"Yucky" sickness

My 'kids' did it to me: I have a fever, an infected throat, and pink eye. Yuck. It is really miserable. :cry: It comes with being in a room full of children every day, but it is never fun when it happens. I don't feel well enough to go out, so I've re-read my OES books again, have been checking on the forum whenever my eye permits it, and generally trying to stay occupied without over-doing anything! :? Hopefully it will clear up soon . . . :roll:
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8O So sorry to hear you are not feeling well.
Hope you feel better soon!

Its good therapy to come to oes.org and look
at the pictures of our zany sheepies :D
I had 4 children! boy do I remember getting everything they had. :cry:
Not fun.... Hope you feel better soon. :P
:( Feel better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you feel better soon!

It is commonly known that looking at photos of sheepies will cure pink eye .... or is it the other way around :roll:

My kids have finished school and boy makes a different with sickies, no bringing home colds, viruses or bugs 8O

Rest and take it easy if you can :wink:
Hope you feel better soon!
I can commiserate! I am in my comfy leather chair with a massive headache and lightheadedness whenever I stand up. Amazingly, I am the one up early with the kids while DH has a lie in :? Mommy's are not given sick time :wink:
Oh, yucky is right! :(

Feel better soon!
The good thing about working at a school is that you begin to build up resistance to lots of viral and bacterial illnesses. We keep wipes in each classroom and encourage the kids to use them often.

And is it pink eye or allergy eye? We have had a run on allergy eyes down here in the last week. Parents take their kids in and come back with allergy drops - and clear eyes. I have been having the kids wash their faces off after recess to remove the pollen and dirt from their eye lashes. Helps a bit.

I hope you are feeling better. Rest and fluids, especially some with vitamin C will help.
Hope you feel better soon :)
Thanks everyone for your encouragement! I expected to be doing slightly better today but woke up to find my other eye getting junky, too, so I think it will be a long haul. HOWEVER looking at sheepie pics definitely helps! :wink: Oh - and I wish it were allergies, but unfortunately it is (as the doctors say) conjuntivitis. :(
I certainly hope you're talking with your doctor about your conjunctivitis! Drops in both eyes at this point, and continue on for a couple of weeks, and make sure nobody uses your face towel, and wash you hands.... etc., etc.

Good luck... :(
:( Feel better soon, nothing is worse than the yuckies.
Feel better soon! Being sick is yucky! I'm surprised I haven't caught my Mom's or Steve's illnesses yet since I was taking care of the 2 of them.
My kids always bless me... and get me SICK too!!! Lark- I am in the same boat as you currently- light head/ dizzy... I am tkaing Meclazine and Ativan, hoping it helps.

Moms are not allowed sick time- but somehow, someway, we always seem to rise to the occassion and get through it....

HOPE everyone feels better!
Do we really have any choice but to get through it? lol
It's those times I really wish I could afford to have someone come in and take care of the kids. Then I could hide in my room and sleep.
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