2 More Sleeps then its CRUFTS!!!!! yeahhhhhh!!!

Can't wait for saturday!!! See you theres girls!!! la la la Loads and Loads of sheepie!!!!!!!!:)
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Kim you're cracking me up!! :lol: :lol:

"2 more sleeps" reminds me of how we counted time for the children when they were younger. :lol:
That expression cracked me up too :D . Although at first I thought it said 2 more sheeps :oops:
I almost grabbed a flight today to head over...........
I love last minute deals! Anyways........... good luck to all..... lots of brushes and combs and remember to hug and kiss that ring steward! He works so hard!!

:cheer: See you if I find you.
I am leaving for Crufts today together with 11 norwegians. :go:
we watched it on tele last night love crufts......come on sheepies try and win! have a good day....
I'm missing it. I wish i would have thought sooner and grabed a ticket to fly over. Best wishes to all entered and cannot wait to find out results!

I have to say, taking Delilah to CRUFTS 2 years ago now was one of the highlights of my doggie career. MORESO than Westminster..... much more so....... there is nothing like showing on CRUFTS green carpet! To have taken my girl to her breed country of origin to show was an experience like no other. And that she placed out of that class of wonderful dogs was even more so! I just rehung her "I did that" photo and ribbon today....... (had painters painting and had to take it down).

Here is some information for those interested:

Crufts results


Fossedata are the printers of the Crufts catalogues and reckon on having
results available within an hour of judging finishing.

This you might also find interesting as the show progresses

Yeaay! You guys will have such a great time! We watched it last night too- I think it's Gun dogs tonight.
I'm gonna make some popcorn for saturday- GO SHEEPIES!!! If I see you guys in the crowd I will prob wet myself :lol: :lol: :lol:
WOO HOO :excited: :banana:

Sheepie day at crufts tomorrow!!!

We will take LOTS of photos and post them on Sunday!!!

One more sleep to go.............
Cassie we did get on Tv last year!!!! we didn't know till we got home and watched ha ha ha!!!! Kayla lindy and me!!! ha ha ha!!!

One more SLEEP TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :excited:
I'm ready for tomorrow apart that I've got a cold over night and I'm not feelin' well but I try to rest today and take loads of medicine cause I just CANT miss the Sheepies!!! :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:

See you all tomorrow, I've got already my camera and my camcorder in my bag! Am I allowed to film?????

Hi All,
This article appeared in the main section of the NY Times. I thought everyone might find it interesting.


Published: March 7, 2008
BIRMINGHAM, England — Perhaps you believe that a legitimate dog-show competition should not include an event in which a middle-aged lady sashays moodily alongside her dog to the Irene Cara anthem “What a Feeling” while wearing a John McEnroe-style headband and pink leg warmers.

The Japanese spitz is among 183 breeds at Crufts this year. The competition includes 39 dogs from the United States.
Well, tough, said Mike Richardson as he watched that very thing — a kind of canine homage to the 1983 film “Flashdance” — at the Crufts dog show on Thursday morning. “It’s what people want to see,” he said. “They want to see the excitement.”

Mr. Richardson, a 41-year-old window washer and dog performance enthusiast, had unwittingly put his finger on the big debate churning beneath the surface this year at Crufts, the world’s largest and, arguably, most respected dog show. Last month, Paul Keevil, then the press officer for the British & Irish Dog Breeds Preservation Trust, shocked the British canine establishment when he denounced the show, the high point on the dog calendar, as “far too theatrical.”

“It’s more of an all-round dog exhibition now and no longer a dog show,” Mr. Keevil complained to The Sunday Telegraph. (He has since been removed from his spokesman’s position.) Speaking of some of the other increasingly popular features at Crufts, he added: “It has become about agility, fly ball and obedience tasks. These are very crowd-pleasing events, but there are only so many ways a dog can catch a tennis ball.”

There is no doubt that emphasis on such competitions — in which, for instance, dogs compete to retrieve balls or negotiate obstacle courses while their excitable owners run alongside them, shouting commands — has attracted new television audiences and proved a huge hit with visitors to Crufts. More than 150,000 are expected to attend this year.

But officials at the Kennel Club, which administers Crufts, argue that there is no conflict. Such events, they say, complement the traditional competition, in which 183 different breeds of dog are judged according to stringent aesthetic standards in a series of knockout competitions, culminating in the Best in Show on Sunday.

“Our position is that the heart of Crufts is a serious dog show, but we have a number of other events going on that encourage dog ownership,” Bill Lambert, a spokesman for the Kennel Club, said in an interview. “Watching dogs be judged isn’t necessarily the most exciting thing for the public to watch.”

Or, as Mr. Richardson put it: “If you see a dog show, the public doesn’t understand why one dog is better than others. You have 10 Labradors — they all look the same.”

Nearly 23,000 dogs are competing this year at Crufts, a four-day extravaganza with hundreds of events and more than 600 trade stands spread over the National Exhibition Center here. But just as there are visitors like Kate Winters, 52, whose passion for “Heelwork to Music,” or Dancing With Dogs, as it is known informally, means that she is “not that into” conventional dog show events, so too there are traditionalists who take the opposite view.

“People might love to see a bunch of collies rushing forward to see who gets the ball first, but it bores me to tears,” said Nadine Harryman, whose Yorkshire terrier, Basil, was competing in the regular show. “It drives me nuts.”

But there are other complaints.

Lorraine Wright, here to show her 18-month-old German spitz, Treacle, said the show had become far too commercialized, with exhibitors peddling items like high-tech anti-barking devices, doggie raincoats, cutesy pooper-scoopers and pet gravestones.

“There’s a store up there selling knitted romper suits for dogs — pink ones, blue ones,” she said, gesturing toward the exhibitors’ stands. “To me, that’s degrading. You tell me a dog likes to walk around in a knitted hat.”

In his remarks, Mr. Keevil also complained that the show had become glitzy and Americanized, with the dogs now primped like “Hollywood starlets — all teeth and hair.”

Ms. Wright, the owner of the German spitz, was inclined to agree. Owners are not allowed to use coloring or styling products on their dogs’ coats — the dogs are subject to spot checks, much the way Olympic athletes undergo random drug tests — but they do it secretly anyway, she said.

“I’ve seen them use mousse and hair spray,” she said. Talcum powder, too. “When the dogs shake, it’s like a small snowstorm.”

Controversy erupted in 2003 when the Best in Show winner, a Pekingese named Danny, was accused of having had plastic surgery. He was exonerated when it turned out that while he had indeed had surgery, it was for a sinus condition.

The number of foreign dogs competing at Crufts has grown steadily in the last few years, since Britain relaxed its quarantine laws. There are 1,165 foreign dogs this year, 39 from the United States, and there is a feeling that the outsiders have changed the tone a bit.

Diana Rich, who owns a Chinese Crested and was watching an early round in the Yorkshire terrier competition, said it was easy to spot the foreign Yorkies — they were the ones with back-combed, puffy hair accessorized with fake-diamond ornaments rather than traditional red bows.

“I’m not that keen on that, myself,” she said of the fancy hairstyles.

But although there did seem to be a divide of sorts between traditionalists and modernizers, there were also those who, like Julie Hockold, believed that change was inevitable and that Crufts could accommodate both camps.

“It does detract from the actual dog show,” said Ms. Hockold, 68, who was pushing a baby carriage containing her contestant — Ozzie, a 19-month-old Chinese Crested clad in a handmade multicolored wool jacket. “But it’s another part of the dog world. At least it’s got something to do with dogs.”
Gawd it's saturday here already in OZ, now where are the photos of CRUFTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See if you lived here it would be here and gone and we can all oooooh ahhhh over the photos by now :P

Second most important thing, WHAT DID YOU BUY??????????AT THE WONDERFULL DOG STANDS THERE???????????

How are all you feeling after the big day at crufts? Who went over there shopping budget? :lol: :lol:
kajochen, thats an interesting article. I saw a clip of the woman doing the flashdance thing. There is certainly a call for these types of things as well as flyball and agility to be shown on TV. There should be a seperate program with these contests shown weekly, or like a football season :D
There are so many dog lovers in the UK, we need inspiration & new ways of excersising & socialising our dogs (and owners) I think it woud be really successful!

I cant see anything wrong with the dancing. You cant tell me you can get a dog to do it if it doesn't want to. They wag their tail all the while they are "dancing." I try to do line dancing in the kitchen but Summer just jumps at me, or my singing she stares at me in case I am having some sort of fit....good critic!
lisaoes wrote:
Gawd it's saturday here already in OZ, now where are the photos of CRUFTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See if you lived here it would be here and gone and we can all oooooh ahhhh over the photos by now :P

Second most important thing, WHAT DID YOU BUY??????????AT THE WONDERFULL DOG STANDS THERE???????????

How are all you feeling after the big day at crufts? Who went over there shopping budget? :lol: :lol:

I will develop my pictures tomorrow and have to wait 2 days to get them as my digital camera doesnt work, so hold on for a couple of days!

Oh, apart from that I was there ill with a horrible cold, it was great! First time ever for me at Crufts and I loved the puffed-up Sheepies! I made loads of pictures, so just sit and wait!

I bought a lot of things, ask Kim! She seen me struggling with my bags!

... I didnt gone over my budget but I bought some bargains, like the Oster Clipper, I also got 2 blades and half price of a finishing scissor, all for only £109!! (.. and a comb too!!). The most stuff I bought was for my grooming, like a H-bar and a Foreceps etc. etc.

The only thing I couldnt find and was very upset about it was a Grooming Jacket. The Jackets they had their where pretty boring, I've seen them all on the net, and many looked like tents! uuaah! ... and ofcourse I wanted one with an OES on it which nobody got!! :cry: :? :(

I was chuffed seeing all the Sheepies, I could have taken them all home and cuddle them, they where soooooooooo cute!!! :lol: :wink:

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