5 steps to eating at our house..........

I just had to share this. I call these pictures 'No Manners'. :roll:

Here is how it starts:
(These are our 5 steps to eating)

1-- We sit down to eat (yes,paper plates ,Easy clean up :wink: )Harley sits on his bed a few feet away from Bob. :pupeyes:

2--As we get closer to the end of our meal, Harley stands up and gets closer
(I still have no idea how he knows we are almost done :lmt: )

3--Down to the last few bites Harley slips his nose under Bob's arm and gets a look. ( Yep,dad's almost to the last bite :plead: )

4--Now the last bite! I don't think Bob has ever eaten the last bite (he faked it in the picture,I thought Harley was going to have a heart attack if Bob put it in his mouth :twitch: )

5--Last, Bob gets up and goes and puts the last bite in Harley bowl. ( Bob thinks he is not feeding him at the table if he puts it in his bowl)

The End.....Happy Harley :excited:

I don't know who has worst manners, Bob or Harley......LOL
(but I would not trade either of them.. :hearts: )



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lol.....that is funny...nice pictures
Oh how funny....Harley's look is priceless! You're not actually going to eat that are you dad??
Thanks for the laugh! Really cute pics--Harley's look is priceless.
Oh my goodness, that is too funny!! I love that face!
Is that Mulligan?
That really is priceless!! I was looking for the picture where the tongue (the dogs!!!) comes out and licks the plate clean!!!!!!!!!!!!
You'd feel right at home here!!!! Even guests are warned about the dog bonk and flying elbows. Of course our only guests are real dog people. Here tho the dogs do get the last bites......and......... :oops: :oops: they also get to lick the plates :oops: :oops: HOWEVER, I do wash with Chlorox in the water and have even been known to scour dishes that have the extra sticky Fox slobber on them.

At breakfast Jack sits like a gentlman (no underarm nudges) waiting for his banana bit.
Just wonderful! Loved the pics! Oscar tries the same thing, but as he's on a restricted diet, he can't have any of our dinner. So we've trained him that if he stays in a down-stay during dinner, he gets a little kibble.

However, he gets his pills in tiny peanut butter sandwiches every morning/evening, and I always let Oscar lick the knife. I LOVE to bum my brother-in-law out by doing this in front of him, as he's a bit of a clean freak. Then I pretend to put the knife directly back in the drawer!! Gets him every time. :twisted:
OMG I was laughing so hard. I have that same thing at my house but with a dog under each arm and London gets under the table and comes up with her head in your lap.

He looks horrified that dad might actually eat the last bite.
Just love that huge black nose snuffing out the edibles. :lol: Great photos. :D
I love love love the pictures... the sad dispondent look on his face.. don't Dad.. can you see me.. save me a bite please...... I love you....
LOL That last picture is sheer panic in Harley's eyes!

Antoinette, I think you took two weeks off his life just for the sake of a picture! :lol:
Great pics and poor Harley, LOL, thanks for a big smile this morning :D
Too cute LOL Sky does that too, and she has been so spoiled the last few months she lost all her manners LOL
I think Bob and my husband went to the same school of dog training. Last bite in the bowl is definately not feeding from the table. :lol:
LOL, those are such good pictures.
Poor Harley, the panic look is priceless! :lol:
That's hilarious. Love the pics of him peeking through Daddy's arm.
Funny funny funny!!! He does look rather worried doesn't he?

i don't know how you guys do it! I think if Loki even looks at table scraps or those cow bones he gets the runs!! We can't give him anything except his dog food and carefully monitored treats.. does anyone know of yummy treaties for sensitive tummies?

The pics are hilarious!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

my dog is the exact same way. except no runs, just starts attacking her butt like crazy. ...not sure what she'd do w/her spare time if she didn't have a fanny to obsess over. i just keep ziplock bags near the front door and kitchen for treats. she really loves them. other than that, ice cubes!!

BANDAA, those pics made me laugh. Don't we all know what it's like to have a sheepie do that. Those eyes have a very determined look to them. :lol:
Hey we "have the t-shirt" for that one too. Remember we call out dog's noses "bendy bits" so when they stick their noses under our arms like that they become "pit bits". Virgil is the most insistant, especially when eggies are involved. He gets particularly "forceful" with Michele and pushes his head in even further.... rude boy. 8O

It seems they are the same everywhere!!!

:excited: How can anyone resist those faces?

Marianne and the boys
ahhh Harley looks like his world will end if he doesn't get that last bite - good on Bob though for giving him his last mouthful xx
SheepieMommy wrote:
LOL That last picture is sheer panic in Harley's eyes!

Antoinette, I think you took two weeks off his life just for the sake of a picture! :lol:

I think your right .......LOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

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