner doesn't care. Always possible, but we don't know the details.

As it happens, Minnesota Rescue has a wonderful applicant in IL looking for a sweet young dog who is good with kids. I'll PM you Nancy's contact info and maybe between her and you might be able to work something out. It's a start :D

Keep us posted and thanks for trying to help this guy!! 8)

Kristine, does this mean we're transporting again :wink:
debcram wrote:
Kristine, does this mean we're transporting again :wink:

You WISH! (and that's good :lol: :lol: :lol: )

I haven't looked at the geography but I know all if it is in IL.... :lmt: Hey! I think you live there! :excited:

We just have to wait and see what comes out of the two of them hopefully chatting.

Hopefully if you do, it will be less dramatic then when Jan picked up the girls and was surrounded at the rest stop by a bunch of cops who thought someone was getting beat up in her back seat, but it was only your precious little princess playing with her sissie. :lol: :lol: :lol:

yes I know all this and agree but this is the same people whom I got moon ray from and did it myself and i have just been watching the 20 dogs pups popping up and needing homes some are ending up at the shelter which i'm not posting and the one that need help trying to find them homes i'm checking. I have no control what people do. But thank you all for the quick responses brice has a home and i hope it is a good one. Deb chistine and all the rest u know i want to save as many as i can i just by myself and work 8 hrs can't have a house full . U all saw me at sheep feast rember me. Yes DEbbie moon rays mom and his coat is good and long check my photos. Deb Nancy from mn says u can help me learn to groom and shave so lets get together and maybe I can get them and save them and place them in good homes. I do take the time to check as they pop up. I do take moon ray because he knows best if it's ok or he won't let them near me. he loves me but knows when a dog needs loven too. I love my sheepie. can't wait to see u all again at sheep feast. xoxoxoxoxo me and moon
Brice has been adopted I hope to a good home had many calls and have numbers so if any one eles needs help let me know. THANK YOUY aLL OES>ORG I can always count on u. U have saved 3 so far THANK YOU ALL. GOT TO LOVE OUR SHEEPIES BECAUSE THEY NEED US. SMELLY FEET AND ALL XOXOXOX ME AND MOON
Debbie, I think it's great that you are doing what you can to help the sheepies in need. Keep up the good work--you've helped 3 sheepies find new homes in the last year. That's huge!
I know that getting them spayed or neutered is a priority, but I'm sure that there are others like me who prefer their vet do the surgery. With a 20 year history with my vet, I'm certain he would vouch for me as always getting them fixed.

I signed a contract with the Animal Shelter for my cats. I agreed to get them a rabies vaine and get them spayed by a certain date. My vet disagreed with the dates as he thought they were younger than the Animal Shelter. He simply wrote them a note that I faxed over, giving them a new date for both the vaine and surgery. No problem whatsoever.
Had I violated my contract, they would have sent the ountry sheriff after me. 8O
Just a little side note, Moon Rays Mom is the one who helped Jasper find my family. From what I hear from my parents, Jasper is adjusting exceptionally well to his new home. My mom is just smitten with him. I think they will end up keeping Jasper and I will once again be on the look out for a rescue! Luna desperately wants a sibling!


Thanks again Moon Ray's Mom!
Oh, wow, that is one content looking dude!!!!!!!

Kristine 8)
Cue the music, "I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven" etc etc :lol: :lol:
AWWWWWWWWWW he has found a forever home. How nice to see this! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
you are so well come that is the fourth one i have helped and i'm still waiting for a female to pop up. I'm shure theire will be more or they are all in good homes now. I hope. I'm sorry if i'm posting them without being fixed but these are the ones free to good home if they don't find a home the get put down. So the rescues out here are very full and last week a 16 month old boxer lad mix was put down cuz 3 day rule out here so if i could i would help them all she was so cute brindle coler and passive. I don't mean to hurt or upset any one just trying tosave the sheepies and find them good homes that is one of moon rays brothers. the other one is also which is jasper but he was picked up a a stray so they then will adopt them out if no one claims them after 3 days. Dumb rule can't drop them off but if found they will help them.
I'm so glad your mom liked him he is cute just like my moon ray. He thanks u to.
Please advise if this little baby is still available?
OOps sorry my phone number is 269-660-8032 and I am desperately searching for a little sibling for my 4 year OES, if anyone could possibly help please call! Thank-you

I just have to put my 2 cents in;

I KNOW the "correct" "ethical" and unquestioned (of course, who would dare?)
reply to every possible scenario is :"SPAY or NEUTER"
NO dog shall EVER go to a new home intact !!! Ever!
(Fine, I know, I dig it, dumpsters full of puppies,
millers looking for fresh stock for their torture farms
churning out dysplastic, ill, doomed puppies
while their parents are kept in conditions worse than an Iraqi prison (or Gitmo, OK)


Maybe (actually, I'm pretty da** sure of it)
THIS FORUM is one of :arrow: the BEST possible places for someone to post about
any OES in trouble, in need of a home,
neglected, matted, discarded, abused, untrained,
or whatever
this should be :D a point of pride among us and
not used as an opportunity to yell chastise or harangue
people who have at least found a breed centric site
where we know HOW much work these
ruckusy uber-furry sometimes exasperating and overly effusive
sheep-alikes can be.

They have found an oasis where they can post their "available" ad
where the respondent won't be expecting the care level of a labrador
where a foster home knowledgeable in the care and training of OES may be found.

Yeah yeah yeah with the rescues! Already!
I adore all the rescues and the hard work they do
their tireless devotion, etc.
I am a huge fan.

NEWSBRIEF: There is a huuuuuuuuge housing crisis, a recession,
advocacy is producing results in the way of millers downsizing,
cutting loose the overused mangy miserable abused geese
who have been laying the golden eggs (fuzzy wuzzy "AKC" puppies).
between that and the apparent unwillingness of some rescues to return e-mails, actually facilitate the adoption of the too-many OES that need homes at any given moment...

maybe this is a PERFECT place to post whether the pup is neutered or NOT:
we are a HUGE network; we can all make it happen.
For each other, for the OES that need help, for would-be owners lacking OES,
for those who need info about or help with their sheepies.

So, point being, if someone is helping out in whatever way or reaching out
or anything that is in good faith,
let's please
ENCOURAGE this in EVERY possible way.

In fact; you could get the info of a local vet from the poster, and call the vet up to pay directly for the Spay/Neuter surgery (what? $40?).
That would solve it; ta-da

Solutions are everywhere...

Every time we help an OES, we help an OES, this is the crux of it (for me).

May we all be blessed.

Love you guys!

(still missing and loving Vladdie, see you soon kiddo)
:aww: :aww: :aww: :aww:
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