A "Pro" for Crates - Travel

Just wanted to mention something I noticed on our road trip this weekend. If you're a person who plans to travel with your dog, I'd highly recommend crate training. Whether we stay at someone's home or a hotel, it's such an advantage to have to the crate. No matter where we go, Bailey has his piece of "home" with him. He's used to being crated when we're not home, so when we have to leave him in a hotel he's in a familiar place that feels safe to him. Whenever we leave the hotel room we ask him to get in his crate, he gets his special treat, curls up with his blanket and we've never had a problem with barking or whining. Over the weekend he even slept in his crate - the door was open, but I think he was happier to be in there with his blanket where it smelled like home. He did come over to the bed every now and then just to check on us, then he'd go back in his crate.
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Good story and great advice!
Bailey has his piece of "home" with him

OH...I agree :D
May I ask a question along that line...
Have any of y'all used this type of portable crate?
I have 2 wire crate @ the lake but would like #3 to be one that I can take down quickly & store under the bed.
We are a bit tight on space in the cabin :roll:
I'd appreciate any pro/cons as I am ready to order!
Diane & 3 Shaggies>who love their crates w/doors closed or open :hearts:
We have found that a "tent" crate does not work for Izzie. When left alone in anything other than her normal crate while we are gone she gets very upset. We tried the tent when she was younger and she ripped it in several places. However...if we tried really hard to get her used to it...it may work. I think it depends on the dog. I see people using them all the time with no problems.
8O Hmmm...
Good point :wink:
Guess I should get one of the shaggies accustomed to it @ home
BEFORE we take it to the Mts/lake.
Diane...einy meeny miney mo :D
I tried the soft crate with Chum to try and restrict her frenzy in the car. Imagine my surprise when, in the rearview mirror, up pops Chum's head. She looked so triumphant. I guess she clawed her way out. . . She couldnt get all the way out -- just her head. She spent the rest of the drive like that. Now we use a hard plastic crate. It might be fine for a less frantic dog, I guess.
Valerie wrote:
It might be fine for a less frantic dog, I guess.

Frantic...that was the word I was avoiding using for Izzie...her delicate ego bruises easily. :roll:

She basically gets hysterical if we leave her anywhere besides home. She settles down quickest in a regular crate...we can't leave her out of one. The tent crate is definitely not for her. :evil:
3shaggies wrote:
I have 2 wire crate @ the lake but would like #3 to be one that I can take down quickly & store under the bed.

http://www.petsmart.com/global/product_ ... 35804&Ne=2

We have this kind of wire crate - it folds down flat and is easy to take down/set up. The only downside is that it's heavy :?
I have a soft, collapsible crate for travel. I got the biggest one, so in a pinch, I can put two in it for short periods of time. We also have a fan for circulating air around them.
The puppy did try to claw at the mesh, which she stopped doing when she got a crate mate (sister) in there with her.
And my niece loves to play in it, too.
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