8 month old sheepie peeing when excited!!!!

I am sure I am not the only sheepie parent that has experienced this problem, but it seems to be getting worse lately and now that we have moved into a brand new home, we would like to get a handle on it as quickly as possible!!! Maggie gets so excited when someone unexpected comes through the door that she pees on the floor even if she has emptied her bladder outside already. WHY is she doing this? I have not asked the Vet because we do not have one here yet as we moved to another state, so any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated!
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Well, I don't have any experience in dealing with young puppies with this problem, but we did manage to stop this in our 2 year old rescue, but it took until he was about 3. He may still have an occasional dribble in super-exciting situations, but we know what those triggers are for him and work to avoid them.

1st off, you need to work on making your own homecoming a non-event so it is not so exciting. We used the crate for a while, then we graduated him to giving him a command to get his leash and we take him right out the door for a pee. We still do that if we've been gone for a while. We learned not to ask him to sit as this puts pressure on the bladder!

2nd, when people come to the door, our guy goes to his crate. We trained that by training to go to the crate for a treat, then when the doorbell rang we gave the crate command and in he goes for a treat! For a while he went in automatically when the bell rang, but now we just remind him and in he goes (and he gets no treat).

We always take him outside to greet family members coming to the house, still to this day, and ask the people to give him a pat and to step back till he calms down a bit, otherwise he might still dribble on them.

All this sounds like a lot, but it's really minor and just "part of the routine."
Peeing when viewing new visitors and being excited apon their arrival is also a sign of submissiveness with your pup. I know it doesn't help but eventually when pup feels more secure within her environment will she stop.

My friend had brought a rescue in her home and she too had this problem the first couple months. Worse, she lived in a condo with cream colored carpets. Her husband would immediately take Copper outside to empty his bladder which helped a little and knowing in advance that guest were arriving helped a little.

To help her out I would sit down on the grass and have the dog meet me outside as it was nervous and fearful of strangers as often is the case with rescues who may have experienced trauma or abuse previously. Perhaps get the help of some calm and understanding friends to try this a few times, speaking to your dog in a calm manner and never in excited voice as most people unfortunately do when greeting dogs. The more your dog is exposed to different people in controlled situations the more it will view humans with confidence. Yesterday I went to my friends house party and you wouldn't believe it was the same dog! So there is hope!

One of my first sheepies would do this the first year we visited the vet..she always peed when entering the clinic. I suspect it was a mixture of fear and submissiveness as she too was a rescue. Like my friend's dog she stopped this habit when she became more secure after living with us for a while. I know this doesn't help you at the moment but wanted to offer sympathies and tell you that it does eventually stop.

Barney used to do this when he was younger. Basically we fixed it a few ways.

1. If we knew someone was coming over, we'd make sure to take him out to pee.

2. We'd keep him in the kitchen (which is where he stayed when we weren't home--he wasn't crated).

3. We'd eventually let him out once the guests had been there for a while and he was calmer.

If people came over unexpectedly, we'd still try and take him outside or at least put him in the kitchen. Now, he usually doesn't pee when people come over, but most of the time we still try to take him out beforehand. I think it helps that he's older and his bladder is stronger.

My parents' sheepie Maggie peed too, and did for about 8 of her 10 years. Then, she just stopped. Don't know why. I know that doesn't help you though! :lol:
Great advice. I have known two dogs with submissive unrination issues, and eventually, both dogs outgrew it with a little help. People coming into your house should be told not to greet the dog in a high pitched voice, or excited manner. This just encourages the behavior. The best way to handle it is to have the guests ignore the pup for a little bit, letting her sniff them and get acclimated.

If she's just too excited, than greeting folks outside with her on leash, as Marianne suggested sounds like a good first step. As she gains more confidence in her surroundings, and matures a bit, she will probably outgrow it.

Laurie and Oscar
Nigel used to pee every time someone came over. I don't know if it is because of Bella, or just maturing, but he doesn't seem to do it anymore. Maybe he is so distracted by her that he doesn't get as excited...who knows?
My dog used to pee when he got excited and grew out of it at about one year old, although he still pees with excitement when he sees his breeder and I have given up with this one :?: .
Thank-you all for your wonderful advice in this area! It is still happening and since we have moved in a new house and have new neighbors coming in, it has gotten progressively worse, but we are definitely going to try some of these things you have suggested. Since we continuously make sure that her bladder is empty, I think we will probably crate her when we know someone is coming over. I really do not think I can stand the thought of having a home that smells like dog urine, even though I clean it - you never know when you may have missed some!!!
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