YUKI is here!!!! Oh boy, what a night.

Remember when we had that thread about everyone's dog leaving a trail of toots?!?!?!


Dog walked in. I saw her crouch... gRABBED her and ran to the
kitchen (made it). Ahh.. I got it, I THOUGHT.

toot. ............toot...........tooot.......... toot.

an entire trail from the dining tables to the laundry room.
8 MASSIVE submarines!!! OH MY!!! lol OH my.. lol
I was cleaning the first several up when toot toot toot to the laundry room.

OH MY GOSH. :lol: :lol:

I knew she was a YUCK EEE from the start. lol

This will be a long night.

She is lovely though AND SO SO SO SO huge. MUCH LARGER than I thought. I met with Oakridge from WI and she was SO SUPER NICE and thorough with all of her medical records, registration, etc. She was also mighty cute in her pink outfit. ;)

She was given a shower and looked lovely from head to... that's it. She tinkled a tad (okay, a lot) on her paws. hehehe

She slept the entire way home (took 2 hrs cause we got lost in the dark).
For 12 lbs...it is ALLLLLLL height.

She has LOVELY puppy breath. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
She licks and licks and licks.
Stopped at gas station and a car of kids RANNNNNNNNN out and bombarded her. Mom told them it was a stuffed toy and not to get out of the car. Then when she realized Yuki was real, she kept speaking Mexican which I assumed was all "I want one. I love her I love her" ...because she couldn't stop smiling and saying she's so lovely. She licked the kids until they had slobber everywhere.

Since she has been home.. her butt wags in the funniest manner. Goes 100 miles per minute (no tail so her entire body shakes)

Tonight will be long.
I smell like peee.

My small dog is a nervous wreck.
She hasn't calmed down. Even in a different room... she is climbing on my head (past hour). Ugh. this will take some time. She will NOT sit on my lap. She is not happy unless she is hiding somewhere under a bed or over my head.


toot ...toot.
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What's even funnier is when I say "NO....."

...she looks up at me and starts talking back. LOL
She literally starts wagging her tail and starts talking (no noise comes out).

She just saw her reflection and for the past 5 minutes, she's been licking it and "talking."

AND SO SO SO SO huge. MUCH LARGER than I thought

I told ya!! It's sort of a shock if you are used to smaller dogs..hehehe

I can't tell you how excited i am for you!! I'm remembering the first night Louie was home. he used the floor for a bathroom too...Our drive was 4 hours(w/out stops) and i could not have asked for a more well behaved dog on that long of a drive.

Keep us up to date and PICTURES!!!
TOTALLY. I don't even care I am soaked in pee. lol

She's too cute. So here is her official first pic.


Too too cute!

Look at all that pink on her nose!
And i love the eye patch-simply adorable!
so the play date is still on? hehehhe

i wasn't going to post pics until I had several and could choose from them, but I couldn't share her 1st night home adventure w/o one!

i am so happy.
Congratulations!! She is so cute and BIG! Wow. Good luck on your first night home with the baby, please let us know all the details so I can try and prepare myself for my baby's homecoming soon as well!
I am so happy she is home with you. As for your other dog...the first night is usually the toughest for them. At least that's the way it was here. I hope your ready for your first sleepless night. lol
Though maybe you'll get lucky and she won't cry when you put her in the crate.
Anyhow I am so happy for you!!!
Congrats on your baby coming home!!!! :D
aww this makes me so happy! i havent been keeping up with the forum so i didnt even know that you were finally getting a puppy, andi cant tell you how glad i am that you did and that she is so sweet and cute!

give her a belly rub from me and my brat
OHhhhhh so cute!!!!! I would just love to scoop her up and plant a kiss on her little striped nose! I know you will take lots of pics of Yuki and we'll hear stories of her growing up...I can't wait!

She is adorable!!! I remember when Merlin was a pup and getting the same reaction..wow looks just like a stuffed animal! Enjoy it cause they grow so fast!

Toot...Toot...ha ha....caused me to chuckle!!

Marianne and the boys
Too cute! :D

PS. Did i spy a puppy training pad in the background? One piece of advice: try and get pup graduated to going outside ASAP - our Woofer got so used to going on the pad by the back door that he'd pee in the hallway even if the door was open :oops:
Congrats!!! :)
I'm so happy for you, and Yuckee! LOL
Congrats! Yuki is adorable! I second what Mikeyg said - avoid the puppy pad!

Look at that adorable little face!!! :lol: She is just so precious, and I'm so happy you finally got your sheepie puppy!

Looking forward to more pics and TONS of stories!

"Yuki, Yuki, yummy yuckee...." This is my new puppy song for you! I'm just soooo excited for you!

She is absolutely adorable- I wanna reach through the computer and give her a big ol kiss!

You're so lucky, Jo!

Karen :)
How did the first night go???
Oh I love the pics! Soooo cute!

You have such a great attitude about the toot'ing too! Good parent! Good parent!

More more more more more!!!!!
Oh dear!!! I think she wins the award for most stuffed animal looking!! She looks so squeezable in that first pic! And yep, that butt wiggle, it's my second favorite thing about Albert (the first being his big black kissable nose) He get's the littlelest bit excited and his butt goes to shaking. She is such a cutie pie!!
Oh Jo,
She is sooo cute! I wish we had gotten Sam when she was a pupper...
You think the submarines are many now, just wait a few months :roll: ! I noticed pick nose too, is it just lack of pigment? Or will it darker with time? Sam's hair is sparse above her nose and is really pink. I was wondering if it will get sunburned. Anyone have experience with this?
new owner wrote:
Oh Jo,
She is sooo cute! I wish we had gotten Sam when she was a pupper...
You think the submarines are many now, just wait a few months :roll: ! I noticed pick nose too, is it just lack of pigment? Or will it darker with time? Sam's hair is sparse above her nose and is really pink. I was wondering if it will get sunburned. Anyone have experience with this?

Yes - it can get sunburned - and you should probably use a sunscreen if exposed for long periods of time. Sydney's snout is pink (her nose is black) and I put sunscreen on her. Dog's can develop problems (i.e. skin cancer) due to sun exposure.
Since we live on Florida, sunscreen is a must for all! I used to put it on the cockers when we took them on the boat to the beach (especially after they had haircuts). I didn't word my question correctly, I was wondering if Yuki's nose will get darker with time.
OH, sorry - misunderstood the question!

Yuki's nose may get black over time - it's hard to know - they do tend to get more pigment as they get older but she may always have some pink.
I'm betting her nose will get more pigment....
Here is Dancer's nose in 3 stages. First pic is at 2 weeks old, second at almost 6 weeks old, and third at 6 motnhs old. At 6 months there was a tiny speck of pink left, and now that's gone too, but I can't find a good current pic of her nose. LOL
That's too cute!!! Too bad too since that's usually the first thing folks notice about her. Let me rephrase ....first thing they comment about (outside of thinking she is a stuffed toy).

I thought it was cute today when a 10 yr. old who was petting Yuki was trying to give me advise:

girl: ooooooh, cute dog.
me: would you mind petting my dog please, so I could socialize her a bit?
girl: why didn't you get a dog that will guard you instead?
me: teehehe, well i think she'll do just fine.
girl: she's an OES if you didn't know.
me: oh really? interesting.
girl: you should slap an egg on her daily to make her coat silky.
me: thanks for petting her!! see you tomorrow! :)
Yuki's first night and day:

(exhales) - what an adventure.

Last night went a lot smoother than I thought. Isis was hell the first week, but Yuki didn't cry more than a few minutes. I set my alarm for every 2 hrs. (sigh) I was bad and kept figuring she should hold it for 3 hrs. I was wrong. She tinkled and tinkled ...and tinkled. Notice I didn't learn from the first time, as I set my alarm AGAIN for 3 hrs. My mind got up, but for some reason ...my body didn't move.

However all today ...at exactly 2 hrs, she has peed outside. Woohoo.
Her toot was only 2 normal sized pieces today. I was so excited!!! lol ...the eight must have been from stress from a very long day.

The cat: I think Yuki and the cat will be fine ...eventually. Chloe is the devil and doesn't move when Yuki gets near. She holds her position and starts growling like a dog. *laughing* ...then continues to follow the dog into every room just to "watch." hehe Yuki just reacts by just backing up, pouncing, talking, and then trying to get near to play again. All with her butt wagging away!

The other dog: Yuki can sense that Isis is afraid of her, so she tends to "herd" her into corners. She also looks "hungry" to eat Isis (hahha) I am watching them closely. However, today Isis wanted to be where Yuki was...just not playing with her, so there's already been lots of improvement. They have "accidently" bumped into each other many times (esp. outside during potty time) and Yuki has done nothing but "pounce" and beg her to play (she's such a tard).

I tried walking Yuki (down ONE street), and by the time we turned the corner, she was dragging her butt and trying to sit on the curb (literally putting just her rear on the curb and legs out on street). I had to carry the Yuck EE home.
Congratulations Jo,

That is one adorable puppy. If she's not use to walking on a leash and collar system, you might try a harness, that's something I used for the walks at the early stages. pretty soon she'll be dragging you down that street.

Take care, and get some sleep...those middle of the night pees are so tiring...it won't take long either for that to pass. Have fun :D
hehehehe... lol I think I just have a lazy dog and need to build up. I didn't think one street (which is really half of the normal ones in our neighborhood) was a lot. ;) ;)

I think my little dog who followed along was laughing inside at Yucki. :lol:

She has a harness and 2 different size halti's. I agree, they're great! I've never used the old kind (normal leash), though sometimes forget when typing and refer to everything as "a leash" (which isn't specific considering the great new products out!).

She eats like a champ. Didn't her momma tell her to chew 32 times for each bite? ;)
Congrats! Keep those picces coming...
Im so happy for you!! congratulations. Yuki is beautiful.
She's a cutie! Congrats!
hehe!!! :lol: what a cutie you have.was the wait worth it Jo???hehehe!!! :lol: i remember taking Mickey for his 1st walk he was about 10weeks old and he also sat his bum down on the curve w/ his little paws on the street,i also remember just about every neighbor coming out laughing at either me or Mickey. :lol: and of course i had to carry him back home because he was so exhausted form our 100feet walk!!!LOL!!!your going to have many yrs of fun w/ her.and again Im so very happy for you and for Yucki!!she has one heck of a mommy!!!
What a cutie! Your story about the little girl is hilarious- "She's an OES, you know" no, really... :lol:

I'm glad everyone is trying to get a long at your place! Give her a big kiss for me , and send some puppy waves upwards to MN!

Karen :)
Yuki is home! WOOHOO! I would have posted sooner, but myself and my family have been sick. She is beautiful! Don't worry too much about her nose pigment, Jack was well over a year before his nose filled in all the way. I am glad she is home and doing well. :D I would say more pictures, but something tells me you already know. :wink: I can't wait to see Yucki Yuki grow and change.
So how much longer until you move to MY state? Jack and Annabelle want to know when Yuki can come play. They will greet with a customary bum wiggle. :D
Congrats on your new baby!

Stormi and co.
Stormi, yeah... I WAS worried and kinda sad you weren't here to say something when I got her. Willowsprite mentioned you were sick the other day on the board, and then I remembered you saying you thought you guys were catching something. :( Hope you got some rest too as I'm sure taking care of a house full of people under the weather is a lot of work!!!!

I come the first week of May. I think? Meaning, we definitely move then, but it'll be wedding time, so I'm not sure where they'll want "just me" to stay in TX (take care of last minute preparations). He gets home in less than 30 days, so we'll be up there looking for a home soon. I can't believe he wants to go to Vegas between now and our wedding/honeymoon. Ughh... we will be busy!
You must be so excited that your man is coming home soon!!!
So when do we get more Yucki Yuki pics? :lol:
Your personality is SO similar to my fiance's. :lol:

I mean... you're not a man... *laughing* but I mean humor. ;)

He told me to bring YuckEE to the "welcome home celebration" on base where they all march in to greet their loved ones. Plus, it means Yuki may get 30 seconds on tv since they film it and put it on the evening news (he said). He also said "don't even think about her being anything other than daddy's girl. I hope she likes to snuggle!"

I don't know what I'm going to do. He has all these plans. Training is going to be so out the window. (sigh) lol

"Does she like beer?" - he said

then of course I started yelling at him. lol

I will have to stand strong. :lol:
Ah military men... You sure he's not just trying to get your goat? Sounds like something Mike'd do... He's such a tease!

Karen :)
Speaking of which...

HE WAS JUST ON TV!!!! ...in the background on foxnews. He told us to watch tonight because it would air. He was excited that Geraldo was there videotaping them! I'm sure it will come on again. :D
Yes, it's nearly impossible to get rid of Geraldo.


Just kidding. Glad you got to see him.
yeah, I don't like that guy.
Awww! I missed it! Rats! I didn't read this until just now.... Grr

Karen :)
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