#4 Oster blade - -

Dexter is really, miserable (as we ALL are) with the heat right now....
I've given him 2 cuts already this year - one in April with a #10 blade and the 1/4 inch comb - - - then mid May with just the #10 blade - no comb....

Just bought a #4 blade for my Oster - - thinking this will help shorten the hair and maybe cool him down without shaving him completely (like the #10 blade would)

What do you think???
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#10 leaves only about 1/16" Very very short.
#4 should leave about 3/8"
#3 should leave about 1/2"

I just bought a #3F (full tooth or finish blade) intending to use it next time I groom my boy.

I used a #4 skip-tooth on most of the last job, and it's very hard to get the coat looking smooth, but it's great for getting through any mats as the teeth are so widely spaced.

I used the #10 for underneath where there would be little sun exposure, and I put on a comb (1/2" or 3/4" maybe?) for some areas. I really hate using the comb because it's so darn pointy and my technique isn't all that great and I'm sure I wind up poking him a lot.
Yes - the #10 is VERY Short - - - - but Dexter absolutely LOVED IT!!!!
I really wanted the #3 blade but the didn't have any of those........

Wish someone would make something that would just thin out the undercoat - - I know that would help him alot!!!

Wish someone would make something that would just thin out the undercoat - - I know that would help him alot!!!

The Oster Wide 18 Teeth Undercoat Rake tool works great for getting out the undercoat on my Border Collie-mix and Schipperke-mix. I tried it on my briefly on one of my sheepies but didn't get a lot off them... they just don't shed as much.

http://www.osterpro.com/productDetails. ... 4&BladeID=

I just got a Furminator and I got about the same results with my BC-mix though I did not use the shampoo, etc. they also sell. http://www.furminator.com I have Emma shaved down to about 1/4" now and I ran it down her back a few times to test it and got more undercoat off her with this tool.

I also bought an Andis clipper/clipping video the other day that had some neat tips... one was "carding". I can't remember which number she recommended but you use the blade without the clipper... you'll want to thoroughly read up on it if you choose this method.

Anyway, there are several tools that can be used to remove the undercoat. You just don't want to do it too much and cause skin irritation. The Oster Rake seems to be gentlest... maybe the 18 tooth fine rake would work better on my sheepies??
http://www.osterpro.com/productDetails. ... 3&BladeID=
Pirates going in tomorrow for new do. I don't want him shaved, I just want to get some of the weight off. Its been miserable hot here 8) , and he just looks so hot while he's outside.

If I asked for a #3 blade, will they know what I mean?
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