30 day cooking

Does anyone else on here do 30 day cooking?
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Is that where you a marathon weekend of cooking and get 30 days of meals out of it?
I do it. but more in the winter. I will cook all day on a Sat. and Sun. Sometimes more than 30 meals. Most people here on the forum know I love to cook. It's my way to relax. :lol:
My friends& I go to a church kitchen, cook for about 8 hrs& have enough to fill a freezer for a month.
I'd love to hear what other people make!
I make chili, red sauce, chicken soup, roast beef, stew, tuna cassarole, pork chops in a sauce, mashed potatoes, veggies. Oh I also have a foodsaver so I can cook meals for one and freeze.
I've gone to a place and done it and I've collected recipes with the intention of doing it myself at home...but I didn't follow through with it yet. Maybe someday!! It is nice having a freezer full of meals.
30 days seems like a lot!! 8O

I'd be pooped after making meals for a week!
I'm with you there! When I know that I have a "moms only" day coming,
I'm much more motivated! Plus, my kitchen's tiny& no one will find gray& white sheepdog hair in the food,if we cook in church. Gross,but realistic.
i do it, but not on purpose :? i only know how to cook for 4 or more...now that the kids are away at school....i still cook for 4...lots of leftovers 8O
lol Darcy I still cook for6-8 so I am use to making large amounts. Now there or only 2 of us to there is when the freezer come in with my foodsaver vac.
What kind of a food saver do you use? With vacuum? Do they really keep things OK in the freezer? I mean with regard to freezer burn?

It may help a little bit, but the biggest help will be if you don't put it in your self-defrosting freezer, and keep it in a freezer chest.

Every 12 or 24 hours that your kitchen freezer defrosts, the air temp inside goes to 40 degrees, give or take, so that any accumulated frost will melt then evaporate. This process draws water from your food to the surface and causes "freezer burn".

In general, only keep products in your kitchen freezer for 30 days or less, a chest freezer about 6 months.
Ron mine is a manual defrost, learned that trick 25 years ago. Today I have been cooking for at least 5 hours or more. Have enough to last at least 2 weeks or more. Gee I still want to keep going .LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:
Summer is a hard one to cook for long times.
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